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Momma Kong is a restaurant located on Mosque Street of Chinatown, with a uniquely Singaporean menu that offers a spread of crab delicacies including Black Pepper Crabs, Steamed Crabs and Momma Kong’s signature Crab Bee Hoon Soup. continue reading
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Black Pepper Crab Crab Bee Hoon Soup Red Chili Crab Salted Egg Yolk Crab
Review (4)
Level1 2018-10-19
A little different style than jumbo/long beach. Tried black pepper crab. Really good taste and will come back again. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-25
My daughter & friend bought 6pax family dinner @ mama kong’s at mosque street on 20.12.2014.we were worried about traffic & parked 2 streets away at temple street, but actually there were quite a few lots at mosque street at 6pm on a saturday. we seldom eat crabs. mainly because everyone is lazy to do the shells, and crabs are kind of rather ex in singapore. the last time my wife & i had crab at ming kee, very enjoyable of course – the 1.4kg sri lankan crab alone cost S$75.60++. not quite my thing but once in a long while i can be a bit crabby. the small restaurant was packed full. we had a table which was comfortable for 4pax but kind of cramped for 6pax. i guess everyone came here to eat crabs, so stir-fried chilli squid was the only non crab dish we ordered. we ordered crab beehoon soup, butter crab & chilli crab = any set of 3-crab for S$118 on the menu, a small discount from ordering 3 separate crabs at S$42each. later we added another crab beehoon soup. no prizes for guessing which crab we liked best.all the crabs were good. they were smaller crabs, from vietnam or indonesia maybe, about 800g? not sri lankan crabs. all 4 crabs we ordered, the meat were firm & completely filled the shell and very sweet, so for me it was very good & not overly ex. the chilli crab sauce was competent but i guess boring. the butter crab sauce tasted like the very nice salted egg pumpkin crab sauce at ah yat which i like a lot. it’s a toss up with the crab beehoon soup. usually the impression is that the crab flavours go into the soup (which it did) so the crab is less tasty. in this case though the crab was still tasty & i guess the beehoon soup trumped the butter crab sauce. ^^ we had buns of course, both deep-fried & steamed to wipe up the chilli sauce & butter sauce.overall, it was an excellent dinner. excluding wine & beer etc (seems that corkage is only from second bottle onwards, so first bottle free). table was really cramped & i broke a wine glass when reaching out for food. crab! very sian! a server later broke another glass. maybe my table is jinxed. I may actually come back again though I am not so very crabby person.See my full reviews 7 photos at = http://chefquak.com/2014/12/20/good-crab-dinner-momma-kongs-on-20dec2014/ continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-05
Ivy is craving for crabs cos her friends "areoplane" her, so she asked if Angela & myself can help her satisfy her craving. We decided to check out the newly opened Momma Kong's Crab Shack at Mosque Street. Simple yet cozy environment. Great for friends gathering! Menu were limited, so gotta wait for other diners to finish ordering before you get your hands on it. They should consider printing more copies to cater for bigger crowd. "Tools & bins" were also provided on all tablesWe were there few minutes before the Happy Hour ends, so we got our ciders at 25% off! I have Pear while Ivy & Angle goes for Elderflower & lime.Our meal started off with Spicy Tangy Top Shell $15 - A little bit of sourness, sweetness & spiciness. Pretty good but I find it too watery. Spicy Ikan Bilis $6 is superb! Tiny yet crunchy. The girls asked for the belachan to put put aside in case it's too spicy. After the first few mouthful of it, the girls decided to dump the rest of the belechan into the remaining Ikan Bilis but soon regretted their decision cos it turn out to be really spicy, but it was terribly good! I asked if they sell the belechan on its own; sadly it is not available for sale now but they will consider selling it soon! Tofu Chips $6 is surprisingly soft inside & crunchy outsideThe crabs are $38 each or $110 for a set of 3 crabs. We decided to opt for the set of 3. We were deciding between Steam or Black Pepper Crab & finally decided on Steam Crab to check out the quality since I read somewhere that the crabs here are frozen. Thus, first on the list will be Steam Crab as this has got the mildest taste. Surprisingly, this is nicely done & couldn't taste that it's frozen. Next on the list - Crab in Bee Hoon Soup. The soup is however a little fishy but it gets better after adding the Hua Diao which is provided at the side. The Pretty Fried Man Tou $1.50 (min 2pc) is surprisingly sweet to eat on it's own. However, it was quite huge I couldn't even finish 2! Luckily we didn't order 2pc each Lastly, Chili Crab. The chili is not like the usual sweet & spicy type which you get in most hawker center. The chili crab here is a little spicy it musk the taste of the crab. The sauce is a little dry & I wish it was served with more sauce.Service here were friendly & attentive; superb! I won't mind going back again to try the Black Pepper Crab & other new variants if available! continue reading
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As it was my good friend, Serene’s birthday celebration,we have decided to try Momma Kong’s and how glad we are to have made such a wise choice.My first impression of Momma Kong’s is it’s quite different in the deco as compare to other crab restaurant. I love the fact that it’s simple and chic with a very relaxed and laid back setting and for the service crews, if I am not wrong is the 2 bosses themselves. One thing about their service is, it’s really very attentive and give you very comfortable and cosy feel.As for the menu, it is quite interesting as it looks like a compilation of several Facebook pages. However the menu isn’t very extensive, just crabs cooking in 4 different varieties, some small bites , 2 types of vegetables and a variety of beverages. Something that I like about the Momma Kong’s is that they have Asahi on the tap and before 7pm is happy hours so 25% off. But I didn’t order Asahi that day cos I was introduced to another type of beer. Hehe! Anyway ,we ordered black pepper crab, crab with bee hoon soup,chicken chucks with belachan chilli, 3 mantous. Thank God we didn’t ordered more. Although on the menu,it is written that the crab weight about 650g but 3 of us were quite sure,it was more than that when we saw another table’s crab been served. Just like all fried food,the chicken chucks are very succulent and yummy. But I must seriously rave about this belacha chilli. It is really flavorful and spicy.Can you imagine 3 of us kept raving over it once we had our first taste of the yummy chilli.The crab bee hoon soup is simply mind blowing.Can you imagine the rich milky broth with chinese wine and the combination of the fresh sweet crab meat? Simply spot on!We girls finished up the soup in no time. Hiaks. The black pepper sauce is really finger licking good and goes very well with their beautifully weaved mantous(come in steamed or fried,but we choose the fried ones).Overall,it was a lovely food hunting experience as we really didn't expect such a 5 stars service from Momma Kong's.On top of that,I am personally very impressed with their food servicing timing.Simply marvelous.Beside that, we didn't paid a lot for such great food and wonderful service,just $144.65,easy on the pocket. On top of that, Momma Kong is also tied up with Perx, an app that can give you digital chops whenever you spend at their merchandisers. Accumulate 5 chops for a free crab on the next visit.Haha I foresee us getting the free crabs very soon as we are going back next month =D continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)