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Urban chic coffeeshop, Montana focuses on providing wholesome food, quality coffee and genuine service focusing on the customer. The new and revamped menu is something the kitchen team is proud to showcase, merging traditional flavours with creative twists. continue reading
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08:00 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Assam Crab Waffle Black Velvet Waffles Coconut Cold Brew Coffee Jalapeno Mac & Cheese Waffles Red Velvet Stacked Waffles
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Level4 2017-10-03
Located at Pomo, and occupying units on the first and second floor is Montana. Famed for their freak cakes, and creative savoury and dessert waffles. This cafe has been intriguing my tastebuds since 2014!Check out their newly revamped menu, new items such as Truffle Eggs Rosti $19++, Signature mac & cheese waffle $15++ or Rosso $13++ a dessert made with chocolate brownie and irish whisky sauce are bound to make you curious!Fried Chicken Wings with Garlic Mirin Sauce $12++Fried crispy chicken drumlets and wings with a sweetness on the outside. Reminds me of a certain cafe up in Kovan that serves up really legendary honey parika wings.Truffle Eggs Rosti $19++Are you a truffle fan? Okay if your not that's fine too cause the truffle in this dish is rather subtle. I love my rosti from Marche so that's my standard for rosti, however the rosti here is very different. If you like crispy, rather than soggy McDonald fries, this is for you! Not to mention, 2 beautifully poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, served with parma ham.Signature mac & cheese waffle $15++I'm personally a huge fan of mac and cheese, after spending 5 years in the United States. Also, having been a faithful fan of Montana's signature Mac N Cheese back in the day when they occupied just the first floor. I was shocked to see huge improvement! Glorious mozzarella generous melted over the waffle with truffle oil, real macaroni and cheese embedded in the waffle batter and apparently jalapeno. The jalapeno isn't too spicy, and I'm non-spicy eater. Like I can't even tahan McDonald's chilli sauce, but the tinge of spiciness here was pleasantly savoury. Good job Montana!Baked Salmon with Poached Egg $18++The salmon was pretty good and I found myself digging for the shoyu mushrooms and herbed cous-cous to eat together with the salmon. I love this combination of ingredients. The yuzu hollandaise from the poached egg also gave the salmon fillet some flavour.Rosso $13++This is an alcoholic dessert that is meant for adults. The vanilla ice cream tasted generic but the chocolate brownie was sweet with a tad of bitterness from the dense chocolate flavour. The sourness from the macerated berries was a good balance for the sweet brownie. What blew my mind was the irish wisky sauce that literally brought this dessert to a whole new level!Bianco $13++While glancing through the menu, this dessert caught our attention. Horlicks cheesecake is what the menu read! No joke, the cheesecake base tasted of horlicks. The passionfruit mousse tasted authentically sour with a natural passionfruit aroma. This would be a nice dessert to go with coffee or if you're game for it, ask the staff for a wine-pairing recommendation.V60 Chocolate (Original Mint or Smoky Infusion) $6.80++The first of it's kind in Singapore, Cacao brew made with cacao nibs brewed in coconut water to give you a light, refreshing beverage that looks like tea. Honestly speaking, I could taste the "tea" but no "chocolate" flavour. Maybe my tongue is to trained to pick up artificial flavours that I can't determine the authentic flavour?8. Cold Crab Truffle Pasta $21++I've never had a good experience with cold angelhair pasta, the noodles are usually always too cold or too soft for my liking. But Montana got in on-point for my tastebuds! Flavourful, al-dente angel hair pasta with crunchy tobiko and chunks of crab meat. Definitely a refreshingly and yet savoury meal, for any time of the day. You will not feel "jerlat" or bloated from this pasta dish!Overall : Montana continually tries to improve their menu year after year and they always come up with enterprising new idea to arouse your tastebuds. But there's still some R&D to continue their standard of food. *PS never forget to try their cold brew coffee!~ continue reading
