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American BBQ prime pork ribs, slow cooked to juicy, tender perfection the old fashioned way. This is Morganfield’s, in a nutshell! Our signature dish – Sticky Bones spare ribs – is smoked over hickory wood, then basted with a sweet, tangy hickory flavoured BBQ Sauce. It’s rooted in the rustic American BBQ tradition, as is our warm Southern hospitality. continue reading
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250gm Wagyu Beef-Eye Steak Gilled Pork Rib-Eye Chop Hickory BBQ Sticky Bone Morgan's Rib Sandwich Seafood Basket Smoked House Bacon Cheese Burger
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Was invited to feast at Morganfield's this year, therefore I bought along a friend with me to enjoy the night with good food together. Red Christmas Cooler ($8.99++) and White Christmas Sangria ($16.99++)As compared, I will prefer the Red Christmas Cooler. It gives a very refreshing and fruity taste because o the mix of lemon, watermelon and cranberry juice. Whit Christmas Sangria - A mix of white wine, peach puree, diced green apples and oranges. Beer Candied Bacon ($9.90++)Kids will definitely love it. Though it is the combination made with Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar beer, you won't get to taste a very strong beer taste. Yummy.Pork Trio$15.90++Recommended to order this before your main as an appetizer. A basket full of Beer Candied Bacon, Pop Corn Pork and Sliced Pork Bratwurst. Bourbon Marmalade Glazed Leg of Ham$168.90+ (4- 5kg, serves 10-12)Perfect to order if you are celebrating Christmas together with a group of friends or relatives. Definitely recommended!! Crackling Pork Roast$38.90+You got to try this Crackling Pork Roast. Tender meat paired with crispy crackling skin. Just eat it all and you can't get enough of it.Roast Chicken$32.90+ (1.4kg)Stuffed with Rosemary, onions, celery and carrots. Served with roasted potatoes .Sticky Bones $29.90++ (Half Slab) / $45.90++ (Full Slab)I'm sure everyone love sticky bones yay? I do have a GIVEAWAY on my Facebook Page so do remember to check out how you can win it . Comes with Christmas Hazelnut Sticky Bones, Christmas Cranberry Sticky Bones.Morgan’s Christmas Feast$149.90++Christmas Hazelnut Sticky Bones (Half Slab) Christmas Cranberry Sticky Bones (Half Slab) Crackling Pork Roast (400g) Sausages (3pcs) Gammon Ham Slices (200g) Turkey Breast Ham Slices (200g) Sides: Potato Gratin, Roasted Cauliflower,Glazed Carrots, Garden Salad,Corn on Cob, Corn Bread• Top-up Sides $5.90 ++ eachotato Gratin, Roasted Cauliflower, Glazed Carrots continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-22
We got the Garlic BBQ Ribs this time round. Like before, the ribs were really tender and fell off the bone really easily. This would have been great if there wasn't so much sauce. The sauce was sweet, tangy and slightly spicy, and because the ribs were thickly coated with it, I felt that it really overpowered the tender meat. By the way, the garlic taste wasn't strong (in case there's any of you who's worried it's too strong). I also like the mashed potato where you could still taste bits of potato and red potato skin, giving it texture.We also got Caesar Salad, Chilli Cheese Fries, Tequila Spiked Chicken and Pork Chop. Everything was pretty average and nothing to shout about. Visit my OpenSnap account for more photos! continue reading
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Level2 2014-12-07
We heard Morganfield's offers fabulous set lunch. My colleague and I decided to lunch in at their Star Vista Branch which is within walking distance from our office.Located on the second floor of The Star Vista, the restaurant is huge and you can pick the corner window seat for a beautiful view of the greenery surrounding. The restaurant is decorated to the theme of American style.We did not make any reservation and we walked in directly. We did not have to wait too long and we were ushered to a comfortable seats. After browsing their menu, we decided to order their "Oinkingly Top Value Set Lunch".Beer Battered Fish FilletThe fish fillets were huge, tasty and fresh. The fish meat was smooth and tender. I like it But I