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Mezza9 offers a multitude of culinary delights to satisfy diverse palettes and culinary connoisseurs. With nine different dining experiences to savour, diners can choose to sit in any area and still order from all the show kitchens around them; deli, yakitori grill, sushi-sashimi bar, the grill, steam basket, the patisserie and the martini bar. The award-winning martini bar has the largest selection of martinis in Singapore. The shop offers a wide variety of food items including desserts for takeaways and customised cakes for all occasions. continue reading
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Dress Code: Smart Casual (Shorts and bermudas not allowed on Mon to Sat after 1800)
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Level4 2015-03-12
You can be certain that the team at Mezza9 takes their desserts seriously when you discover an exquisite menu devoted wholeheartedly to desserts. Since September last year, this menu featuring five desserts and a cheese platter, has been introduced and adds on to the existing cakes/pastries at the Mezza9 shop. What's better way to indulge in their DESSERT PLATTER ($32++) that offers a taste of everything.Does this look like a hot piping Souffle? In fact, this is a frozen Grand Marnier Souffle that is no less potent than the bottle of liquor itself. Every spoonful oozed plenty of boozy goodness that I constantly reminded myself to handle this with extra care to minimize spillage. For full review and pics, visit www.dairycream.blogspot.com continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-17
Besides the taste & quality of Mooncakes, packaging also plays an important role in the Mooncake business nowadays. These delicate handcrafted mooncakes packed in a box of 4 was done by Grand Hyatt's gourmet pastries chefs, presented in the sleek acrylic box featuring the elegant turquoise color. As we opened the box, Grand Hyatt presented a write up on the legend of Mid Autumn Festival in a card with their available flavours of mooncake.Each of the Traditional Brownish looking mooncake was seated in the slot of the plastic mould with a silca gel pack at its bottom absorbing its moist, keeping them fresh. Divided a cake into 4 portions, this quarter shows a cross section view of it with the bright orange salted egg yolk in fitted in the core of the cake with crunchy roasted melon seeds hidden under the lotus paste. All in all, I find that the taste is alright just that if the sweetness could be minimized it would be perfect. continue reading
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Limited-time promotion menu always sound like an attractive deal and this month's specials features unique Thai Street Food prepared by resident Thai Chef Sittichok Panchum. The best way to try everything is of course, to go for the Tasting Platter ($45). Nonetheless, each component is available at ala carte and suitable for those who do not take certain kind of meat/seafood.The meal began with a complimentary bread with the perfect S-shape curve. Served with a tomato relish instead of butter, it has such a fluffy interior that one can take an afternoon nap on it. These dishes certainly looked like what you remembered of Thai cuisine, but with a whimsical twist. An example would be the Moo Yang-a dish of char grilled pork belly served on satay sticks on a bed of slightly undercooked Thai jasmine rice. While the pork juices and the honey herb marinade drooled onto the grains and made the dish a little oily, I put our reservations aside and dig in deep. The dish was so flavourful that I would be happy with just a bowl of that same fragrant rice and pork belly.But there are other interesting offerings such as Sei Kua, an indigenous fusion of Thai curries and western sausages. Instead of meat, glutinous rice takes the driver's seat in the sausage casing. It is drenched with a dry thick red curry with pork that was competently sweet. The Baby Octopus was slightly chewy and rubbery, but its chilli sauces are unapologetically strong. The tongue starts burning from the chilli padi the more I chew into it but luckily, there were some cabbage slices to provide temporary heat relief. Meanwhile, there is also familiar classics like the traditional crispy thai fishcake. This is safe for those who are not adapted to chilli, as it has been masked by a transparent sweet thai dressing with sprinkles of peanuts. But nothing could beat the large and succulent spencer gulf prawns that have been lightly breaded and deep fried. The coconut could not be detected but it was so fresh that we had no problems demolishing them.Don't forget to spoon the speckles of garlic, green and red chilli padi on the prawn before putting everything into the mouth. These potent spices warm the belly in seconds. Just like the prawns which were Sustainable Seafood Movement, the Fish of the Day (price subjected to vary) features any fish that are caught on that day. We had the Drum fish, which has a moist and not-too-flaky texture. Dusted with black specks of olives and tomatoes, the al-dente penne pasta are a comfortable