Arriving by Bus: #2/12/33/130/133/960, Bustop Name: Bugis Junction, Bustop No.: 01119. Arriving by Train: EW12 Bugis MRT Exit C. Nearest Carpark: Bugis Junction Carpark (Basement). continue reading
MOF features a unique and refreshing Japanese dining experience that provides quality and healthy food choices for guests. There is no added MSG, chemicals, preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings used in their food, bringing to you wholesome Japanese cuisine. Savour their signature hotstone rice, Sukiyaki, Toji dishes and more. continue reading
Opening Hours
Mon - Sun
11:30 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Hotstone Rice Sukiyaki
Review (31)
Exclusively for Japanese Food lovers, MOF @ Izakaya was a definite ideal place. Obtaining the freshest ingredients from Hokkaido, the premium quality of food was recognized. Personally like the environment here, quiet and classy. Wide selection offered, you would get your adore one for sure.Talking about their food, Curry was one of their specialties. Pipping hot while it served, the rice topped with little sesame. Savoury thick and rich in spices, the overall tasted nicely delicious. I finished up it without any sickening feeling, yet I knew it was fattening. Forget about the irritating issues, my Friday dinner was pleasant just because of MOF. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-25
If you are with a group of friends with different cravings, you can head to MOF and Lenas at Bugis and other selected outlets. The MOF and Lenas at Bugis operate concurrently offering Japanese and Western cuisine. This suited my needs perfectly because one day, while out with a friend, she wanted some Western cuisine while I wanted Asian food.We ordered bruschetta, and I had spicy meso ramen while my friend ordered steak. The ramen was relatively so-so but the bruschetta was nice! The bread was toasty and added crunch to the whole bread. The toppings were nice too. I love how the ham reminded me of the ones I tasted in Spain.We also ordered dessert but I only liked the ice-cream part. The shaved ice was quite tasteless, save for the milo powder sprinkled on it.There was a promotion and we had flavoured Hoegardden beer. I chose grape but it still tastes like the original Hoegardden beer except that it has a slight purple-pink hue. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-02
MOF at Bugis is tucked away at a quiet corner of the mall and it has an adequate restaurant space such that it is unlikely that patrons will be required to queue for a table. MOF is also combined with Lena's, so you can choose between both Western and Japanese fare all in one space.The sundaes at MOF are my favourite, with a lovely selection of matcha desserts and drinks. This is a green tea haven that you mustn't miss out on! I ordered a Matcha Kurian ($8.80), Matcha Sundae ($8.80) and a Latte ($3.80). They also offer an Iced matcha at $3.80, or a matcha latte at slightly over $5. Pricewise, the sundaes really give you a bang for your buck! This Matcha Kurian has a sweetness rating of 3/3, it comprises of fruits, greentea/redbean ice cream, soft serve, japanese dumpling balls, kanten jelly and a powder-coated sweet jelly. The presentation for their sundaes is impeccable, with a good contrast of colors, in a parfait glass, and the sundae set on a wooden tray.Indeed, this sundae is really sweet -the jellies and the syrup makes for a sinfully sweet treat! The japanese dumplings are like chewy tangyuan balls, without any filling. These can get pretty filling, paired with the jelly. All their jellies go really well with the ice cream -creamy, not too icy and full flavoured. You will like this if you are a fan of fusion japanese parfaits -the jellies are distinctly Japanese, and the syrup has a flavour which balances the delicate aroma of true Nippon cuisine with a robust sweetness.The Matcha Sundae is slightly less sweet, with a rating of 2/3. This consists of the same green tea + soft serve ice cream combo, except that this one has cornflakes in place of the Japanese dumplings and jellies. This one only has the kanten jelly though (a plain jelly similar to agaragar), which is firm and does not have the chewiness of the powder-coated jelly. It provides a good contrast to the creamy ice cream, and the crunch of the cornflakes is refreshing.I am torn between deciding which I prefer: the Kurian or the Sundae. Both have their merits, one boasts a flawless fusion of Japanese culture in a classic sundae while the other is less sweet (I actually preferred this sweetness level) and has all the elements of a good sundae without compromising on the taste. It all boils down to whether you want the dumplings and the sweetened jellies.The latte is perfect when taken with the one sugar that is provided, and the milk is steamed to a lovely frothiness. I could do with a stronger coffee taste though, but I suppose the Japanese like their flavours more subtle! The milkiness overpowers the coffee, so if you like really thick, fragrant coffee, this may not cut it for you. It's smooth and very milky though -not too thick too!While I will strongly recommend all Matcha desserts, let's not forget that MOF also offers reasonably priced main dishes. You can find a good selection of noodles, sushi and bento boxes here. Do not expect much for service, however. They can be incredibly apathetic at times, I stood at the entrance with 4 servers standing around (presumably doing something else?) without anyone bothering to usher me to a table until one of them loudly said "Irashaimase!" before anyone bothered with me.Note: This restaurant also has a lot of steps leading down/to other sections, so if you are with elderly or are injured, you may find this inconvenient. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-29
Everytime i enter this particular MOF outlet, I always feel like I've been teleported to another realm. One where many diners are peacefully eating with the occasional loud Japanese greeting at the door. I ordered a Matcha Sundae as I was craving for some ice-cream and I saw that this was a member's dessert. I didn't get any discount as I didn't order a set meal. Anyhow, the Matcha sundae! ($6.80)It comes with a big fat chuck of matcha ice cream which sits on top of some sweet sauce, jelly and cereal at the bottom and on top of this ice cream, there was another vanilla soft-serve. WOW WOW! Two ice-creams in one dessert! It also came with fruits (Watermelon and cherry), a waffle There was also a small separate holder to add more matcha sauce/sweet sauce, i couldn't tell what it was. I like that i can clearly taste the matcha flavour and eating fruits with ice cream is quite nice! Also, the cereal and jelly at the bottom was really good. I felt it was a little like ice kachang but the Japanese version! haha! continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-27
I was craving for some desserts and we decided to drop by MOF as they have quite a large selection of Japanese desserts, and also serves western desserts by LENAS which is within the same compound. The creme brulee was average, nothing special about it. I also got the soft served ice cream drizzled with green tea syrup, accompanied by sweet red beans - quite your standard Japanese dessert, but I liked the fried sweet potato that came along with it. continue reading
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