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Lauded as Tokyo's top Chicken Ramen chain, the Creamy Chicken Paitan soup is prepared by simmering a fresh chicken until it builds into an extremely creamy, flavorful broth. continue reading
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Level4 2016-08-18
The restaurant's signature recipe is the Chicken Paitan Ramen, a best-selling dish that has led the brand to open 40 stores in Japan in four years. Collagen-rich broth is the culmination of simmering fresh chicken and chicken feet for long hours. The restaurant boil and stew fresh Chickens for over 10 hours to make the creamy rich white soup. 8kg of whole chickens and chicken feet are needed just to make 10 bowls of Ramen. Enjoy the soup as it is gorgeously luxurious and rich in collagen.There was various condiments on the table to help yourself to. Such as Homemade Spicy Chil Oil, which I felt more of its oily taste then spicy. There was also Fish Powder, Black Chilli Powder from Kyoto, Freshly Grounded Sesame Seeds, White Vinegar, Soyu, and Clear Soup. The clear soup was for those who wish to feel that the soup too rich and wish to lighten it.For this month to celebrate National Day, the restaurant introduced a new ramen.SG51 Ramen ($17.50++)Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Chashu (2 kinds), Chicken Ball, Ajitama Egg, Spring Onion, Onion, Bamboo Shoot, Basil Leaf NoodleIf you did not mix the soup, you would be able to taste 2 different flavours in soup : the original and the tomato base. I like the original which showed the essence of the chicken. The tomato version was more of the sweetness and tangy of the fruit. As for the chashu, there was the grilled version chicken with grilled char skin on, while the other was the plain tender chicken breast. I was surprised was that thin crispy cheese sticks was used as the stars and moon to depicted Singapore's Flag. The noodle used here was thinner than the usual ramen found in Singapore. My favourite item in the dish turned out to be the meatball, which simply melt in the mouth. I wish there was more of it.Top-up SET B for ramen ($5.50++)which includes a choice of rice in mini size and 3 pieces of gyoza. I selected Chicken Tempura Rice. There was also other choices such as Chicken Ball Rice, Mentaiko Rice and Miso Chicken Rice.The tempura was a tab oily for me, and the rice was rather dry.Overall the food was not bad and quite filling too. Plea take note that the cashier is located just outside the restaurant.  continue reading
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