match to the fish. By then, we were pretty stuffed but marched off bravely to conquer the dessert platter. We were usually loyal fans of milky chocolate ice cream rather than sour apricot or raspberry sherbet. But it is the red and yellow granite balls that added sparkle to the rich caramel molten chocolate cake. The icy sensation melts into tart juices that brings everything alive, including the banana crepe with that is super crispy but rather hollow on the inside. Meanwhile, though the sourishness of the baked figs on puff pastry made one's face pucker unknowingly, it was nice balance to the sweet vanilla Creme custard sauce. Whether it's main courses or desserts, Mezza9 delivers. And even though it is a 5-star restaurant, its set lunches are reasonably priced at $29 for 2 course and $39 for 3 course from Monday-Saturday. What's even more attractive for me is the flexibility to choose starter-main/main-dessert. With that in mind, I have plenty of solid good reasons to come back again. For full review and more photos, please visit http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/2013/08/mezza9-grand-hyatt-thai-street-food.html continue reading
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We have tried several types of ciabatta from various outlets in Singapore but the best so far are the Ciabatta from Shop at Mezza 9 (Grand Hyatt Singapore). Several years back, we were introduced to Ciabatta when we dined at Mezza 9 and ever since we will drop by occasionally at this gourmet deli and pick up a couple of ciabatta for breakfast.Ciabatta is an Italian white bread made from wheat flour and yeast. This bread from Shop at Mezza 9 even if stored in the refrigerator overnight and heated up in a conventional oven for about 8 to 10 minutes will still be crusty and fresh. Goes very well with unsalted butter.Shop at Mezza 9 is a gourmet deli offering fresh baked bread for great takeaways. The loaf is around S$3.00 a piece. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-28
It was a heartening experience starting from the moment when i made a reservation on the hotel's website. When i was done with the reservation. A confirmation sent through email. The price per pax is $138++ with free flowing of free-flow of Perrier-Jouët champagne, wines, beer, Bloody Marys, mojitos and freshly squeezed juices. The Sunday Brunch is on from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm.Moments later, another confirmation sent to my mobile phone. It just got me so looking forward to this Sunday Champagne Brunch.The reservation was made at 12 pm on that day. We were there at about 11.45 pm. We were quickly ushered to our table. Our glasses were topped up with water then later the wine glasses with champagne. The varieties of foods were good. We started with appetizers like smoked salmon, boston lobsters and crabs. The pan seared duck liver tasted surprisingly good. It served with a portion of salad to complement the richness of this dish. Next, i decided to go with the egg benedict, mini-burger together with mushroom risotto. The egg benedict stood out. The egg was done just right with a runny egg yolk that soaked up the piece of toast it seated on. The toast might have left it for a bit too long so it was a bit too soft to my liking. We followed up with tempura prawns and mushroom, grilled unagi and a few sticks of yakitori. There are quite a few selection like the bacon wrapped cherry tomotes, bacon wrapped asparagus with bacon and chicken meatballs. All tasted really good. All the tempura and yakitori were done on the spot at the station.The dim sum from the chinese station tasted quite normal. I would skip it for other better foods. The smoked salmons tasted rather fresh. The roasted beef was just average. It has got an extreme chewiness which does not appeal to me. Though the champagne is refillable but i would prefer the freshly squeeze orange juice much more. I enjoyed the parma ham on rock melon and also the fat and juicy oysters. The oysters were freshly removed from their shells to serve. The freshness was further enhanced by just a bit of lemon juice. Last to go before dessert would be sashimi and sushi. The sashimi tasted really fresh. A small portion was on display. The chef replenished it repeatedly to ensure its freshness. I did not like the lobster salad though. It has too much wasabi in it. There were a good range of deserts too. The cream puff tasted just normal. The passion fruit tart was a good choice. It has got a refreshing sourness with just the right sweetness to complement it. The rasperberry panna cotta tasted just as good. It was a tad too sweet though. To complete, some fruits like rockmelon, pineapple and strawberries to help digestion. I gotta skip the ice-cream as i was just too full to have it. I wish coffee and tea are served too.A SMS was received much later. It indicated in the SMS, 'Thank you for your visit. We hope you had enjoyed your time with us and we look forward to welcoming you back again. Warm Regards, Val.'This was the best champagne brunch experience no doubt. continue reading
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