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Hailing from Kagoshima, South Kyushu, Sanji represents authentic Kagoshima Ramen that promotes a samurai spirit. The signature ramen is based on a traditional tonkotsu broth brewed primarily using pork head. continue reading
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Level4 2016-02-01
Located at the ground level of the hotel, there was a number of causal Japanese restaurants. One of them was this ramen shop. It had dining in are for both indoor and outdoor. As this outlet had the least queue on a Friday, I decided to dine in here.Although the outlet was known for its soup base ramen, it also sold cold ramen and dry ramen. The dry ramen caught my attention and I decide to order it to have a try.DRY ramen TSUYOSHI ($14.90+)It was served with 3 pieces of Gyoza and chicken soup. Mix Sanji's chewy noodles with secret soy sauce, fried leek and burnt garlic oil.Kind of remind one of the hawker centre fishball noodle stall's version of dry yellow noodle. Wish that there was more sauce. A bit too dry. The noodle looked and tasted like yellow noodle. Some may wish to add vinegar or chilli oil to the noodle for additional flavours. There was also spicy pickled vegetables and ground fish powder too. The soup was light and flavourful. As I had order gyoza, I requested for the gyoza to be changed to another side dish, which ended up to be 3 pieces of karrage, commonly known as Japanese style fried chicken. The fried chicken was boneless and quite juicy, although I prefer it to be served with mayonnaise. Gyoza ($6++)The five pieces of gyoza were served with soy sauce. There was white vinegar and chilli oil on the counter to help yourself to. Overall food was not bad. Staffs were quite friendly too. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-14
Tanjong Pagar is a trove for Japanese ramen places and Korean BBQ restaurants, but I'm not a huge fan of the latter so I decided to continue on with my hunt for the best ramen in Singapore. By the recommendation of a friend, I stopped by Menya Sanji Kagoshima Ramen! The first thing that I noticed was that the servers were really Japanese - their English was heavily accented by Japanese intonations that I was wondering if I was hearing Jap - I was deeply fascinated. There were also a couple of Japanese businessmen tucked away and slurping away at their ramen happily, seems like a stamp of reassurance! They had a Ladies Set available at $10.20++ which includes a mini Ramen (trust me, it's not thaaaat mini: Black Sesami Ramen/Sanji Ramen/Spicy Ramen/Gyokai Leek Ramen) + Small Bowl Choice (Edamame/Roast Pork/Roast Pork on Rice/Fried Chicken/Dessert) + Drink (Coke/Orange Juice/Green Tea). I decided on the Sanji Ramen, Dessert (Cheesecake! *__*) and Orange Juice. Sanji Ramen: The broth was really thicker than the usual sort and tasty too, but not too salty. The ramen noodles were also springy and very good - hardly anything to grumble about. The portion was supposed to be "mini" - but it is only slightly smaller, which meant more space for desserts. Taking into account its relatively lower price, Menya Sanji easily tops my ramen list beating big names Nantsuttei, Ippudo and Keisuke Tori King. Orange Juice: Slightly diluted, but it's really quite cheap anyway. Cheesecake: I love how my cheesecake is served on a cold plate so that the temperature will maintain low as long as possible - really impressed by the attention to details. The cheesecake is also moist and dense at the same time, NOT cloying at all while being sweet! The biscuit crust at the bottom is also not too dry and crispy... all in all, I really love it. I might go back just for the cheesecake ;X The service is also double thumbs up, polite, prompt and responsive to requests, with a quiet sort of humour and grace. Definitely a place that I will return for. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-30
