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Marmalade Toast's serves a range of sandwiches, which are either made-to-order or freshly prepared every morning. They also have a wide range of salads to choose from. They serve a selection of popular cakes, desserts and pastries, including the "to die for" signature home baked cupcakes from The Marmalade Pantry. continue reading
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09:00 - 19:00
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Signature Dishes
Chicken Marsala Wrap Chocolate Tart Grilled Chicken Caesar Ricket and Sambal
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Level4 2015-08-19
Located at an end of level 2, is this small little bistro, which offers sandwiches, ready made salad and all day breakfast.Field Mushroom Baked Pizzettas ($10)With wild rocket salad and Parmesan cheese on pita bread.As this is made upon order, it takes quite awhile to be ready. Lots of cheese with huge chunky juicy mushrooms.Baked Chicken Stew ($13)I'm surprised that it is actually baked rice with chicken and mushroom. I have thought that it will be a soupy stew. The cheesy rice with chunky chicken strips and juicy mushrooms is yummy except for the layer of oil at the bottom of bowl.Lemon Ginger Tea Cake ($4.50)Soft and buttery in texture.The cupcake of the month ($4.50)It is actually Pandan Kaya. It is Pandan flavour cake with smooth Kaya filling, topped with dessicated coconut sugary frosting. Soft and fluffy.Overall the service is not bad. The staffs keep checking on me while preparing my order. The place is not crowded and has a relaxing environment. The food is great too. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-29
Came here for dinner after work. We ordered 1 pasta and soup to share as we also wanted to try their cupcakes. To our pleasure surprise, the waiter offered to splitthe portion for us. Well, that was the first time I came across such service! Impressive, definitely etched in my memory. And the portion was decent, after splitting it into two, which meant it was generous to begin with. =)Field Mushroom Soup with Truffled croutons - $10My half portion of the soup, looks pretty okay rite? And they also made sure that we each had a small slice of bread. LOLThis soup will most likely appeal to people who like truffle, coz it was pretty obvious. Seared Scallop Linguini with Tiger Prawn bisque - $24 Proof of 2 portions! Hehe The pasta was served in a soupy style, just like our Chinese prawn soup noodle. In fact, the soup tasted like one too. Probably not your choice if you prefer thicker sauce base for your pasta.William - $4.50Chocolate cake with william pear and vanilla with butter cream frostingOk, let's "dissect" this cake. First of all, the vanilla with butter cream frosting was terribly sweet. I have a pretty high threshold for sweetness but this was simply too sweet, for goodness sake. Even eating sugar cube itself taste much better. Guess what we did? Scrapped off the frosting lor.. What left behind now was simply just ordinary (sweet) chocolate cupcake and the location of the william pear was a mystery. Bananarama - $4.50Banana walnut cake with caramel cream cheeseI think the cream cheese tasted much better than the cream frosting, sweet but manageable. I like the part they added nuts in the cupcake which gave a more flavorful & crunchy texture. Visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2012/11/the-marmalade-pantry.html to read more! ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
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Marmalade Pantry Restaurant has been gaining popularity ever since their second inception at Ion Orchard. It’s almost impossible to get a table and enjoy their renowned cupcakes and sliced cakes unless you make a reservation instead. Everyone just loves hording the tables for hours and hours ordering more and more dishes and continue their conversations until satisfied. To be honest, I will do just the same given that long wait!Fortunately for the sweet lovers in us, there’s Marmalade Toast which has almost the same stuffs just more focused on their salad, sandwiches and more importantly, desserts of all sorts! Located off a corner outside the air-conditioned building of Takashimaya, this cafe is by no means an easy find.My partner and I walked in the place, desperately in need to rest our aching feet from a day’s shopping. I don’t really know how to pronounce the promotion dish but Chicken Quesadilla was the name. It wasn’t what I really want since I’ve only eyes for the cakes and tarts all displaying within the glass display. It was good especially the tomato puree in the dish.But for $10 including a glass of lemonade, I would expect more than just two slabs of veggies in dough. Given another chance, I will opt for their cupcakes which is known to all as some of the best!Ending our shopping break was a nice Pear Tart ($4.80) shared between the two of us. I think it suffice any temporary cravings for custard tart with fruit toppings. For the serious tart lovers, if you have been reading my blog, then you should know where to look instead.Overall, Marmalade Toast is a quieter alternative to the restaurant at Ion Orchard. It’s a nice place to chill and hang out with friends over weekend brunch and afternoon tea. I only have one suggestion to them and that is to make their food more appealing instead.Maybe it’s just my amateur photography skills not up for the task or is it? I shall let you decide instead. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-14
Located at a hidden corner of Ngee Ann City (you need to exit from the lift lobby to the small road behind), the place sure is capable to lure me inside for my lunch. It wasn't as packed and I got seated comfortably on my seat, looking at the huge menu nailed on their counter. Decided to have the "Stone Fired" pizza and I choose Tandoori Chicken as the topping. Comes with Tandoori Chicken, Mint, Mangoes and Paneer, the flavor does play a little Indian taste around my taste bud. It is refreshing and the crust is crispy. The color of the pizza also make it look very appetizing! Apart from pizza, they also sell cupcakes, sandwich and other small bites to fill your stomach with! continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-12
I happened to found this place when my friend introduced. This place is really hidden, normal people will not know where it is. It is located behind the taxi stand but hidden behing a wall. Well, the decor of this place is like any normal simple cosy cafe but the food was good. I ordered the cold shrimp wrap when I was there together with some Lemonita cupcakes and tandoori pizza. Overall, the cold shrimp wrap was good. I like the avocado slices in it and wrap lettuce in it was really refreshing. The pizza was average, i thought it was huge when it came. I also like the Lemonata cup cakes. The icing was sweet but the lemon cup cake was really good. I finished everything of it. You can guess how delicious it was. continue reading
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