Get set for a panda-riffic meal at Mama Panda Kitchen. Decked out in bamboo and all things panda, this is one dining spot you should not miss. Work out your chopstick skills (or well, fork and spoons) and indulge in a feast of Chinese dishes and panda-themed bites. With signature delights such as Panda Pau, Bamboo Rice and more, Mama Panda Kitchen promises to be a fun dining experience for the boisterous and young-at-heart. continue reading
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Panda Bao
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Level4 2014-11-17
I think this was the only restaurant within the River Safari compound, so we had lunch here out of convenience.I got myself the dumpling ramen which was quite bad. Everything tasted pretty artificial and processed. I couldn't even bring myself to eat more than one dumpling. I'm the kind who hates to waste food, hence this says a lot. My boyfriend had the chicken cutlet ramen which was a better choice.These were the sides that came with our noodles. Nothing nice either.My friend got the panda pau which was cute but not sure how it tasted. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-29
After a fun fun trip at the River Safari,  I decided to settle down in this restaurant to have their signature must eat panda pao.  I was really super tiring to dine-in here as before you able to enjoy the food, you need to join in the long queue to place your order.  Took me around 25mins of queue before I managed to grab these cute little buns.2 flavours are available, which includes the chocolate custard and red bean,which both selling at $2.90 each.  The pau texture is firm and soft, but i suppose it is not thick and not much filling can be found inside.  Red bean paste was alright but too sweet.  The chocolate custard taste more towards the chocolate flavour and I cannot really taste the custard flavour at all.  Restaurant was quite warm as too crowded and squeezy.  Service was fast and friendly. continue reading
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For more details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2014/03/mama-panda-kitchen.htmlWhen River Safari first opened its doors to public, no doubt pictures of panda pau were running hysterically in instagram. I find it pretty cute, and decided to queue for it, where the queue was pretty "short"... for a normal working day, Monday...They have two flavors for the panda pau, which are red bean and chocolate custard.Red Bean Panda Pau ($2.90/ea, $11.50 for 4). Expect nothing, but a cute panda pau, with normal serving and the usual taste of red bean we have in coffeeshops.Ordered the Crispy Chicken with salt and pepper ($6.90). Chicken meat is quite tender, and not bad though. Perhaps one of the few dishes worth ordering?Longan Beancurd ($2.90), and Mango Pudding ($2.90). Longan Beancurd taste of almond, and comes with two longans residing at the bottom. Beancurd quality is firm, unlike those we usually have.. erm... not to my liking... Mango Pudding is average too, but at least better than Longan Beancurd. Sweeter?Personally, food here is pretty average, and not worth the wait if it’s going to take ages for one to be even near the ordering counter. The only thing that might interests one, could be the panda pau which just seems to be an overpriced normal red bean pau.For more details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.sg/2014/03/mama-panda-kitchen.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-15
One word: cute panda pau (okay, that's three).Definitely a crowd pulling item. Despite having read some really "blah" reviews about the food here and knowing this to be a tourist trap, we still decided to walk into it and get the too-cute-to-resist panda pau to try. Mama Panda Kitchen is a cross between a restaurant and fast food outlet. The Chinese-inspired decor here with lanterns and bamboo dividers is something you might expect in dim sum restaurants. But the environment here is more casual and instead of giving your orders to waiters who will bring the food to your table, you have to join a snaking queue to order and collect your food at the service counters, much like a fast food outlet. Panda Chocolate Custard Pau ($2.90) Since this was just newly released when we went, we tried this first. The panda pau here are designed to imitate the face of a panda and they are served up in bamboo containers dim-sum style. Unfortunately, the chocolate custard pau we got was a flop. The bun was too damp and felt too sticky and clammy. The chocolate custard filling is actually quite decent, but there is too little of it and its flavour could not redeem the rest of it enough. Panda Pau (Red Bean) ($2.90)This is way better than the chocolate custard pau. The texture is soft and spongy and not damp or sticky like the chocolate pau. The red bean filling is also quite decent and not too sweet. This made us wonder if the failed chocolate pau was a one-off and we were just unlucky enough to get a bad batch. Unlike the chocolate pau, we enjoyed this. But some may find the price tag of $2.90 to be a tad tough to swallow.Spring Roll (2 for $3.90)Unlike the cute panda pau, presentation is so-so for this. Even so, this is among one of the lower priced items on their menu. The spring rolls are quite crispy though, with a nice crunch to the skin, but we find the grated filling to be a tad mushy for our liking.Mango Pudding ($2.90)The mango pudding here is rather creamy, not very smooth. It feels more like mousse to us. You can taste the mango flavour easily enough but unfortunately, I am not really that keen on it overall.Soft Drink (Iced Lemon Tea) in Souvenir Cup ($3.90)Many will probably baulk at paying $3.90 for just a cup of run-of-the-mill lemon tea. But wait! The soft drink here comes in a plastic panda-print souvenir cup with straw which you can bring home as a keepsake or to reuse. You can choose from a selection of Coke, Coke Light, Sprite, Soya Milk, Ice Lemon Tea and Fanta Grape. For $3.90, it is indeed pricey for a drink but certainly one of the cheapest and decent Panda related souvenir around that you can get in comparison to the other items at the Panda souvenir shop! Long story short, the food at Mama Panda are really quite over priced especially for the mains like the Shanghai Wanton Ramen Set ($15.90) which is really quite pricey even with the extras it comes with. I'd recommend just going for the snacks instead. Items not to be missed are the panda pau. The pau may be pretty much standard tasting and is also pricey to boot, but seriously, what the heck, everyone is still going to get it to try anyway, so just get it. Resistance is futile when it comes to adorable looking panda pau that look up at you with doleful eyes when you open the container! That, and get the soft drink in souvenir cups for a "decently priced" souvenir! continue reading
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Hi,This new year we had visited River Safari & had the Lunch at MAMA PANDA Kitchen,though it's crowded they have so many attactive things to eat for both adults & kids.Their special item of every day is PANDA Shape PAU,in that they have choice of filling like chocolate & red bean....Many set lunches they have.We ordered,Panda Pau & Spicy chilli oil- fried wantons.& the drink.Yes if you top up your drink with little more penny,you can be served your drink with a lovely memorable sovenir panda drink tumbler.My kids were so happy to have that.Even the restaurant is located inside the ZOO ,the prize is normal only. continue reading
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