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Mikawa Yakitori Bar serves handmade yakitori grill with charcoal, fresh sashimi, fine selection of sake, Japanese whisky and beer. continue reading
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Chirashi Don Buta Kakuni Premium Pork Katsu Kawa Sashimi Salmon Mentai Roll
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Level4 2020-09-27
I came to know of Mikawa Yakitori Bar when we were discussing about good food in Bukit Timah estate with one of the friends. With the stretch of restaurants along Cheong Chim Nam Road, she highly recommends Mikawa Yakitori Bar. Well, after my first experience from this bar, I'm strongly agreeable with her honest comments.Our appetizer comes with the popular Japanese egg roll and we have our Japanese Omelette served not the usual way. The exterior was charred grill and I'm kind of impressed by the sofa wobbly texture as I lend my jaws into the omelette. Awe! It really buys me at their first dish!They have a few options for Japanese Stir fried rice. You can choose from Garlic, Salmon, Eel or Pork. We have chosen Unagi portion and every spoonful from the rice was tasty and satisfying. Hints of Wok Hei taste and for the price we are paying, its a go especially when they are not stingy on their Unagi. Bowl of fried rice is soft and every grain was significant in the bowl not sticking into each other.Our Kushiyaki orders was served in a long traditional wooden board. Starting from left to right in the picture, Buta Bara $2.90 is their chef recommendation in which boneless pork belly with Onion makes up the stick while the one besides features Hotate Bacon Maki $3.90 with scallop wrapped inside the bacon. I thought it was quite special as I seldom come across such combination. Next will be a common combination of bacon and asparagus, Asparagus with Bacon Maki $3.20. Sasami (Tare / Mentai / Cheese) $3.20,  Chicken Breast Meat with a choice of sauce, mentai or even cheese. Tsukune (Tare / Mentai)  $3.50 which refers to chicken Meat Ball is part of the recommended items on the menu as well, patrons can has a choice of sauce or mentai over it. Last but not least, the chicken with leek and sauce, Negima (Tare / Shio) $2.90. It does comes with the choice of salt without sauce too.Another addictive item on the menu will be none other than their grilled pork cheek. Not only was it tender that makes up part of the addiction, the Miso sauce was definitely a perfectly choice to dab those meat onto.Here's our additional order as we felt that the food had scored above our expectation. We were kind of a little greedy thinking we should fill up our tummy more with their good food and we ordered their dragon roll. It was make up of fresh with Unagi, cucumber and tempura prawn that was served with a warm bite. As a whole,  Mikawa Yakitori Bar has showed us (patrons) that they take pride in its kushiyaki skewers and we are pleasantly surprised with the dining experience. Service wise, they are professional and friendly. continue reading
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