This bakery has an ever-changing menu, Maple & Market offers unique treats such as pumpkin curry muffins. They also have bread-making classes too where one can learn how to create their specialty breads and pastries. continue reading
Opening Hours
12:00 - 18:30
Wed - Fri
12:00 - 18:30
10:30 - 22:00
10:30 - 21:00
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Signature Dishes
Pumpkin Bread Rose Raspberry Pistachio Cake
Review (12)
Level4 2014-06-26
Decided to try out Maple & Market after seeing all the photos on instagram. Its quite a small area. They literally only have 1 proper table, and the remaining are like bar tables. The whole place is partitioned into 2 sections, 1 is the baking corner where there’s baking class ongoing and another is the cafe corner. They do sell interesting things such as printed mugs with very singaporean slangs, and some old school bottled drinks. They also sell paper products for parties usage or art craft purposes.We ordered the buttermilk waffle with caramelized banana homemade caramel & walnut ($9) and Chocolate peanut cake ($5.50) and the ancient bottled drinks ($6/bottled)! The drinks are from New Zealand by the way. The drinks are quite fizzy. Feels bloated after drinking half the bottle. The buttermilk waffle goes really well with the caramelized bananas and walnut. Sweet caramel, soft bananas, crunchy walnut. the waffles are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, best when eaten hot! I find the chocolate peanut cake a bit too grainy and dry for the chocolate cake portion. But overall peanut does goes well with chocolate! However, there’s too many dessert cafes around now, so probably there’s nothing special that will make me go back for the second time. The service isnt too fantastic too continue reading
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Visit my website for the full review: http://cherieyeo.blogspot.comMaple and Market gained a fair amount of hype when it opened a year ago. I've been a pretty loyal fan of the place as their prices are reasonable for pretty darn good cakes. Also, their location is perfect; a 5 minute walk away from Old Airport hawker center. This makes it so easy to grab some desert after a hearty meal. A couple months back, the team at Maple and Market revamped their menu and I am so glad that my favourite bakery is now serving waffles!For now, M&M serves Mixed Fruits and Caramelised Banana Waffles. Both priced at $9 each.I've been disappointed with the supposedly "fantastic" waffles served at other famous cafes. Often, these cafes overcook their waffles and the result is a hard piece of biscuit. They would try to save the dish by jazzing up the waffles with some eye catching toppings but hey, we all taste with our mouths not our eyes. I'm glad to say that M&M did not let me down. They make one of the better (or maybe even best) waffle dishes in the whole cafe scene. I absolutely love how the exterior cracks open to reveal the steamy fluffy cooked waffle within. On the whole, the texture of the waffle is crispy and at the same time chewy. I ordered my waffles with caramelised bananas and walnuts and it's heavenly. The sweet bananas and nutty walnuts gives so much flavour to the plain waffle. Glaze a piece of waffle with the caramel sauce and layer it a banana and walnut. That my friends, is the taste of waffle heaven. The only complain that I have is that the caramel sauce is slightly too sweet. This waffle dish will not get you 100+ likes on instagram but it will certainly make your stomach very happy.  continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-15
Looking for some sweet treats after dinner at Old Airport Road Food Centre, we decided to pop by this cake shop just a street across, hidden at the bottom of a HDB block.Cafe with a whimsical touch, it was a small cosy space with less than 10 pax seating. Thankfully during our visit on a Friday night, there was just a corner seat left, though I must say it was quite a cramped place in general.Gula Melaka Cake ($5.50)with kaya cream cheese frosting and almondsTheir signature cake that was recommended, we like how the combination went perfectly well. Just lightly sweet with the fragrance of the coconut and gula melaka coming through, it was nicely paired, reminding me the lighter flavoured version of the ondeh ondeh cupcakes I've had at the now-defunct Preparazzi.The flavours went well, though I found the cake too dense for my liking. I would have preferred a finer texture for the sponge, for that sharper contrast with the almond flakes and the gritty sweet bits in the middle.Blossom ($5.50)rose cake with raspberry cream cheese and caramelised pistachioSecond bestseller, go for this if you're looking for a light flavour. I like how the rose was just subtle that it didn't taste overpoweringly artificial, well complemented with a sharper raspberry. The pistachio bits also added a nice contrasting texture, though there wasn't much of a roasted pistachio taste I was expecting.Decent cakes with good combinations, though I personally felt that the sponge bases were too dense for my liking. If you're planning on a visit, do note their closing hours too as they adhere strictly to that, turning off the music and turning away customers. We were also reminded of their closing hours when we placed our orders at about 8.40pm. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-14
I had my lunch at Old Airport Road Food Centre and decided to come by this nearby cafe to takeaway some pastries! I really like the lovely yet rustic-chic decor of this cafe! Everything in the shop is so beautifully crafted/decorated and I would be super happy if there is one similar cafe around my HDB area! I tookaway the Maple Bacon cupcake and a slice of their signature cake, 1919. I feel that this cupcake will be pretty average without the bacon. The cupcake itself tasted dry and it is not worth the price at all. I love gula melaka, coconut and kaya cream cheese and the thought of all three flavours combined in the cake is enough to make me salivate!! Surprisingly, it is not too sweet and I find that it had an good balance of the gula melaka sponge cake together with the light kaya cream cheese topped with desiccated coconut. I will definitely be back to try their other cakes and perhaps coffee! continue reading
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For the full review and more photos, please visit http://makanarts.com/2013/12/03/maple-market-block-34-cassia-crescent/Opened along one of the HDB flats at Old Airport, the whitish exterior is sure to arouse people especially drivers (it is facing a T-junction)They even have baking lessons here! Half of the shop space is used for this purpose.The Cappuccino is thick and has the right amount of milk added.The Flat White is rather thick and has the right amount of milk added to it. I would prefer this over the Cappuccino for its milder use of espresso, yet maintaining its thickness of the coffee.The Blossom is a rose cake with raspberry cream cheese and caramelised pistachios, topped with a raspberry. Being one of their best sellers, this will not disappoint. The rose taste was rather mild tasting, although this was covered by the raspberry cream cheese, which tasted sweet and creamy. It is also rather soft.If you are around the Old Airport area, this place is a great and quiet alternative to get a cup of coffee. continue reading
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