Arriving by Bus: #36/531, Bustop Name: Suntec Twr Three, Bustop No.: 02149. Arriving by Train: Esplanade MRT Exit D, City Hall MRT Exit A. Nearest Carpark: Suntec City Carpark. continue reading
Marutama offers an authentic Japanese ramen experience with its half-boiled aji tamago and aosa seaweed topping, complete with melt-in-your-mouth char siew. At Japan, Marutama's half-boiled seasoned egg rewarded as "the best tamago". Its unique texture that fully boiled at the surface but yet still half boiled on the inside blended perfectly with the seasoning. continue reading
Opening Hours
Mon - Sun
11:30 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Curry Rice Karashi Ra-men Marutama Ra-men
Review (4)
Level4 2013-04-06
Thanks to my good friend, I get to enjoy a really nice bowl of ramen soup at this japanese restaurant. Really like the display of my ramen, which is simple, neat and the portion is generous. I also love the very sweet soup base used in it, which I am not sure any MSG has been added in it or not. Still it tastes really good. The ramen is chewy and not too soggy. A great venue to have a good chat with your loves one as well. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-11
My friend was raving about this place, saying that it was the best ramen that she's ever tasted. So last Saturday, she brought us to this restaurant to try it out. For a Saturday dinner crowd, there were quite a few people. We were there at 6pm and the place was half empty. Hence, we were able to choose the seats we wanted. (We sat inside since it was cooler.)I initially ordered the Marutama ramen, but the waiter got confused, and he gave me the spicy one -- the Karashi Ramen. But I didn't ask them to change anymore. Broth wasn't as tasty as I expected to be. It was just... OK. There was only once piece of Char Siew =( Normally, restos would give two pieces, right? But anyway, it was bigger than the usual ones you see. Soft and chewy. So, this was good. Noodles were also not too soft, and not too hard. I loved eating it together with the soup. Overall, I enjoyed my dinner there. Would come back to try their other ramens... continue reading
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Level4 2012-01-28
This was the menu a year back specially only for the Jakarta Branch. Marutama is known for the chicken soup broth ramen which was very strong in its flavoring and juices.And this was the bowl I was looking for - the mix of chicken broth and sweetness of ebi juice into one hearty bowl. Not exactly hearty as this ramen bowl is pretty tight and small than a usual ramen which are in authentic Japan, massive.It tasted just the most delicious way as I wanted it - this is the best choice for those who had trouble finishing the only original chicken soup, as I had a hard time - it was so strong! This has the nice amount of rich chicken with the fresh, lightness of seafood ebi and a spritz of lemon. Ramen was springy and sluuuurpingly deeeelish. $15 was the price you gotta fish in. It is a bit on the ex side judging from portion, but taste cannot lose.I even have forgotten halfway to add in sesame and fried garlic!!! Which means, the bowl is good as it comes to your way without any other condiment.Service was A+, the waitress was caring and attentive, noting on when our water glass was halfway empty and asking how is the food.Best thing was, THERE WAS NO Q! continue reading
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