The specialty here is the Mala sauce which is made from over 20 different herbs and spices and cooked overnight to infuse all the flavours. Here this sauce is used to stir fry a variety of meats, vegetables, seafood and other ingredients. The hot chilli peppers in the sauce give an extra kick.<br> Customers simply pick from a range of ingredients displayed in the chiller and the chef will skilfully cook them with the Mala sauce before serving the dish with hot rice. continue reading
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10:00 - 22:00
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Level4 2014-12-25
Along a stretch of stalls in Koufu Foodcourt, I decided on Ma La Xiang Guo as I aimed something heavy flavour to live up my taste buds. Given the meaning of Fragrant Pot in English, diners may pick whatever dishes from a wide range selection. Serving pattern was quite special, instead of usual hot pot which dipping ingredients into the soup, the concept here was uniquely stir-fried them in a chilli-laden gravy. Queue was cleared fast, waiting time was not that long even lengthy lining up.I just simply picked some common ingredients such as Lunchie Meat, Sliced Fish, Cabbages, Lotus Roots and beans, they came out in pipping hot then. Final meal was eaten with rice, complimentary soup was served along too. Numbing spicy, the bowl was full of fiery hot dishes. Lunchie Meat was still tender, obviously no overcooked. While fish was fresh with thick slice flesh, veggies were crunchily bitten in mouth. Quite addictive after my first spoon, spiciness was tempting and well-accompanied plain rice. Average set meal was around $5.00, I have to say it was reasonable to have a filling feast. continue reading
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