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Mellben Food Palace is well known for their Crab Bee Hoon and other seafood dishes, having built up a reputation for themselves for good food in a unpretentious setting. continue reading
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Level4 2015-06-03
Friend and I bought a pair of Mellben Legend Seafood's coupon worth a value of $100 from Groupon website last year and due to their recent renovations, we could only get to have our schedule fix for a lunch appointment early January this year.The name "Mellben" needs no introduction as they are rather popular among those who love Crabs. Having known them through the reputable outlet in Ang Mo Kio, its hard to say no to their delicious crabs.Mellben Legend Seafood is located in Opal Crescent, somewhere near the famous photostudio Serangoon Broadway or rather Tian Wai Tian Fishhead Steamboat Restaurant. Orders came first with our cups of Jolly Bee Ice Jelly filled with lime juice and shaved ice. They were served in a big plastic cups with longans as well as Nata decoco, a good way to enjoy the wait with such hot weather.Our lunch started off well with their tantalizing Signature Beancurd, whetting our appetite for more! Beancrud was well fried to slight crisp on its exterior and velvety in it as we sink our teeth down. It was topped with delectable special sauce with minced meat, garnished by fried onions as well as spring onions. Recommended!Chicken with Wine is also known as "3 cups chicken". The chicken was simmered into the trio combination of chinese wine, sesame oil and soy sauce. They were served in the earthen clay-pot with layers of aluminum foils wrapped over its base. Chicken were boneless, tender and seasonings had well accentuated giving out good favours to the chicken. We ordered the dish out of curiosity, we was warned that the fried noodle was spicy. It tasted like our local Mee Goreng,tasted sweet & sour with tomato ketchup added, hot flavours like the dried chilli among the noodles with chicken cubes too. Shredded cabbages were placed on the top part of the dish. Frankly speaking, I'm quite happy with its taste.Last dish and we were all ready to get our bare fingers moving for the crustaceans! We ordered the slightly bigger crab to be shared by 3 pax so as to ensure each of us have some good portion of it. As usual, with Mellben's style, the presentation of their Salted Egg Yolk crab made the dish so irresistible.Though they were still quite hot, holding them with bare fingers had told us we simply could not wait any longer. With salted egg well coated all over their shells and curry leaves accelerating its favors, we quickly dig in like we had not eaten them for years.Meat was fresh and generous especially on the big fat pincers. Yums! The buttery fragrance of the yolk gave a great satisfaction as we enjoy eating them.Mellben Legend Seafood do live up to their namesake and service was prompt. However there is one tip to share if you do not want to burst your pocket for the crabs, that is do always ask the servers and have a rough gauge on the price base on the crabs' size/weight.More food reviews at www.umakemehungry.com continue reading
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Level4 2015-05-05
Located within 5 minutes walk of Exit C of Potong Pasir MRT station is Mellben Legend Seafood, one of the Mellben that is NETT priced!! The ang mo kio outlet charges GST and Service charge!On a monday evening, the business was quite slow, we were one of the 3 groups of patrons at the restaurant. Even though it is a coffee shop style, it was still reasonably airy, it wasn't too stuffy. They have huge ceiling fans to circulate air around the shop.Mellben is famed for not using any MSG in their crabs. I have eaten at Mellben 4 times before and each time, I am always happy to go home, without feeling overly thirsty, but yet the food is still very tasty!1. Butter Crab 1.1kg $66At $60/kg, the price has gone up by $2 since the last time I visited in december 2014 and the freshness is still there. My friends who visited from JB said this was one of the hugest crabs they have seen, and they liked that the meat was easy to pick off the shell and that the meat had a harder texture, wasn't mushy. This signaled that the meat was fresh.The buttery sauce was addictive, I loved it. There was enough meat to feed 3 adults in this crab.They also enjoyed the buttery sauce, which went well with the fried mantous.2. Fried Mantous 5 for $3Even though we had the mantous sitting for a while, they were still crispy on the outside. Alot better than the ones I had at AMK, whereby the mantous were obviously fried a long time ago, but since the business at that outlet is always so busy, the staff just quickly grab a plate and serve. These mantous were served to us, about 5 minutes after they had served us our crabs. Probably because they had to cook it after they cooked the crab!3. Fried Prawn Paste Chicken $12These chicken pieces were very plump and well seasoned. The fresh aroma of the prawn paste was addictive. I definitely enjoyed this plate of fried chicken. The skin was also very crispy, and not too fatty.4. Fried Hong Kong Noodles $5I loved how wet this plate of noodles was. The prawns in the dish were also crunchy and fresh. They wasn't alot of wok hei fragrance to the dish, but you can still tasted the charred bits of the noodles.It was very easy to make a reservation, although the lady whom I've made a reservation with 4 times before is a PRC lady, so knowing mandarin would be a plus. Do note they will charge you $2 per box to da bao anything. It is a ridiculous price, but whatever. Bring your box I guess?The service is okay, not the worst, not the best, but the 2 PRC ladies were friendly throughout our meal. Not sure if this is a bad sales tactic, but they told me the smallest crab they had was 900g-1.2kg, nothing smaller. Hence always expect to pay at least $60 for a taste of crabs at Mellben.Also, we were using a groupon and drinks are not included, and you have to pay for them seperately, we were not told of this, and it was not written in the Groupon T&C, but now we know continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-16
Had been craving for crab for some time and very happy that my cravings was satisfied. For starters, we had their signature tofu. The skin was fried to golden brown but the inside was soft and velvety white tofu. The toppings on it was very flavourful and was really delicious. Next up was creamy curry crab. The gravy was indeed creamy. It was a bit spicy and if you are not careful, may choke. The crab together with the creamy curry gravy was just so good. We also ordered their black pepper crab. It was pretty decent. Not the best pepper crab I had tasted but it was good enough to satisfy my craving. The crab had enough meat and just makes me very happy!Though the pricing here is a little high, $55 for a kg of crab, but the taste and presentation of food is overall quite good! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)