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The McDonald's Corporation is the world's largest quick service restaurant chain. There are over 30,000 McDonald's restaurants in more than 100 countries serving up burgers and fast food that are constantly tailored to suit the local tastes, lifestyles and choices. continue reading
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I was just passing through Woodlands MRT when I saw a banner advertising McDonald's new BubbleGum Flavourburst Ice Cream. They also recently released the new limited Japanese Ebi burger with Banana pie. So being curious, I decided to give the burger set and the new ice cream a try! Being located right at the entrance of Causeway Point, this McDonald's branch is always very crowded. This was the case again when I went and there was quite a queue and a lack of seats so I decided to takeaway instead. I got the Ebi Burger Feast Set ($7.75) which came with:- Ebi Burger- Banana Pie- Large Fries, and - Tropical Tango McFizz.I also got the BubbleGum Flavourburst Ice Cream ($1.00).As this was a takeaway, I had to start on the dessert first. The Bubblegum Ice Cream was basically vanilla ice cream with 'a burst of bubblegum taste', so they said. This bubblegum ice cream was simply a delight on first bite! The ice-cream was very smooth and milky and there was a "bubblegum" taste which turned out to be much better than I had originally expected. It can get a tad overly sweet after a few bites though, but the sweetness was later balanced out by the cone. I couldn't get enough of the ice cream! Somehow, eating it reminded me of cotton candy!It took quite some time before I got to start on the burger. But despite it being nearly 40 minutes later after I reached home, the patty was still quite crispy on the outside and the shrimps were still firm! I cut out a small slice of the burger and counted about 3 small shrimps in that small slice alone. The mix of thousand island sauce and mustard was a nice change too, but I thought there was too little of it for the whole burger, which was a tad bland. Overall, a decent burger that could do with more sauce for added flavour! If you ask me though, I think Banana Pie was the real limelight stealer. The banana pie was soooo nice that I'm really lovin' it! It was very crisp and crunchy on the outside and the filling was very soft. It was also pretty sweet with a strong banana taste. It was like eating banana fritters or goreng pisang. Even my parents who tried it loved it and my dad even said that it was better than the apple pie! How I wish McDonald's would add this pie to their permanent menu!As for the Tropical Tango McFizz, it was quite sweet, fruity and frizzy, like drinking soda. There was a slight detectable mango taste although I thought that the flavour wasn't as strong as I had expected. The fries though, were already cold and somewhat soggy, and we all know McDonald's fries are best eaten hot. It was also pretty salty.Overall, the Ebi Burger Feast was a pretty decent offering and definitely much better than some of their earlier offerings like the McAloo Tikki. At first glance, the price may seem to be a little expensive for a McDonald's set meal but for four items (and $1 for the ice cream), it is actually quite value for money considering that it also came with a pie and large fries. You can consider getting the usual set meal that costs $6.70 without the pie, but as it is, I'd recommend getting the set with the banana pie, or just get the banana pie alone if you just want a snack. This banana pie is definitely a must try, especially considering that it is available for a limited time only! continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-15
This outlet is frequented by students, especially from north area of secondary & primary schools which are just walking distance away…This is my weekend favourite breakfast meal, I in love with their “Sausage mc muffin”, It is delicious!! The portion is just right for me, also coffee is refillable so drink all you can…Value for money fast food!!I'm Lovin it! <3 continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-04
McDonald's has introduced a new drink, the lychee mcfizz. Essentially it is like seven up with lychee flavoring. The drink Is carbonated which is where the word fizz comes from. The lychee flavour is quite evident and complements the fizzy base pretty well, overall the fruity taste with the carbonated base drink comes together quite nicely. Quite in interesting Change from regular drinks. However it's quite expensive like many of McDonalds soft drinks. continue reading
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Wanted to try out mcgriddles as the hamburger bun used is different, or pancakes instead to be more exact.The pancakes have bits of sweet stuffs and I could not taste what is it but read somewhere online that they are maple syrup bits. The sausage suprisingly tastes quite good, not as salty as what I expected after having tasted sausage patties from other fast food chains.The egg is soft, too soft though, would prefer it to be more chewy.Overall, quite a good combination, sweet and savoury goodness in a bite. continue reading
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On the way going back Malaysia through Woodlands Checkpoint, I sat and had my lunch at McDonald. I need a quick meal that's why I chosed fast food.I ordered Mc Chicken Set with a complimentary drink. Look at the yummy burger, now I just know why so many teenagers like McDonald so much. Crispy and crunchy french fries, I like the juicy chicken and soft bun wih sesame on the top. continue reading
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