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Milagro is a indie restaurant concept that aims to introduce the diverse culinary cultures of Spain in a contemporary setting. A stew from Basque Country, Paella from Valencia or homemade desserts from Catalonia - it's a chance to experience Spain's charms over a single meal. continue reading
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Level2 2014-11-03
Went there on a Sunday intending to try the Paella. Unfortunately it was not available in the menu for single portion, but a big platter for 2 or more pax to share. We decided to order other items :Mushroom SoupThis is a must order whenever we were at restaurants that serves this soup. Unlike the thick soup in the picture, what was served was a watered down version. The truffle oil added a new dimension to the taste, enhancing it. When we asked for another serving, we were told that it was sold out. Wondered if the bowl we had was therefore diluted to make up the volume ?? Panfried Salmon $17Served with mash & salad. Tasted OK.Aglio Olio Prawn $15Served with 5 large succulent prawns. A little dry though.Mushroom Carbonara $11Pasta looked dry like the aglio olio type. Only the mushroom had visible cream sauce, which was plated on top of the pasta, with some cheese shavings. Would have preferred the richer, creamier version.Wagyu Beef $25While this was tasty, the cut had lots of tendons. You can see the picture (sorry, if the 'leftover' is a turn off) that about 1/3 of the meat is the inedible tendons.Molten Chocolate Cake $11Quite disappointed as it had a weird 'yeasty' smell.PS : The bill excluded the mushroom soup. Perhaps it was my innocuous question whether it should be thick & creamy (as shown in the picture) that lead to it's cancellation from the bill. The one that we had was really thin. continue reading
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Milagro, or"miracle" in Spanish is the title of this indie Spanish outfit located in Orchard Central opened by a Singaporean. Situated on the 8th level, the full-length glass windows at the side afford diners a good street view from a height, though there are no tangible scenery to speak of as directly opposite is Orchard Point.The menu includes a good variety of Spanish Tapas, entrees and mains categorised by land and sea. There's also a selection of wines/cocktails and desserts.These white clams, or what we know colloquially as la la, are cooked in broth spiked with sherry wine. They were juicy and thankfully, not fishy. The slightly garlicky, briny soup also carried a seafood sweetness. Overall, a pretty good dish.The Croquetas de Jamon - stuffed potato balls of cheese and Jamon ham were soft though the exterior is battered and fried. The cheese melted within oozes out. At only 3 balls per portion, this wouldn't make a good dish for sharing (as we tried to) nor value for money.Of course, how could we miss out on the iconic Spanish dish of Paella? Our choice of Paella Valenciana was served with chicken chunks and French beans. Though the service staff told us that the portion size would be good for us (5 people), it actually can be finished between 2 people comfortably. To share between 5 is stretching it a little thin despite the width of the pan, because the rice is only a thin layer atop.While the chicken chunks were moist enough, the rice itself was a tad oily. There wasn't any charred rice bits around too to give the dish a contrast in textures. However, in terms of flavour, I still enjoyed this dish.Milagro is surely a good choice for Spanish fare that doesn't leave a gaping hole in the pocket. Perhaps not the most authentic, but the quality is nonetheless on par. The setting is also good for group gatherings and prices among the most family-friendly you can find locally for spanish fare. If you can, go during lunchtime for the even more affordable lunch sets. I will be back to try the churros and gazpachos (Spanish Cold Soup).For the full review, go to http://herpenandfork.blogspot.sg/2014/08/milagro-spanish-restaurant-review.html continue reading
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A newly opened restaurant in Orchard Central, Milagro Spanish Restaurant is a Spanish restaurant that is opened by a Singaporean. Keeping everything to the bare minimum, its interior is nearly bare except for a few ornaments here and there. The open windows provide ample sunlight in the restaurant which is warm and relaxing. Menu is varied; offering from tapas to mains such as Paella as well as entrees, with a selection of desserts as well. Wine is being served here too.For the main, we decided to share the Pan-Fried Norwegian Salmon ($13.00) that came with sundried tomatoes, apples, fennel salad and polenta. Seasoned with salt, the salmon was flaky and succulent and seemed fresh. Skin was also rather crisp, while the parmesan foams added a savoury and foamy touch. The polenta was mushy but still had chewable bits which were light and enjoyable, mimicking some sort of mash. The fennel salad was crunchy, juicy and sweet, while the sundried tomatoes were soft and tangy. It was a marry of different textures and tastes, and it came off as rather decent.These Leche Frita ($6.00) was my main purpose of the visit; its hard to find these Fried Milk Fritters in Singapore despite them being a traditional Spanish snack. I am not really sure how it is supposed to be like as it was our first attempt on the dish, but it was custardy on the inside and really milky tasting without being really sweet, while crispy on the outside. The cream at the side had a little tinge of orange in it; a great dip though overwhelmed that light milkiness of the fritters.Their Hand-Pressed Churros ($5.00) is being prepared upon order. Unlike the traditional Spanish ones, they came with cinnamon sugar, though it was not really enough to bring its flavour. We thought it was well-fried, but a bit too plain. A scorched caramel dip comes at the side, but was too burnt for our liking as it was relatively bitter.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/06/14/milagro-spanish-restaurant-orchard-central/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-25
I was totally stranger to this restaurant till i saw a deal on groupon.sg. Before buying, i tried to google about this restaurant for any recommendations and reviews but it’s quite limited. So thinking it looks not bad, and decided to just buy the $20 for $40 voucher. Milagro is located in Orchard Central. OC is actually quite empty and quiet and never will i know Milagro existence in OC unless i see it being promoted or recommended somewhere. Milagro is actually located at level 8 on the left side of the lift lobby which tends to be neglected if we are not observant as most food shops are actually located on the right side. The price is decent, there’s no GST & Service charge and neither is the food quality nor quantity too bad. It’s just a simply decorated restaurant with view of overseeing The Centrepoint mall. Also, it has been only around for i think 2-3 months and probably thats why, it is still quite empty on a weekend night.They served quite a variety of appetizers, mains, drinks and desserts. We ordered Croquette de Gambaa ($7), Solomillo Iberico ($26), Paella De Marisco ($15/portion) and hand press churros ($5). Croquette de Gambaa is breaded fried mashed potatoes with bits and pieces of prawns. Its creamy and a lil cheesy within. Solomillo Iberico is grilled tenderloin of iberico pig served with the salads and mashed potatoes. The tenderloin is good and really tender! But probably if you wanna try more of other dishes, then you can probably give this a miss. For $26, you can probably order another 2 main dishes or some other appetizers, as you can probably get this dish at similar restaurants for around the same price too. Paella De Marisco is good for the price, the rice is cook to perfection not too dry or moist and every mouth of rice you put it into your mouth, you can taste the seafood flavour. It’s quite rich in flavour and they are generous with the seafood! Literally a 50:50 seafood : rice! But the seafood may be a little dry. Other than that, is still quite a delightful dish! Not the best but worth a try! And we ended our meal with churros! The churros is drizzled with chocolate sauce. Its crisp on the outside with sugary, cinammon-y taste. Thumbs up for it! & The friendly staffs has definitely make our dining experience a good one! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)