At Max Brenner Chocolate Bar, you can indulge in decadent pastries, creamy fondue and thick milkshakes. continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-23
Max Brenner, an Israel-origin chocolatier, has been on my wishlist since long ago hoho. Yesterday it was 9pm and all restaurants in Marina Bay area (especially Esplanade) were overwhelmed by people! We decided to go for dessert. We had been on queue for approximately 15 minutes before our turn came. The line behind us was like crazy, until the security man came and spruced the line."Chocolate is not just about taste. It portrays different aspects of our lives: romance, sensuality, and decadence". This quote written on the menu book attracted me. The menu offered was various, made me get tempted to try all of them. It took some times to pick out our choice - we got stuck in confusion beyond their mouthwatering menus!Cookieshake - $9.90. Frozen chocolate frappe with white chocolate cream & Oreo cookies. Came in a super cute Alice cup, completed with stainless steel straw. All ingredients were smoothly blended. It was perfectly yummy, even at the first slurp. Man, I can forever sucking that drink...Milk Chocolate - $6.90. At first, the waiter had mistaken my order with Dark Chocolate, then he immediately changed it. Came in a Hug Mug, which was not less cuter than Alice cup. According to the menu, this drink was made using Venezuela chocolate, with hints of vanilla. It was creamy, the milk chocolate was rich in taste. However, the sweetness became too overpowering after a few sips. And here I'm thinking, I should have received that Dark Chocolate instead, haha.Chocolate Chunks Pizza (full) - $19.50. Double chocolate melting chunks pizza with a choice of topping: hazelnut bits, bananas, roasted marshmallows, or peanut butter. We chose bananas for topping. It was a quite huge round of pizza, with generous amount of chocolate spread and banana slices. The chocolate spread was heavenly sinful OMG I'm gonna die! Even I licked all that chocolate stains on my fork and plate lolol.All in all, Max Brenner's treats are delicious beyond words! Max Brenner's great passion for chocolate tells how sinful the chocolate is. Definitely something to die for. Surely will be back for more chocolatey treats (especially waffle and fondue)! continue reading
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Level4 2014-04-19
For full review and pics: http://dairycream.blogspot.jp/2014/04/max-brenner-singapore.htmlI love this bald man. Because it was one of the first overseas chocolate brands that opened my eyes to a whole new world of fine chocolates. A Japanese friend came visiting one day and wanted to try some chocolate desserts and I led her to Max Brenner since it was not found in Japan yet.The Suckao ($7.90), a d-i-y concentrated hot chocolate drink, was still as decadent as the last time. There was only one choice of chocolate, and we went for the dark side. Thick and rich, the hot chocolate shot was a fun toy to play with but wouldn't it be great if they can just serve all three kinds and allow diners to mix around freely?The desserts all sounded very good on the menu, though they leaned on the pricey side. Loved the Tutti Frutti Waffle ($18.90) because the waffles made with Belgium sugar were so fragrant and buttery. The sugar gave it a solid crunchy exterior while the inner dough was thoroughly baked with no hints of wimpy-ness.However, the O.M.G Double Chocolate Cookie made us go "O.M.G." for a wrong reason. Not only was it difficult to saw with knife and fork, it created so much cling clang on the plate that the noise hazard invited unnecessary attention from other tables. It was surely sweet and tasty, but why would someone pay around $10 for one piece of homemade like cookie and fresh squeezed orange juice sauce?But I guess it all boils down to our choices and there are many other delicious-sounding items on the menu which I have yet to try. The endorphins stimulated from the amount of chocolate intake definitely made us happy. At least we did not have to queue for 3 hours like what the Japanese are doing now at the Max Brenner outlet in Omotesando Hills. For full review and pics: http://dairycream.blogspot.jp/2014/04/max-brenner-singapore.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-31
Max Brenner is the place to go for chocolate lovers. Even if you are not a chocolate lover, it is a great place to chill and unwind with its cosy atmosphere coupled with dim lights. Located at the Esplanade, it does have a classy feel to it.Anyway I happen to be in the vicinity and decided to pop by with a group of colleagues. We ordered a couple of desserts and they proved to be meant for sharing with its not-too-small portions. It is best to share too cause if not the chocolate may prove too overwhelming to finish alone. It is not too sweet too which is good for people who do not have a sweet tooth. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-31
I love coffee. I love dark chocolate. At Max Brenner, I have the best of both worlds heehee The place serves a wide range of chocolate and coffee drinks and desserts. And the crockery used to serve is quite unique and cute, appeals to people like me who emphasizes on food presentation This is a great place to chill indeed and satisfy one's sweet tooth at the same time. Forget about the usual coffee places like Starbucks heehee But pricing here is slightly steeper >< continue reading
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I've been wanting to visit Max Brenner for the longest time, and i'm sure all you like-minded chocolate fans out there would want to too! it's quite pricey though, which was why i was so excited to know that it was one of the participating restaurants in Esplanade's Visa one-for-one lunch promotions. unfortunately the promotion is over already, but i'm really glad i had the chance to try it. I've seen and heard so much about Max Brenner's chocolate fondue, and i just had to order it! the Classic European Chocolate Fondue for two people ($25.90) gives you a choice of two chocolate sauces - pure milk, dark or white - with toffee sauce, and is served with bananas, strawberries, chocolate chunk cookies, marshmallows and fluffy chocolate sponge cake for dipping. naturally, i went for the dark chocolate, and i decided to go with the milk chocolate for my second choice since i'm not such a fan of white chocolate anymore. in fact, i found the toffee too sweet. i wonder whether they would allow three pots of dark chocolate instead of one pot of each variety? i loved it. the dark chocolate was the perfect blend of bitter-sweetness, and it complemented the sweet condiments just right. i was a fan of the chocolate chip cookies and sponge cake especially. but while i had gone to Max Brenner with the sole purpose of trying their chocolate fondue, i found that i liked their waffles way more! not that there was anything wrong with the fondue, i just found the portion a little small (it's a tasting portion) and not all the condiments were to my liking.since it was 1-for-1, we ordered two waffles ($18.90 each). my absolute favourite was the Tutti Frutti Waffle, whose name didn't appeal to me much initially, and therefore turned out to be a really pleasant surprise. the waffles at Max Brenner are really good! thick, fluffy waffles topped with a mountain of goodies that looked like a mouth-watering piece of art. the Tutti Frutti came with a generous amount of strawberries (what an overdose of strawberries that day! not that i'm complaining), blueberries and milk chocolate ganache. i loved the little bits of crumbles which lent additional texture to the dessert, and this all went together seamlessly with the smooth vanilla ice cream on the side.the apple pie cinnamon waffle was delicious as well! though not as much as the former, because i felt it was a tad too sweet. chunks of white chocolate, apple slices, candied pecans (love!!), more crumbles and drizzled with a generous dollop of cinnamon-y sauce and with more vanilla ice cream. another classic combination that cannot go wrong!For photos and more reviews, visit http://thelittlemomentsofmylife.blogspot.sg continue reading
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