MOF features a unique and refreshing Japanese dining experience that provides quality and healthy food choices for guests. There is no added MSG, chemicals, preservatives, artificial colourings or flavourings used in their food, bringing to you wholesome Japanese cuisine. Savour their signature hotstone rice, Sukiyaki, Toji dishes and more. continue reading
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Mon - Sun
11:00 - 22:00
Signature Dishes
Hotstone Rice Sukiyaki
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Today is EWYFD (Eat With Your Family Day)!Not wanting to spend precious time cooking & washing, we decided to eat out & at the same time do some shopping.It's been a long time since we stepped into this restaurant. We were surprised to be informed of the tea-time promotion of 30% off from the total bill for member.The interior setting was a mixed of Zen & Modern Functionality. It exudes the uniqueness of Japanese serenity in a subtle way through...We ordered 2 set meals & a lunchtime special set. Hubby got the Beef Set, son had the Clam Set. The cheerful waitress served us a pot of hot glutenous rice green tea (member's privilege) as soon as she had taken our order. I used a complimentary drink coupon (c/w selected set meal in the menu) to redeem a cup of hot tea while son added a bottle of chilled Bubbly Sake to his set meal at a special price of only $10!My lunchtime special set consisted of...a plate of Kushikatsu with Tonkatsu Sauce (2 skewers of chunky breaded Salmon, Shiitake Mushroom, Scallop & Leek) which were crispy outside, succulent & juicy inside;a tiny container of extra Teriyaki sauce;a bowl of well-seasoned kelp soup;a chawanmushi with tender chicken, fishcake, crab stick & mushroom;all the above is completed with a bowl of very flavorful Char Siew Rice that was of humongous portion!I couldn't finished the whole Bento without help from hubby & son (as their portion were also very delightfully filling!)The fact that the men kept eating was proof that their food must had been good also. Son was having endless time picking up the clam shells & chomping away while smiling at us ever so often...    The Chef must had been very generous with the ingredients... Verdict: We had a great time enjoying each other's company, had a hearty time chatting & laughing for the time spent there & will definitely go back more often! ** Did you know **"EWYFD 2014 is a one of the key highlights of the International Year of the Family. The event aims to encourage Singaporeans to set aside a day to share a meal and spend quality time with their families. Through this event, CFF hopes to strengthen family ties by encouraging Singaporeans to eat together more frequently with their families throughout the year.The act of eating together, especially in Asian societies, is a common social practice and it promotes family interaction. It is also a major element during important festive occasions such as Lunar New Year celebrations and birthdays. Families can bond over food and cherish family moments by having meals together. Family mealtime has become an integral and almost inseparable part of a family’s shared experience and contributes to the strengthening of the family unit."- CFF (Centre For Fathering). continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-21
Gathered with friend for dinner, we opted for MOF @ My Izakaya. I loved the ambiance here, restaurant was quite classy and comfy. Various selection to pick from, it was somehow a mixture cuisine of Italian with Japanese. Offered premium quality of food and fresh ingredients, it was always a healthier choice. Service was rather attentive and efficient, staffs were all friendly with smile while serving us.What I need for my dinner was very simple, a bowl of warm soupy meal enough to satisfy me. I admit I was definitely biased towards Ramen, the more the better. Soup was decently savoury, Miso Soup Ramen with Tempura was served in front of me. Well-bland and addictive taste with appropriate saltiness, noodles were springy for my liking. Crispy slices of Binjal, Carrot and succulent shell-less shrimps, set was filling and sustaining. A little expensive in my budget opinion, but there was no harm to treat myself good food occasionally. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-18
As my friend wanted to try the food here, so we decided to check it out.  The restaurant was quite spacious and with nice wooden furnishings here.  The restaurant manager is really nice and friendly, with fast service from the waitress as well.  Bought the grilled salmon set and spent less than $20 for this meal, which is still affordable.  Salmon fish is too dry and not flavourful, with abit raw cabbage which are not well stir-fried.  Rice is fragrant but portion is really small.  Soup was plain and not hot enough as well. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-19
I've been craving for a bowl of chilled soba for a few days already and even wanted to cook it myself at one point but I am just too lazy. Anyway, we decided to dine in at MOF and when i saw the 'Cold Green Tea Soba' on the menu, I ordered that straight away! The soba noodles are garnished with a huge amount of seaweed and served on a sieve-like tray sitting on ice cubes. A dipping sauce is served alongside which I poured it all over my soba before eating it. I finally satisfied my craving! continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-15
Started with salad that has salmon, egg, cucumber chopped into it. I love this kind of thing. Makes it very easy to eat. The taste was good. especially better when you mix the salad in their wasabi dressing. Interesting and very nice!Next up was the mango roll. This pretty looking dish tasted very good as well. Mango was sweet, rice was good, the prawn wrapped inside was crispy and nice too.This teriyaki saba fish was good as well. I like the fresh fish mixed with the sweet sauce. Very mouth watering. continue reading
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