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MaguroDonya Miuramisakikou Singapore serves fresh Maguro (tuna) & seafood dishes daily, directly flown from Misaki Port, Japan. As Maguro (tuna) wholesaler, MaguroDonya Singapore manages the entire process – direct from the sea or from the fishermen’s hands to the dining table. All the freshest Maguro (tuna) and seafood will be best enjoyed at affordable prices. continue reading
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This is the first time that MaguroDonya Miuramisakikou Sushi & Dining Restaurant is doing an overseas venture, flying in fresh bluefin tuna exclusively with its flight partner All Nippon Airways (ANA), and aren't we Singaporeans fortunate that they have chosen to open here! To ensure and maintain quality and freshness of the Maguro, a tradition known as shinkei-jime is being practiced by inserting a spike into the hind brain of the tuna to destroy the spinal cord and halt production of lactic acid. It is then kept frozen at -60°C. The restaurant also has its own fleet of fishing trawlers which enable them to curate the freshest fish around the world to be flown directly via ANA to Singapore within 24 hours.We began with the Three Cuts of Hon Maguro Sashimi (SGD$38.00), consisting of the Akami (top loin), Chutoro (bottom loin) and Otoro (belly). The raw Maguro slabs were well-marbled, well-oiled, smooth and extremely tasty, fleetingly sweet with freshness of the expensive bluefin tuna, and tender. The surprise item came next - a hidden gem that is not available on the menu but please request for it from David or the friendly chefs. This is the Hon Maguro Tomi Sashimi (SGD$58.00) - the head portion of the Maguro. These slices came erect in their frozen states, and the correct to indulge in them is to dip them into the Sashimi sauce and place it daintily on the tongue to let it melt gradually, like a dream. And melt it did - gently, spreading lusciously across the tongue deliciously before the teeth snapped the soft pieces up.Following that, we had the "wow", as labelled by David. The Yamamori Hakkiki Gunkan (SGD$12.00) which is also "warship" / "battleship" in Japanese, is a mound of scraps of scraped tuna piled high onto Japanese rice rolled with sushi. The sight of this was appetite-whetting.  We were to bury a lot of wasabi within the mound of shredded Maguro, and then eat it in one bite. The mountain of scrapped tuna was springy in texture, succulent, and utterly tasty. With the piquant sting of wasabi breaking through the layers of sweetness, it was almost a divine combination. The Japanese rice was soft and firm in texture as well, because of a unique diagonal method of cutting it, executed by the Japanese chefs. Best of all, even the rice itself was freshly-dehusked shortly before being flown to Singapore.Next, the items David described as "mmm". We had the Bara Chirashi Don (SGD$16.00) - consisted of Maguro bluefin tuna sashimi, omelet, salmon sashimi, salmon roe and freshly-grated wasabi - the perfect bowl of happiness that it was named after. The sashimi were diced evenly, and David stresses on the freshness of the ingredients- unlike other chirashi don usually known to be made of the cast-offs during sashimi preparation, this was not the case here. Everything was prepared for its purpose, so that the quality remained top-notch and fish buoyant with freshness. As for the rice, it is as described above and its quality complements the raw fish very well.Finally, a lunchtime special - the Hon Maguro Hikkaki Aburi Don (SGD$36) - where the torching was performed at our table by Daivd himself. We first examined the raw form of the dish in a pretty pink hue before the flame did its duty. One mouthful was all it took to experience the richness of the flavour of this specialty - devoid of the sweet rawness of the Maguro now, and was replaced instead by a smokey aroma tinging the fish. The texture was succulent and yielded to the palate pleasantly. The rice was slightly moistened from the oil of the Maguro during the torching process, even infused with a tinge of flavour - awesome! I wish this item were available for dinner as well.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/11/media-invite-dinner-at-magurodonya.html continue reading
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In Tokyo, Japan, the Yazaemon & Megumi Kaiten Sushi brand is reowned as being among the best maguro / bluefin tuna and sashimi wholesale suppliers and eateries. In July 2015, they partnered All Nippon Airways (ANA) Trading (which flies in the supplies), Komars Group, and local veteran restaurateur Mr Andrew Tan from Tomo F&B Pte Ltd, to open their 1st overseas foray, Maguro-Donya Miura-Misaki-Kou Sushi & Dining.Ambience here resembles the traditional Japanese homes, with minimalist decor, and ample wooden furniture and panelling. Clean, simple lines, lit with warm lighting, an assortment of varying furniture to accomodate different customers depending on group size, as well as a brightly lit, open sushi / sashimi counter where you can watch as the 3 Japanese chefs prepare your orders. There is a sense of peaceful zen, a tranquil feeling when dining here, though I understand it can get somewhat noisy when it's crowded.Service here befits a fine dining establishment. Heading up the team is former lecturer turned restaurant manager David Lim, a friendly and knowledgable gentlemen who spent time in Tokyo, Japan, learning all about sashimi. The other staff obviously aren't as knowledgable, but are still professional and friendly. Orders are fulfilled quickly, and empty / dirty tables are also cleared efficiently. You can also converse with the 3 Japanese chefs if you sit at the counter.Food here is all about the freshest, premium cuts of sashimi, and excellent quality sushi. To ensure the same level of freshness and quality as their other restaurants in Tokyo, Japan, the freshly caught fish are prepared using shinkeijime, a technique which stops lactic acid from developing, and immediately kept deep frozen in -60°C. Even their premium Hokkaido rice in their sushi is treated with such great care, when prepared, the Japanese chefs use a deliberate diagonal cutting technique which allows air to circulate through the rice, giving