For a taste of Traditional Italian Wood-Fired Pizzas and Home-Made Pasta, Modesto's Pizzeria is the place to go to. At Modesto's, you can find a wide array of thin crust pizza and all-time favourite such as Linguine All Modesto to suit your palate. continue reading
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Level4 2017-04-02
The restaurant was pretty quiet when we arrived for dinner and to me, an empty restaurant means bad food or bad service or worse, both!We had 2 starters and 2 pastas and they are all very nice actually! A most satisfying meal indeed!We hadrosciutto Ham and Melon - lovely combo of salty and sweet!! The cuts of ham were generous and the melon slices were so sweet! That equates to heavenly bites every bite! Very nice!Calamari - the batter was pretty bland but still crispy. Average nice. Bacon Carbonara - wonderfully creamy and the savoury bits of bacon made the overall taste very enjoyable. Seafood Linguine - am impressed with their seafood both in amount and freshness level. I am very happy with this pasta dish as the flavour is spot on and the tomato sauce is tasty. We will definitely be back for more yummy pasta! continue reading
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Level3 2016-03-10
Original post at http://www.nahmj.com/2016/03/04/modestos-restaurant-vivocity-harbourfront-singapore/Modesto’s Restaurant used to be at the ground floor where Jamie’s Oliver occupied. But since its move to level 3, I am sure many do not know of its existence since it isn’t at a very prominent location.The space is in a irregular shape with mainly brown tone for almost everything. It a little dark even in the day, unless you are seated next to the glass panel.Antipasti (Appetizer)12 appetizers listed on the menu to choose from. 12 is quite a lot of choices.I am sure Calamari ($20) is one of the hot favourite with many. The calamari may not be as tender as some, slight chewy but still very much acceptable.Bruschetta priced at $2 to $4 per piece with 3 different topping available. First with marinated diced fresh tomatoes ($2 per piece). The other 2 types of toppings both at $4 per piece; Norwegian smoked salmon, fresh arugula & mayonnaise and Fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese with marinated tomatoes. Fresh baguette and ingredients are the trick to this dish.Alette Di Pollo ($16) consisting of 8 pieces of well marinated Fried Chicken Wings and Drumlets with a pretty spicy homemade chilli. The chilli reminds me of the chilli served with Chicken Rice. The chicken remained succulent. We enjoyed.Insalate (Salad)3 choices. I tried only Insalata Mista ($14) consisting of a mixed of fresh greens, carrots, capsicum, olives and fresh tomatoes served with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil as dressing. Fresh greens that is the key.Pizzeria (Traditional Wood-fired Pizza)2 sizes of pizza (regular and mini) with 27 flavours of pizza.Capricciosa Pizza ($26/21) is topped with Cooked pork ham, mushroom and artichoke. If this isn’t your choice, there are 26 others to choose from. Choice of pizza really depends mainly on one’s preferences for the ingredients.Paste Speciali (Modesto’s Special Pasta)Modesto’s Restaurant offers 14 selections of Modesto’s Special Pasta; quite a lot to choose from.Tagliatelle Nere ($32) consists of fresh home-made black ink flat pasta with sauteed fresh prawns, scallops and diced tomatoes in a shrimp bisques sauce. If you like a rich seafood flavour, this is for you.Ravioli Funghi ($28) may be common but this is special as it uses a saffron walnut sauce.I am quite neutral to this dish. I couldn't say I enjoyed it but neither do I dislike it.Paste Classiche (Classic Pasta)More pasta selection from the Classic Pasta category, another 10 choices.Linguine is my favourite pasta as such Linguine Vongole ($25) is a great choice. This is one of the better Vongole as I could savour the white wine fragrance. Absoluate a must order for all Vongole fan.Carbonara ($25) is a rich and sinfully delish pasta and always a comfort pasta to turn to especially whenever I don’t know what to order. This is one of the very flavourful Carbonara where all the taste elements attain a great balance.I find that the pasta at Modesto’s Restaurant fare much better than the pizza. I am not saying the pizza is no good but I thought it could be improved. I have been returing for mainly the pasta.More reviews, visit http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-15
It was lovely enough, the outlet at Vivocity - complete with white linen table cloths and one could choose the Sentosa sea view if seated alfresco. We chose to dine indoors, though.We ordered our favorite "half-moon shaped" (giant curry puff lookalike / pizza folded into half) Calzone - named Calzone Farcito in this case. It was filled with the great ingredients such as cheese, pork ham, mushrooms, artichoke and complemented with tomato sauce. The crust was thick, but crispy; and tasted like a giant piece of graham crackers, which tasted wonderful with the tastebud-arresting ingredients enclosed within it.Then the Seafood Risotto (Risotto Alla Pescatora) was served. I just cannot get enough of the longish, chewy rice used to cook risottos, even though I am an anti-carbo person. The fresh and generous portions of prawns, sqiuds, mussels and clams tossed in a tomato-based sauce was simply divine. Every bite was satifying, bursting with the bounciness of fresh seafood, the exotic blend of seafood and tomato sauce. See, from the photo herein? The entire dish is bursting with seafood. For more detailed information and photos, check outhttp://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2013/12/dinner-at-modestos.html continue reading
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