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Marutama offers an authentic Japanese ramen experience with its half-boiled aji tamago and aosa seaweed topping, complete with melt-in-your-mouth char siew. At Japan, Marutama's half-boiled seasoned egg rewarded as "the best tamago". Its unique texture that fully boiled at the surface but yet still half boiled on the inside blended perfectly with the seasoning. continue reading
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Curry Rice Karashi Ra-men Marutama Ra-men
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Level4 2014-03-16
Exactly a Ramen supporter, I admitted I don’t mind to try whenever hearing any recommended Restaurant. Not the first time I visited Marutama Ramen, it was basically selling Japanese-style noodles in freshly boiled tangy broth. The Menu given was presented in very clear-cut way, only around few Ramen choices provided. Toppings or side dishes were allowed to be added, it was based on own preferences.I always ordered spicy version whenever there was hot fiery option, soup expectedly in stronger taste and heavier flavour. Braised meat was in correct ratio for the fatty portion, texture was softly smooth and stretchable. Noodles were firm with ultra thinly straight, drizzled by generous amount of Seaweeds and fresh Spring Onions on surface. Soft-boiled egg was well-marinated, savour was infused perfectly inside. Price at $12.00, the serving was rather affordable and reasonable. Perhaps Marutama Ramen was likely a “either you hate it or like it” kind, I appreciated this unique thickly broth definitely. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-16
So, I did lunch at Marutama Ramen, the "first authentic Japanese ramen that specializes in Toripaitan soup and Tamago"... or better (casually) known as "Basketball Ramen" because of its logo at the door and on the menu.My colleague, Cara* strongly recommended it, and since there was an outlet near our appointment venue, we decided to give it a go.I got myself the Ebi Ramen (chicken soup ramen with fresh prawns) - ramen, by the way, is a kind of handmade Japanese noodles. The soup was very delicious - containing the goodness of chicken stock and the sweetness of large fresh prawns. The noodles were smooth and springy enough; the prawns were cooked to a lovely tender perfection. Though, after the initial hit of the tastiness of the soup base and noodles, I got a little sick halfway through the meal as I gradually found the soup to be a tad oily. The layer of oil could in fact be detected at first glance upon serving, but I had ignored it. The grease got a tad overwhelming halfway into the meal, and I just finished up the remainder of the braised egg and prawns.For more detailed information and photos, do visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2013/12/lunch-at-marutama-ramen.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-27
As usual I order my favorite Marutama ramen... marutama is with chicken soup base. Though my friends say the noodles taste like maggi mee.. But I do not think so. It is my FAVORITE ramen. The noodles is springy and tasty, so much better than instant noodles. The cha siew is fat and juicy and melt in my mouth. Love the egg too.. watery egg yolk..awesome! And the soup is not too salty... Definitely one of my favourite ramen. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-20
Liang Court held an event called Wednesdays' Food Tasting Trails in July and August 2013. Diners could purchase the Food Trail Coupon for $30 at the Customer Service Counter and enjoy 3 different set meals from 3 different restaurants in Liang Court and also a free beer. The first restaurant was been pre-selected, diners could choose their second and third stops from any of the remaining 11 participating F&B shops. I received a copy of the Food Trail Guide and two complimentary Wednesdays' Food Tasting Trails Coupons. As shown above, the coupon shows that my first restaurant (pre-selected) is Tamoya. Looking through all the set meals in the Guide, I decided to try Marutama Ramen first (there is no need to utilise the coupon in sequence). The Liang Court's Wednesdays' Food Trail Coupon allowed me to try the Zenbu-nose (U.P. $18). It was essentially the signature Marutama Ramen with all toppings! The toppings are the Kakuni (Stewed Pork Belly), Sliced Roasted Pork, Aosa (Seaweed), Negi (Spring Onions) and Half-Boiled Seasoned Egg. Those who frequent Marutama Ramen would know that the signature Marutama Ramen (without toppings) would have cost $12 and an addition $6 is required if all toppings were added. The Zenbu-nose; with all toppings added!Three big pieces of Sliced Roasted Pork (Char Siew) were given. The roasted pork had quite a good balance of lean meat and fat ratio. So much so that it was tender.The Kakuni (Stewed Pork Belly) as it should be had a higher proportion of fats to lean meat compared to the Char Siew.'The Half-boiled Seasoned Egg would have been perfect if its yolk was runny as they had got the marination right. It was a pity that it was slightly overcooked and the yolk was not runny.This bowl of Zenbu-nose ramen came with lots of ingredients like how it should be. If you were to take the cost of the Food Trail Coupon (i.e. $30) and divide by 3 restaurants, it means that essentially, you are paying for $10 per restaurant (do not forget, there's a free beer too).Chew on this: Having this bowl of Zenbu-nose ramen would have covered more than 50% of your purchase of the coupon. DFor full review and more photos, please visit http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2013/07/liang-court-wednesdays-food-tasting.html continue reading
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This is currently my favourite Japanese Ramen stall in Singapore.'Nama Karashi Ramen'For the soup base, rather than using the common strong salty Pork Broth, they are using Chicken Broth over here. There are using the thinner type of Ramen noodles over here too, which is one of my favourite type of Japanese Ramen noodles. On top of that, the Ramen Egg, 'Ajitsuke Tamago' that they are using over here are one of the best in Singapore. The half boiled egg yolk + the boiled egg white combination makes this a must try. And if you are lucky enough, you might be getting a generous thick slice of 'CHar Siew' too.Actually, I would order a bowl of 'Nama Karashi Ramen', 'Ajitsuke Tamago' and 'Kaedama'(Adding an extra portion of Noodles) twice, whenever I visit Marutama Ramen Store. Some would ask, why do I order Kaedama twice when a bowl of Nama Karashi Ramen is sufficient for an average person. Actually, for the Marutama Ramen Store at Liang Court, you will be given a free topping after you had Kaedama twice. Without thinking, I would always order for an extra piece of "Char Siew".Click here for a more detailed review and photos:http://nekyouto-food.blogspot.sg/2011/07/singapore-most-delicious-ramen-marutama.html continue reading
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