it a nice softness without it becoming mushy or clumpy. Each dish is absolutely fresh and tasty! And due to the strong partnership, prices are kept affordable, and cater to all market segments, from SGD $18 - $300 or more. Generally, budget about SGD $50 for a decent meal here, without drinks.The 3 Cuts Of Hon Maguro / Bluefin Tuna - Akami / Top Loin, Chutoro / Bottom Loin, Otoro / Belly (SGD $38 Per Portion) is the star dish here. The maguro / bluefin tuna flesh of this 'Wagyu of Fish' is so naturally sweet, clean, and fresh, that I encourage eating it only with a small dab of Wasabi and a light touch of soy sauce, which has been flavoured with katsuobushi / bonito. The deep red Akami / Top Loin is the leanest, meatiest cut, with the most firm texture, savoury sweet with a light bitterness. The medium pink Chutoro / Bottom Loin has a fatty, velvety texture, with a more pronounced savoury sweet flavour. The most luxurious cut is the light pink Otoro / Belly, incredibly soft and tender, with a sweet, pleasant oily taste, super sublime! A portion (2 - 3 slices) of Otoro / Belly elsewhere can cost anywhere between SGD $20 - $40, so it's a testament to the buying power of the Eat At Seven group that the prices here are so cheap!Was very pleased with the Kaisen Don / Seafood Sashimi Rice Bowl (SGD $17), with its 7 different varieties of seafood sashimi, sliced over that excellent sushi rice. Featuring 1 slice of anago / saltwater eel (sweeter and softer than unagi / freshwater eel), 1 slice of aori ika / big fin reef squid, 1 slice of sake / salmon, 1 slice of maguro / bluefin tuna - akami / top loin, 2 slices of botan ebi / jumbo Hokkaido shrimp / prawn, 1 slice of hotate / scallop, and 1 slice of hamachi / yellowtail fish. Delicious!Full Maguro-Donya Miura-Misaki-Kou Sushi & Dining review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/11/maguro-donya-miura-misaki-kou-sushi.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-02
Swoon... just swoon. Hearts a-meltin' just like the maguro!The most enthralling recent development in the F&B scene in Singapore has got to be the gradual launching of seven Japanese dining concepts called Eat at Seven. Eat at Seven is a thrillingly fresh concept by Global Retail Partners, a joint venture by ANA Trading, local veteran restaurateur Mr Andrew Tan from Tomo F&B Pte Ltd, and Komars Group. Japan's top airline, ANA, has managed to galvanize seven of the most popular food concepts in Japan to expand into Singapore. What does this mean? 1. Singaporeans can now enjoy much higher quality Japanese cuisine without flying to Japan.2. Freshness guaranteed with ANA airline personally seeing to the most prompt delivery of ingredients.3. The powerful collaboration means they can provide this quality at more affordable prices for consumers. Hey, gather all your makan kakis who love sashimi (or Japanese cuisine at large) and head to Eat at Seven for a wonderful evening of feasting. Here is your slice of Japan, right here at Suntec City.Suntec City has been slowly evolving into the most ultramodern mall in the city, shedding its vintage look with a series of overhauls. The Sky Garden is where Eat at Seven is located, housing seven of Japan's top food specialist concepts and restaurants. Hold your breaths and try not to scream in excitement - there is a sushi restaurant, warayaki izakaya, yakuniku, award-winning cafe concept and more. These seven restaurant concepts imported straight from a team of Japanese chefs, specialists and entrepreneurs have received critical praise and the hearts of the locals. For the media launch of the MaguroDonya Miuramisakikou Sushi & Dining concept, a Japanese chef performed an entertaining and eye-opening cutting demonstration of a bluefin maguro from Nagasaki. This bluefin maguro is the freshest with absolutely the best resources from the powerful collaboration. From trawler to restaurant table, it took less than 24 hours!The establishment has its own fleet of fishing trawlers and is able to curate the freshest maguro and sashimi from around the world and fly them directly to Singapore via air freight of the ANA airline. To ensure absolute freshness, they employ state-of the-art transport and freezing techniques. This ensures the freshest and highest-quality sashimi such as maguro, salmon, swordfish and yellowtail - that you can ever get in Singapore.Eat at Seven promises a cutting demonstration of a bluefin maguro with every 1,000 likes on their Facebook page (read: here) as a celebration, so go ahead and 'like', then time your visit with their demonstration date. This is highly recommended for an especially memorable night.Committed to keeping prices affordable for all to try this usually exclusive and expensive maguro cuts, they have created the Hon Maguro Megumi Trio lunch which includes the akami sashimi, chutoro steak and kama yakimono going at a steal of SGD$49 until the end of October 2015.What can I say? I have been raving and thinking about this meal ever since I had it, and it's already been one and half weeks. I am smitten with the three different cuts of the Hon Maguro Sashimi (SGD38) and it's really more than just sashimi, it's an experience that completely changed my view on sashimi. The three cuts, namely the akami, chutoro and otoro, are immensely umami on different levels which tingles happily on my tongue. There is a marked increase of fattiness and its melty characteristic as we progressed from akami to chutoro and then to otoro. You can also opt for the five cuts version which gives you the cuts of kamatoro and mekajiki with the set of SGD49. There is the maguro sushi version which goes at SGD28/3pcs, essentially the same thing as the hon maguro sashimi cut sets except presented as sushi. Granted that the sushi is really beautifully and well-made, I would recommend that you go for the set which allows you to have absolute value-for-money as you try more maguro per dollar spent (sorry, trying not to bust your budget while enticing you to try everything). All of which is excellent so it really depends on you.I am saving the absolute best for the last... Read more on http://www.amiehu.com/2015/08/eat-at-seven-magurodonya-miuramisakikou.html continue reading
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