Went to dine with my friend at this eatery as she wanted to try this ramen place after trying the other ramen places in this area. Both of us ordered the Ladies' Set meal ($10.20++) which comes with a smaller bowl of ramen, 1 set dish and a drink (you can refer to their facebook page for the full menu)As a fan of sesame seed, I anticipated this dish to be really good as sesame seed with anything always tastes nice! The broth of the soup is boil with pork bones, simmered over a few hours and you can distinctively taste the pork taste in the soup. There were some garnishes which tastes like onion and I didn't really like it. The noodles were quite springy and I feel that the portion size was just right for a small eat like me! I do like that like sprinkle a lot of black sesame seeds into the bowl but I couldn't really taste it. Other than bamboo shoots and bean-sprouts, there was also 1 slab of pork (San Chen Rou) in the middle of it. I didn't really like eating that so I gave it to my friend who says that it's mediocre. My friend claims that the other restaurants serve better ramen but I like the ambience of this place. A cozy eatery with the waiters being Japanese and speaking with a Japanese accent. It felt like I crawled into a mini Japan. P.S. The reddish oragney lights in the restaurant made my photo turn out as so! The soup is NOT spicy at all. continue reading
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Menya Sanji means three warriors, hence there are large framed paintings of warriors all over the shop. The ramen shop evokes the rustic shops of lunch-hour Japan. You can sit up-close at the counter and watch guys cook ramen. Here’s a shot of the head chef Naoki Kaiyama. This 18-seater restaurant originated from Kagoshima and it has other branches in Taiwan, Tokyo and Guam. Kagoshima which is the capital of the Kagoshima Prefecture sits in Kyushu, southwestern part of Japan. The ramen style is hence similar to Hakata styled ramen.Read more: http://www.misstamchiak.com/menya-sanji-new-kagoshima-ramen-in-tanjong-pagar/The reason to be here is the Sanji Ramen ($11.50++). Tonkotsu broth is the Holly Grail of noodle soup broths. Many ramen shops use pork bones to prepare the soup. But what is unique at Menya Sanji is, they use pigs' heads to boil the soup. It’s thick, creamy, nearly white in color and not as salty!If you realized, most tonkatsu ramen you have is served with thin noodles. But at Menya Sanji, they served it with medium thick noodles. Rice cake powder (mochiko) is added into the noodles which makes it very chewy. The noodles and soup is made in Japan and delivered here so as to ensure consistency. The soup takes about 20 hours to cook!The Sanji Ramen is a terrific mash-up of textures and flavors: crunchy bean sprouts, sweet pork, seasoned bamboo shoots, Kikurage mushroom (black fungus), ½ a seasoned soft-boiled egg and a tangle of springy noodles. The fried shallots enhance the soup base totally. Alternative choice will be Black Sesame Ramen and Spicy Ramen, both using the same soup base with the addition of black sesame and chilli oil respectively.There’s also a more unique option for adventurous diners — chilled Bukkake Ramen ($9.90++). Yeah, you read it. Bukkake Ramen. I was surprised by this term because “Bukkake” has a sexual connotation to it. But Bukkake ramen means to pour a bowl of chilled soup over a plate of cold ramen.With the usual ingredients from Sanji Ramen, you can choose from three kind of sauces – soy, spicy or sesame sauce. The soy sauce is originated from Kyushu and it is flavoured with some sesame seeds. Very fragrant! continue reading
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Level2 2013-05-15
Please don't be mistaken! There are 2 ramen shop in Orchid hotel and this is facing the main road, Menya Sanji! This 18 seater ramen shop served special ramen , like Black sesame ramen, as well as Bukkake ramen ( some kind of dry ramen, dip with sauce while eating, like eating soba).I am a fans of black sesame and without hesitation, I order it and try! Strong sesame taste blend well in the broth! Unlike others ramen soup, the soup base is made from chicken and pork, so can you imagine the perfect match just simply make the ramen tastier! Everything taste strong and good! The price varied depends on your choice of topping. The char siew is good as you can really feel that it melts in your mouth! I wish my ramen portion can be a little bigger ><. By the way, there are raw garlics, pickles for free on the table. You can add it in to enhance the taste of your ramen! As for the Bukkake ramen, it's my first time seeing it after trying so many ramen shop in Singapore! I will definitely return for it! continue reading
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