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Menchie's is a frozen yogurt chain from California, where you pay for your choice of yogurt by weight at the counter. Yogurt lovers will be able to choose from 12 different flavors and 44 toppings at Menchie's. continue reading
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Menchie's is a new concept yogurt place where you pay for how much your yogurt weighs. I have been a big fan of yami yogurt and yoguru so being quite near where I stay and with the array of toppings you can add on, I was really excited to try Menchie's out. Sadly, I find it a rip off and Im sure I am not the only one to feel this way about the place. Firstly, the cups they provided were of a huge size, which means it already weighs heavier than if I were to choose a smaller cup. Given the large cup, you do not have a good gauge of how much yogurt to take as well. While i do like the fact that there's plenty of choices, I don't like how you do not have a gauge of how much it will weigh in the end. In terms of flavours, I had the tart original, and its great coz you got sorbet for the healthy eaters, and you also have funky flavours like cappucino. I like the tart one, which is how i like my yogurt, a bit sour, and less creamy and more sorbet like. For toppings, I had the nata de coco and walnuts, which were very delicious. They have aplenty to choose, chocolate wafers, sour candy belts, caramel sauce, fruits, granola's and nuts. But trust me, watch the portions! I was quite careful and my yogurt came up to $8.. thinking about it, I rather pay 2 meals at hawker centre!  continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-21
Menchie’s is a pretty new frozen yoghurt place in Vivocity. I went to check it out one day during lunch. The store was pretty big with quite number of seats and a private room for parties/big groups of people. It’s a self-service kind of place but don’t worry, there’s a friendly staff who’s always looking on you just in case you need any help. There’s no small/medium/large cup size at Menchie’s, instead how much you pay depends on the weight of your cup after you’ve filled it up with your frozen yoghurt and toppings. Hence it’s totally customizable to how much you want to eat.First you grab a cup then proceed to walk all the way in to the frozen yoghurt station, where there are many flavours of yoghurt ice cream (around 10 flavours if I don’t remember wrongly, ranging from tart, cookies & cream, vanilla, peanut butter etc) for you to take your pick from. There’s no limit as to how many flavours you can put into one cup. After picking the flavour, you go to that machine and pull a lever down, and the yoghurt ice cream will come swirling out slowly. Next, go to the toppings section on your right, where there’re fruits, granola, nuts, seeds, cereal and gummy toppings. Add whichever toppings you want and when you’re done, proceed to the cashier and place your cup directly on their digital weighing machine. Over there you can see the weight of your cup and how much you need to pay.I selected ‘Tart’ (which is the original flavour) and added some cereal, coco pops and sunflower seeds. My cup weighed about 135g and the cost came up to $4.55. It was not bad, though I feel it’s pretty expensive. The tartness was just right and the frozen yoghurt was really really cold. Toppings were also fresh and crispy. The only thing that might make me think twice about buying their frozen yoghurt again is the cost If you look at the photo above, you can see that they provide really cute spoons which are of a really good material! Some of you may even want to give it a wash and bring it back home, as it’ll really be a waste to throw it away after one use continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)