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Level4 2016-04-04
Located at Home Team NS is the second outlet of Milk & Honey Gelato, not to be confused with Milk & Honey, the one that serves frozen yogurt. This is more of a cafe with a family oriented set up. What stands out most is the décor and the wide variety of gelato flavours it offers. The café has a mix of yellow and black furniture which stands out from its white washed walls. It is not possible for one to miss this café tucked in between Saizeriya and Ossia Music. They also have a selection of cakes and pastries. I noticed several customers walking in just to take away some of these sweet treats which got me interested into wanting to do the same!While you can order plated desserts such as donut waffles and their signature gelatos, Milk and Honey Café also offers affordable salads and sandwiches such as ham and cheese and egg mayo. Milk & Honey currently has 5 plated desserts, namely their donut waffles. 1. Berry Malt $5.90Donut waffle and fused balsamic strawberry sorbet and salty malty gelato, strawberry compote and strawberry Tuile (thin baked strawberry biscuit)The donut waffle was crisp on the outside and fluffy, soft and cake-like on the inside, just the way I like it. The abtter was fragrant with an eggy, buttery-like flavour. It had more of a cakey aroma. The standard of these donut waffles are quite different from any waffle or dont I have tried. The strawberry gelato was smooth, creamy and melt-in your mouth.  There was a very nice fragrant from the gelato as well. 2. Half Quaffles with Mao Shan Wang $8.50One of the starlets of this café is definitely their freshly handmade qua​ffles (quarter waffles). Crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the quaffles are accompanied by creamy gelato of your choice which melts in your mouth with each bite! A full sized quaffle is $5.50, and a half is $3. Gelato scoops are priced at $4.50-$5.50 and $5.50 being for a premium flavour like mao shan wang, for which each bill can only order one scoop of this limited flavour. The highlight of this was the mao shan wang durian gelato was which was extremely smooth and creamy. The gelato here leaned towards the sweeter side as I have an acquired sweet tooth, this was the flavour for me. The gelato was so addictive, I couldn't bear to waste even a drop of it.The waffles didn't turn soggy despite the gelato melting atop of it. The waffles had a very crisp and light texture. I could distinctively smell the buttermilk fragrance while they were cooking it on the waffle iron but the aroma disappeared by the time it was served. Maybe the durian gelato aroma overpowered the waffle?3. Mango Cheese $6.20Donnut waffle with parmesan cheese, mango compote, passionfruit coullis and passion fruit mango sorbet. The mango cheese is a combination of sweet and sour tastes, topped with a crispy and flaky biscuit. I loved all the cubes of mangoes surrounding the donut waffle. They were sweet and a great compliment to the slightly sour sorbet. The sorbet though without dairy, still tasted very smooth and creamy. The lingering aroma of the mango flavour really won me over. 4. Mocha $4.80For caffeine friends, enjoy their finest brewed coffee, a signature blend of coffee beans from Yahava KoffeeWorks'. I really liked their mocha. It had the right notes of chocolate and coffee. The staff were also very friendly and accomodating to my orders. The coffee itself definitely gave me a much needed energy boost for the night!5. Strawberry Float $5.90This is a strawberry sorbet with soda water and strawberry sauce. You had to wait for the sorbet to completely melt before drinking this, otherwise you would just be drink plain soda water. Other than that, it was a nice, fruity and refreshing drink.Overall : There's no other way to wrap up your day than to hang out at this cosy café with your loved ones while enjoying your favourite gelato and waffles. I really liked their mao shan wan durian gelato and their donut waffle creations! continue reading
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Full Review on http://www.nahmj.com/2016/01/28/milk-and-honey-gelato-bukit-bakot-hometeam-ns/The ambience and the service makes me feel homely.We started with the Roasted Roma Tomato Soup. In it was with toasted crouton, basil olive oil and goat cheese. It was the goat cheese that make a difference. In general, I hate Tomato Soup but I concur with this.3 Egg Ben series were available and were with the Donut Waffle. These are the savoury option. Egg Florentie a vegetarian version which we didn't try.Next is the Milk & Honey Eggs Benedict with ham and turkey bacon. Not my preference.Lastly, is the Eggs Royale with smoked salmon. I like best.The other highly recommended Mains at the cafe is the Chicken Bechamel Pie. A puffy, buttery and yet not too oil pastry was filled with creamy chicken filling with mixed vegetables. I prefer the bechamel sauce a little thicker.Here comes the sweet Donut WaffleFirst is my favourite, the Berry Malt. It is not exactly fruity as the ice cream consist of Salty Malty fused with Balsamic Strawberry Sorbet Gelato and with strawberry horlic thin waffle and strawberry compote. The taste profile though sounds complicated but it does compliment well.A fruity version yet is the Mango Cheese Donut Waffle ($6.20). The parmesan cheese is embedded in the Donut Waffle with a scoop of passionfruit gelato.Banana Crumble Donut Waffle is with donut waffle is sat on caramelized banana with salted egg yolk and crumble with a smoked sea salt caramel gelato.The The peanut butter punch in the PBJ (Peanut Butter Jelly) Donut Waffle stood out. It is very much for the peanut butter fan.Mud Ball Pie as per the name, it is a chocolaty dessert which Chocolate lover would echo their liking.Foamier, Cappuccino ($4.50) using Dutch Colony coffee blend. It was just the way I like it; low acidity, full body and nutty. continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-11
