MADO Cafe offers more than the finest ice cream imported from Turkey. Their freshly-roasted coffee complements with their ice cream for a perfect tea-time treat. They serve main courses as well, with a hint of the balmy Turkish flavor in their international cuisines. continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-16
For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comWhile I was loitering in JEM around the dinner hours and looking for some fuss free dinner suggestion, I passed by MADO Cafe that has got a big sign board indicating set dinner for patrons. I thought it was a good idea as I have not given them a visit. Without further ado, i headed into restaurant and took a seat.Soup of the day was rather standard and nothing to rave about.Spaghetti was creamy, coated with a substantial amount of cream sauce and the bright orange strips prawns looked succulent, looking dressed in its glossy suit. Dish was rather straight forward sprinkled with some green herbs, enlighten up the meal. Spaghetti may have cooked to the right texture but over time if the meal is not finished, under the air con temperature the cream turned thicker and pasta had become rather firm. Prawns on the other hand had traces of frozen smell, also the seafood smell wasn't too pleasant to the appetite. Chicken was grilled and then baked with cheese and tomato Pomodoro.Though they are known for its Waffle and Ice Cream, we were there at the wrong timing as these items were not available on that day. Perhaps it takes another visit to determine the ratings on their desserts portion.Overall, food wise, what MADO cafe provided was rather decent. Perhaps one thing that they have to work on will be the level of service. continue reading
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Level3 2015-01-10
This is our first time having a meal at Mado cafe. They serve western food, pastas & desserts (waffles, ice creams & cakes).We had a prime ribeye steak ($24.90) & chicken parmigiana ($16.90). The ribeye we had was 200g, medium rare. The ribeye was really tender, juicy & full of flavour with a tinge of herb taste. It comes with a big spoon of black pepper sauce & a bit of mustard with some salad & fries. Pretty presentation & very yummy! The chicken parmigiana was a southern Italian recipe- breaded chicken layered with cheese & tomato. The breaded chicken was fried till very crispy & goes very well with the melted cheese & tomato, very flavourful indeed. Unfortunately, we do not like the salad. The menu picture shows broccoli but we were served salad instead. I reckoned they ran out of broccoli? The salad dressing is not very nice, my hubby said it had a weird taste. Overall, the food is still quite good. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-30
At Mado Cafe, it offers ice cream as well as main dishes with a hint of Turkish flavour in their international cuisine. Mado cafe has two areas for dining, indoor dining and outdoor dining. We decided to go for indoor dining as there is aircon and probably more comfortable. Looking at the extensive menu, i decided to order a grilled chicken chop with side dish: french fries and salad. The chicken chop is grilled to perfection, the skin is extremely crispy and the meat is tender, soft and moist. It tastes delicious as i love the spice and marination of the chicken. The brown sauce that comes with it complements the chicken really well, hence i do enjoy this meal. The side dishes are pretty average. However, the main star(chicken) makes up for it.  Overall, i will come back to try their ice cream too!  continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-24
For the westies in Singapore, all the dining hype that marries convenience, variety and quality is congregated at Jurong East. There are plenty of restaurants to try with JCube, JEM, IMM and Westgate! This time, MADO Cafe caught my eye and J & I decided to go in and give it a try. While it is famous for desserts, we needed to settle dinner as well. So - this review will be on their mains. Might come back for their desserts next time though! MADO Cafe's Cream of mushroom soup tastes extremely similar to Pizza Hut's campbell soup. It is not diluted, but definitely far from the thick velvety sort of mushroom soup. I was craving for something spicy, so why not Prawn Aglio Olio since their pastas look pretty popular? It turned out to be quite good on an overall. The garlic-oil base is very fragrant and the chilli flakes made it quite spicy but still within an enjoyable range. The pasta is cooked al dente but a little less salty than I think it should be. J ordered the Roasted Beef Set which she found quite tough to cut! Taste-wise it's okay but not impressive... not recommended if you're trying this. The service is quite good here For more food adventures, follow me at http://spherepiece.blogspot.sg/ continue reading
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The first ever outlet in Singapore, located at one of Singapore’s largest malls: JEM. MADO prides themselves in having the best and the finest ice cream in the world. On top of that, they also serve mains and desserts with daily set lunches for only $9.90++ which consists of a main, a soup of the day and a free drink. We decided to go for the set lunches, a Breaded Dory Fish Fillet set and a Chicken Borito set. Both set lunches came with a bowl of Watercress soup and a cup of sparkling apple juice. To accompany that, we also had the Grilled Cajun Chicken, Fried Soft Shell Crab starter, Thai Spring Roll Starter. For desserts, we had Tiramisu with Hazelnut Ice Cream, and Chocolate Banana Waffle with Strawberry.Main course are nothing extraordinary but the highlight should be their ice cream.Tiramisu with Hazelnut Ice Cream ($9.50) Tiramisu tasted more like chocolate cake with cream. There was no taste of coffee or liquor, and even the chocolate tasted rather bland. Would never order it again. The tiramisu itself costs $6.50. We decided to add an additional scoop of ice cream for just $3.00, compared to the usual $4.50. If the ice cream was a person, it would be graceful, elegant, classy and definitely gorgeous. The ice cream was exceptionally fine, we’ve never eaten ice cream that tasted this good. I personally never knew what fine ice cream was until I had the one at MADO’s. Flavourful and fine, it was perfect. Chocolate Banana Waffle with Strawberry ($9.90) The waffle was average; it probably wasn’t fragrant as the chef does not want to overshadow the ice cream. Although we can’t imagine if anything can overshadow the rich and fine chocolate ice cream. Although the ice cream was rich, it wasn’t extremely sweet till it gets a little cloying. Eaten together with the fresh and tasty banana and strawberry, this is an example of heaven on earth. Mado ice cream crafted through completely natural processes. In fact not a surprise since MADO Cafe serves one of the World’s Best Ice Cream imported from Turkey. Continue to read our review at http://ieatandeat.com/mado-cafe-serves-one-best-ice-cream-world/ continue reading
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