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Manna provides a meeting place that serves rich traditional Korean cuisine with a taste of Korea's distinct culture. continue reading
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Level4 2015-05-19
There are quite a few hidden gem; cheap and good food stalls in Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Most of us seldom enter the university unless we are studying or working there. Since it was a rare chance that I was at the university, I had to make full use of the opportunity by having a meal there. The Korean stall called Manna Korean Restaurant at Hall 13 Canteen was strongly recommended by a member in our group.Hence, we visited Hong Yun, more commonly known as Hall 13 canteen. Although it was during the semester break, the canteen was packed when we left. In addition, the Korean stall which was wanted to try was opened. The Korean Stall; Manna Korean Restaurant is operated by Koreans. As it was lunch time, we had to wait a fair bit as there was several NTU staff / students in front of us. MenuThe menu with a wide variety of korean food to choose from. BBQ Beef Set $4.50I ordered the BBQ Beef Set $4.50 which consisted of hotplate BBQ Beef served with rice, soup and a very small serving of kimchi. The rice, soup and kimchi were ordinary. Hence, I shall not write about them.BBQ Beef Set $4.50The hotplate BBQ Beef with cabbage and Korean rice vermicelli with sesame seeds sprinkled on top deserved some airtime. They were very generous with the ingredients, particularly the BBQ Beef slices. The beef slices were well marinated. The only issue I had was it was a tad too dry. More sauce could have been added. At $4.50, it was quite value for money as it would have easily cost $7.50 or more at food courts. BBQ Chicken Set $3.90The rest of the items were ordered by others in the group. The BBQ Chicken Set cost $3.90.BBQ Chicken Set $3.90Unlike the BBQ Beef, there was no rice vermicelli in the BBQ Chicken. The BBQ Chicken was well marinated and it was the spicy version. It went very well with the rice. In addition, there were so many pieces of chicken and there were lots of sauce at the bottom of the hotplate. Bulgogi Beef (Korean Traditional BBQ)$4.70The Bulgogi Beef (Korean Traditional BBQ) was quite good. This version is the soup version. The beef meat were marinated and then fried / BBQ with other ingredients (e.g. onion). Then the ingredients were poured into this Korean pot and cooked with golden mushroom and rice vermicelli. Bulgogi Beef (Korean Traditional BBQ)$4.70Again, they were so generous with the ingredients. The amount of beef slices given was just so much. The soup was flavouful, though a tad too sweet. Dolsot Bibimbab (Chicken) $4.50Dolsot Bibimbab (Chicken) $4.50The Dolsot Bibimbab (Chicken) cost $4.50. Can't comment on this as I did not try.Overall, I must say that the prices here are really cheap and the food are not bad. Yes, the main reason for the so reasonable prices was because this is a university and most customers are students. Hence, there's a need to ensure that its affordable. Worth a try if you are within the area. http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2014/01/manna-korean-restaurant-ntu-hall-13.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-14
The BBQ Chicken set costs $3.90 which is rather cheap and affordable. There was plenty of chicken over a bed of cabbage (making the portion look bigger than it actually is). The chicken was not spicy and was flavourful and well marinated. There was also a certificate laminated and displayed at the store front (featured on Channel U). This stall serves decent korean food and is worth a try and your calories won't be wasted! continue reading
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Level3 2012-12-25
I ordered this dish which i forgot the name and the price was pretty decent for a korean food stall at about $4. The soup base was very spicy for me and because I drank it while it's hot, I made it even worse. The soup didnt have much ingredients except tofu, cabbage, few slices of chicken and cellophane noodles. Personally i find that the amount of rice given was too little for the bowl of soup, the kimchi which is given as side dish is about average as well. continue reading
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Level3 2012-06-03
The Korean BBQ Chicken set comes with a bowl of rice, kimchi and soup. The kimchi was too sour for my liking and I ended up not finishing it. The rice was nice and chewy, and of the short-grain variety. I was given a generous serving of chicken which was slightly spicy. I was rather astonished to discover that the stall does not cook the chicken on the spot. Instead, they warm up the hot plate and scoop some pre-cooked warm chicken onto the hot plate. Overall taste test: 7.5/10 continue reading
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