There is 2 outlets of Milk & Honey. This outlet is different from the other as it offers plated desserts and brunch dishes. The outlet is located in HomeTeam NS, which is about a couple of bus stop away from the Bukit Gombak MRT station. The outlet is small with dine in area. Surprisely it was not crowded as there was a lot of other eateries around.After making payment for our food at the counter, we were given a number tag in a shape of a cow. So cute looking. There was water, cutlery and tissue next to the counter to help ourselves to.Watermelon with BasilIt is a soda drink made by local company Citizen Pop. It tasted like watermelon juice with gas in it. Interesting drink.Hot Chocolate ($4.50)Fine cocoa powder with brewed fresh milkAs we had ordered brunch dishes, the drink just costed $2. It was served with mashmallow by the side. Tasted quite thick and rich.Eggs Florentine ($11.80)Lightly Poached Eggs, Sauteed Spinach, Oven Roasted Roma Tomato w Thyme on Donut Waffle w Gratinated Hollandaise SauceI was surprised that the combination was quite good. The donut waffle was pillowy and soft to have. The only thing that disappointed me was the egg yolk which did not flow out like lava. Chicken Bechamel Pie ($11.80)Boneless Chicken Chunks Sauteed with Assorted Root Vegetables, Fresh Herbs & Wild Forest Mushroom served on Puff Pastry ShellAlthough the pastry was not pretty looking, the filling inside was rich and chunky with lots of slices of chicken and soften vegetables.Banana crumble ($5.90)Donut waffle and caramelized baby banana with salted egg yolk, baked crumble and smoked sea salt caramel gelatoInteresting taste of the salt egg yolk sauce here. It was like a cross between salt egg yolk and caramel sauce. There was hint of salty and caramel.Mixed Fruit Cake ($6.50)Vanilla sponge, crème patisserie, mix fresh fruitsAlthough it was quite pretty looking, the sponge was not airy enough.Overall the food was not bad and served quite fast. The place was quiet and relaxing. continue reading
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Level4 2015-07-03
More write up of reviews can be found here www.umakemehungry.comLately the "Honey" craze had been bugging me and it makes me all over confused with the business name like "Honeycomb", "Milk & Honey", "Honeycreme" etc.Having spotted Milk & Honey in Home Team NS Bukit Batok, we decided to check it out their Gelato after our meals.Milk & Honey offers artisanal homemade Gelato, freshly brew coffee as well as crispy waffles. What's interesting about the shop in Home Team was that kitchen concept was rather open and you can see what's going on at the walkways. Environment was modern industrial team with concrete flooring and metallic tables. Patrons can leave their sticky notes hanging on the grills that was mounted perpendicular to the wall.Even though it was weekends, the cafe was rather empty, not even with students studying in the area. However, the atmosphere was spice up by the background music played by the cafe.Interesting name from the Gelato! We have the "Konni Tea Wa" scooped over the Shy Green Nut. The word "tea" and its bright green color had given hints that it was actually made of matcha tea but as the description writes "Its not your usual matcha Ice Cream". As for the Shy Green Nut, it was made up of pistachio, Belgium bittersweet chocolate bits, an enhanced version from a usual chocolate chip ice cream to me. The ice creams were very creamy and on the sweet side which lead me to thirstiness after few mouthful of it. As an overview and comparing them to the usual ice cream cafe, I'm quite concern about its pricing from a consumer point of view as they were a tad expensive. If you know the area well, there is a pocket friendly Ice Cream Shop (Beans & Creams) in just a few bus stops away. However if you want better options like light meals and Ice Cream, Milk & Honey Cafe is still the better option between these two. continue reading
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Milk and Honey is housed right in the heart of a neighborhood in Bukit Batok. Here, they focus not only on their popular gelato and quaffles, they have also introduced a wide range of plated desserts, salads and sandwiches as well. At Milk and Honey, they hope to bring family and friends together to bond through a simple meal.Milk and Honey Cafe retains a minimalist approach within their interior which was beautifully complemented with dimly lit hanging lamps. It is a very cosy place designed with faux brick walls, a really suitable place for people to chill and relax. They also have a little post-it wall where customers can write their well wishes or simply just to leave their messages behind!One thing I fell in love with Milk and Honey Cafe is their plated desserts. Prepared daily by their own pastry chef, the presentation of these dishes were exquisite and beautifully crafted. Each and every one of them is painstakingly assembled to be presented in the most appealing way.Milk and Honey's Banana Crumble was well packed with caramelized banana, crunchy baked crumble and banana tuile. Served with a smoked salted caramel gelato, this dish was not only visually appealing, it was delicious!Served with a scoop of vanilla gelato, Milk and Honey's Sticky Date Pudding was soft and delightfully moist. Drizzled in the butterscotch sauce, it created a perfect balance making it richer, sweeter and stickier. A decadent treat which I enjoyed.A fantastic combination of flourless chocolate cake, latte gelato, espresso sabayon with a chocolate cylinder shell, this was definitely my favourite plated dessert. It was rich with a moist texture and topped with an intense coffee flavour, simply heavenly.Apart from their gelato, quaffles and plated desserts, Milk and Honey cafe also serves a variety of sandwiches and salads.Milk and Honey Cafe is worth a trip for its plated desserts! Foodies should head down especially those staying in the West  continue reading
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