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Named after a legendary samurai, Miyamoto Musashi, who was famed for his double sword style, the award winning Menya Musashi has become a household name in Japan since making its debut in 1996. Featuring a creamier soup base than most ramen, it comes in white, red and black versions. continue reading
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Level4 2016-04-27
With more and more Japanese Cuisine appearing in the Food Industries of Singapore, having a delicious bowl of Ramen in Singapore will not cost you much hassle to travel as most of the malls are likely to sell them. Take for example in Jurong and in line with the upcoming CBD plannings, food is no longer a concern. In fact, there have been alot more varieties and consumers are just simply spoilt for choices.Frankly, ever since Westgate had opened, this was my first visit to Menya Musashi there beside having tried once in Bouna Vista and didnt have much impression about it.The ramen were mainly group into 3 category, white, black and red where white consists of the original pork soup base, black with garlic oil and red featuring its spiciness.The IT Savvy users can straight away place their order via the IPad chained to the table and shortly after a while, a stuff will come placing an ordering slip on your table.Menya Musashi took additional steps towards servicing of customers by offering paper bibs on request, so do approach their staff for further assistance.Do you Need?The hungry or ramen craving patrons may want to try out Tsukemen where free upsize is available up to 5x of its original version. With 2x at 240g, 3x at 360g, 4x at 480g and 5x at 600g.Besides the 3 category of broth, you can also choose tomato broth for your Tsukemen. The style of having Tsukemen is different as it requires additional step of dipping noodles into the additional bowl of soup. Texture of Ramen were soft and ingredients were nothing out of the normal with spring onions, bambo shoots, onsen egg.However the pieces of Cha Shu did left some impression. The edges of each piece of Char Siew was served charred and lend a crispy bite leaving the interior meat being soft and tender.Having the White Original Tonkotsu soup (Pork Soup Base) with recommendations of their Yakibuta Ramen was filling. Ingredients of Ramen comes with seaweed, egg, bamboo shoots, spring onions and a fantastic slab of Yakibuta. Pork was coated with sweet marinate, roasted and cut into cubes. You can even feel the wobbly texture formed up by the layers of roasted meat. Soup tasted on a salty side and was not really in my flavour. continue reading
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Level3 2015-10-30
Was there for a visit and saw this resturant at entrance. Easy location as ads at side of large enough to be view at distance. The review of not bad, so order 2 raman set. Mala Ramen and Tantan ramen set serve with cuttle fish and fried chicken. There is also free tea on the house free so. Enviroment is quite good as lunch time is almost full today. The taste of ramen arrivel as I try the spicy ramen, quite salty and it is not really chiili like feel as to more of numbness in the mouth.. Ha.Both ramen is slightly salty to my personal opinion. Cuttle fish and fried chicken is normal standard and nothing to shout about.The waiter is very nice to always make noisy to serve every customer, I like his attitude, Keep it up. continue reading
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Level3 2015-02-22
This restaurant serves a variety of japanese food with reasonable prices. They had free flow of cold/hot green tea & complimentary hard boiled eggs for customers. We tried their Tsukemen this round for lunch. There are 4 types of soup base to choose from - orginal, black, spicy or tomato. There are also free upsize of noodles from 2x up to 5x for those super hungry ones. We ordered a orginal & black soup base Tsukemen. The taste was quite good but we find the soup not hot at all, just lukewarm & turns cold very fast due to the powerful airconditioning. The Cha Shu was very tender & flavourful, thumbs up for that. We will definitely go back to try their other ramens/dishes. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-22
It was my first time having Ramen at this restaurant. Their ordering system is different from the traditional way whereby this restaurant uses tablet. After looking through the menu, the ramen comes in 3 different soup base which include the white, black, as well as the spicy flavour. I ordered a bowl of the black tonkotsu ramen for lunch. First of all, the soup base is well brewed and seasoned, not too salty nor bland but is slightly too oily. As for the ramen itself, it is sufficiently cooked, soft and slight chewy texture. This bowl of ramen also come with two pieces of deep fry Tao kee which has a nice aroma. Next the Cha shu is not pipping hot when serve but is well seasoned with pepper and salt. The Cha shu itself has a very tender texture and the belly fat is not too thick. Lastly the ramen egg is well cooked, has a soft and slight runny egg yolk and a nicely cooked egg white. Overall, still quite a good bowl of ramen and price starts from $13.90 onwards. continue reading
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Level2 2014-07-07
Tried the following for my family of 4 :Black Duck Set $16.90Salmon Rice Set $14.90Special White Set $14.90White Cha Set $15.90Read reviews about the broth, with descriptions like 'creamy ... thick ... rich ...". So I have been wanting to try it; however, I must say that I am disappointed. Broth is diluted & oily. None of the robustness that should come come hours of boiling pork bones, except the oil. The noodle is springy & a little hard. The broth makes or breaks a good ramen. I'll not be back again. continue reading
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