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Level4 2016-04-09
Montana Singapore is a successor from previously know Montana Brew Bar revamped with additional 2 arms – South Bronx Burgers and Fabulous Dough all under the roof of POMO. Before venturing into the burgers and donuts, let’s take a quick peek into the main Montana Singapore known for their quirky delicious savory and sweet waffles .Beside their creative waffles, you’ll realised the pasta served on the menu has a twist made to its flavors too!After much deliberation, with one stomach space only, we decided to go for their Assam Crab Waffle ($18). Inspired by kedah laksa, this assam herbs-spiced waffle is topped with seasoned crab meat and pineapple cucumber salsa, served with assam gula-melaka mayo. The waffles are denser with edges of crispiness, not too overwhelming taste with the accompaniment of refreshing chunky crab meat and pineapple cucumber salsa. You may heighten the taste with the sweet sour assam gula-melaka mayo. All in all, it was an intriguing dish filled with a medley of surprising flavors. I’ll be back for more, will you?https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2016/04/09/montana-singapore/ continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-20
Full review - http://midas400.blogspot.com/2016/03/montana-brew-bar-pomo.htmlFinished my medical appointment early, so dated hubby for lunch in town. We decided to try out the savory waffles from Montana, a specialty coffee house located at POMO, that is also well known for their creative waffles.Their simple menu consists of 3 category of food, Savory Waffles, Sweet Waffles and Pastas. There's also a $11.90+ set lunch option which includes a pasta dish and a drink.On the drinks page, the inhouse specialty, Coconut Cold Brew coffee, was their signature brew. Regular espresso coffee, filtered coffee, a couple of artisan teas and wine are also available.We ordered two savory waffles for main course and one sweet waffle as dessert.Southern Fried Chicken Waffle $14.50+, crispy fried chicken with tangy coleslaw served with corn salsa on the side. The crispy waffles were nicely done and pairs well with the fried chicken. It's a pretty decent dish but the chicken pales in comparison to Arteastiq's Thai style chicken waffle though. The later had a much more appealing dressing for their savory fried chicken waffle.Assam Crab Waffle $18+, spice infused waffle with crab meat and pineapple cucumber salsa served with assam gula melaka mayo on the side. This waffle has too much going on in one single dish, and the soft cakey waffle got soggy soon after soaking up the salsa dressing. Overall, we did not enjoy this dish.Chocolate Banana Waffle $14.50+, served with grilled bananas, granola, hazelnut rocher ice cream and drizzled with salted caramel sauce. This waffle did much better than the savory ones. The crispy chocolate waffles tasted heavenly with the sweet bananas and cool ice cream. Thumbs up.For drinks, we tried their signature Coconut Cold Brew Coffee $6.80+, created by steeping ground coffee in coconut water. Served with a coconut ice sphere, this chilled black coffee was a delight to drink. The subtle hints of coconut water sweetness gave it a refreshing and very unique taste. I like it.Other beverages we had were Hot Chocolate $5.50+ and Spiced Chai Latte $5.50+. They were rather decent. I love my chocolaty hot chocolate with its lovely latte art.It was an interesting adventure exploring the creative waffles at Montana. Some waffle flavors may be too creative for our palates, but we think that they do have a lot of potential. The specialty cold brew coffee does leave a pleasant impression though. We would order the other variants to try next time. continue reading
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Level3 2016-02-12
Montana Singapore Montana Brew Bar at POMO had changed their name to Montana Singapore and currently doing 3 different concepts under 1 roofA) Montana (waffles)(B) South bronx (burgers)(C) Fabulous dough (donuts & milkshakes)They now moved to a bigger shop space, with revamped new menu and improved recipes. Their sister arm, Nookie yogurt, on ground floor previously was forever gone. Currently occupied by their new South Bronx burger joint. Montana and Fabulous dough shares the same premises on level 2.My foodie friends and I tried out their new cold brew, a few waffles and pastas. My opinions were1) Yuzu-infused Coconut Cold Brew $6.50- The cold brew smells really good with Yuzu fragrance but the zesty taste from Yuzu was too overpowering we almost can't taste the coffee. Blend was smooth but texture too diluted. Rating 2/5(2) Jalapeño Mac & Cheese Waffles $12- A version 3.0 of Mac & Cheese waffles was reborn! New with more macaroni mixed-in in the waffle mixture, making the entire waffle more filling than before. Love the spiciness from the jalapeño but overall lack exterior crispiness and it's too mushy inside. Rating 3.5/5(3) Assam Crab Waffles $18- A unique traditional meet modern fusion waffle. This spiced waffle was soft, chewy, and you could taste lemongrass bits in the dough. Chef was quite generous with the portion of crabmeat chunks scattered on top. Assam purée wasn't spicy probably because the sweetness from the canned pineapple cubes mellowed it down. Rating 3/5(4) Bulgogi Beef Waffles $16- Chef cleverly made Korean style waffles filled with rice, cabbage and kimchi to pair with the juicy bulgogi beef. Break the poached egg and trust me, the beef tasted more tender with the yolky flow. A clever twist compared to boring plain waffles we had elsewhere. Rating 3.5/5(5) Truffle Egg Fettucine $16- Al dente fettucine tossed in a pool of savoury cream sauce base. Love the generous amount of mushroom given and the mild lingering truffle smell whenever I fork up the pasta. Although the egg was slightly overdone but it's still my most loved dish for the night. Simple yet savoury. Rating 4.5/5(6) Vodka Crab Penne $16- Sourish tomato based pasta which I don't really fancy. Penne was indeed al dente but we totally can't taste any vodka in this dish. Crabmeat were minimal too. Skip this.*I do love Montana's new modern fusion ideas in cafe food but my personal view, there's definitely room for improvement in taste. There's yet to be a dish where we really WOW nor remember after we leave the place. Staff attitude were definitely good. They were very attentive to our tables and requests were made right *Montana SingaporePOMO Mall #02-251 Selegie RoadSingapore 188306Mon-Thur 11am to 10pmFri 11am to 11pmSat-Sun 9am to 11pm continue reading
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Refer to the link below for full reviewhttp://www.nahmj.com/2016/01/08/montana-singapore-pomo-dhoby-ghaut-singapore/ The new Montana Singapore cafe was an impressive one. One with lots of cool and hipster factor that attracts.Jalapeno Mac & Cheese Waffle was with tomato relish by the side. This was my least liking among the rest as the cheese was a little too light for my palette.Southern Fried Chicken Waffle was still as good as before with a crispy fried chicken. It is simply like a chicken burger.I rated Bulgogi Beef Waffle as my fave for the savoury waffle. As it has a creamy sauce that enhances the combination. Personally, I prefer strong and rich tasting food.The Assam Crab Waffle was inspired by the Kedah Laksa and was filled with real crab meat (not crab stick). This dish was accompanied with a light and creamy Assam Gula Melaka Mayo. Those who prefer lightly or even natural tasting food would enjoy this.The level of spice in the Spicy Bacon Pasta was considered spicy for most. Nevertheless was a tolerable one. So it was shiok.Red Velvet Waffle was my favourite sweet waffle among the 2 flavours we tried. The Red Velvet Waffle stack is sandwiched with Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream. White Chocolate Rose Syrup to add to the oomph. The rose flavour was the surprise and highlight for this waffle dish.The Black Velvet Waffle is with a green tea ice cream to complement the black sesame. It was pale in comparison with Red Velvet.Barista’s Choice of Affogato is also available as alternate dessert.Coconut Cold Brew is the first in Singapore. 5 variations, Regular was served in the conical flask (is our favourite coconut cold brew drink), Nitro (did not try), Gula Melaka (appealed least to our liking, Yuzu (it was all right) and Kahlua (did not try).Montana Singapore introduces an interesting concept of finding diners with the Coconut Cold Brew and or other coffee and wine by asking customer their food preferences. If you are at a lost, overwhelmed by the many choices, Montana could help you decide better. continue reading
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