wondered why they named it as "beer battered"?Black Pepper Chicken ChopThe chicken thigh was awesome and delicious but it was rather small. The fish fillet serving was more generous. French fries were nice with chilli sauce.Soup of the DayEach set lunch comes with complimentary soup of the day and a cold/hot drink. It is quite value for moneyChocolate Lava CakeWe shared the Chocolate Lava Cake. The hot chocolate cake melts in your mouth like lava flowing out from the volcano. The ice cream was just nice and not too sweet to compliment the chocalate cake. Overall, it was really a good lunch and it was value for money. I like the ambience as it was quiet and you will have a lot of privacy. The waitresses' customer services were good and they offered us hot napkins at the end of the meal. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-23
I am back to Morganfield’s for more this time! Morganfield’s are launching their very own version of Christmas Menu. They are introducing 2 special Christmas edition sticky bones sauces for customers to enjoy for the festive season.Special Christmas drinks are available for the season. Red Christmas Cooler S$8.90 does not contain alcohol and has a light taste. Berry red drink is a fruity mixture of lemon, watermelon and cranberry juice and thrown in with blackberries.If you are looking for light alcohol drink, you can try their White Christmas Sangria S$16.90.A refreshing mix of white wine, peach puree and diced apples and oranges.Chrismas Hazelnut Roast Chicken S$28.90. Golden brownish whole spring chicken (800-900g) contains traditional chestnut stuffing with breadcrumbs.My favourite dish of the night is their Roubon Marmalade Glazed leg of Ham S$168.90. Superb huge ham leg that weighs 4-5kg can fill up the stomach of at least 12 people or more. Amazing portion they have here!Looking for more choices in a platter? Morganfield’s also served Morgan’s Christmas Feast (for 5 pax and more) S$149.90. The huge platter comes with 4 grilled sausages, Christmas Cranberry Sticky Bones (half rib slab), Christmas hazelnut Sticky Bones (Half rib slab), Bourbon Marmalade Glazed ham slices and Smoked Turkey Legs.They are also sold separately in Half $28.90 or Full Slab $43.90 and comes served as a main dish with fries and coleslaw.Beer Candied Bacon S$8.90 made with the Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar beer instead of cinnamon as the beer is the secret recipe for this Christmas menu. Truly addictive and finger licking as well.Basketful of Pork S$15.90 comes with a dipping sauce.Beer Candied Bacon, Pop Corn Pork and sliced pork Bratwurst are all in one basket for you to try. Order this and you will get to try a bit of everything.Lovely dessert, Cranberry ‘n’ Peach Crumble S$13.90 was a great ending session. Dessert topped with butter sugar crumble and a smooth melting scoop of vanilla ice cream. The combination of warm and cold senses left a deep impression over it. continue reading
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It is that time of year again - Christmas. Probably one of Singapore's favourite festive seasons with lots of parties and christmas dinners. So where are the places which are having x'mas specials and promotion this year, this is one of them - Morganfield'sMorganfield's - Home of Sticky bones is an American diner which specialises in ribs and meat. I was fortunate to be invited for their X'mas media tasting and was blown away by some of their dishes which will only be available during this X'mas period. Also, for dinner parties and takeaways, Morganfield's will deliver their meats and christmas specials anywhere around our sunny island to your doorstep from 15 November to 28 December 2014.The Christmas drinksChristmas Hazelnut Roast Chicken A first time having hazelnut flavored chicken. Marinated with rogue hazlenut brown nectar and roasted until brown. Accompanied with potates and chestnuts. Quite a huge chicken as you can see, probably around 800g. Found the chicken a tad too dry for my liking. Bourbon Marmalade Glazed Leg of Ham Its name burdened the dish with much expectation and I would say, it did not disappoint. This whole leg of ham weighs approximately 4-5 kg and when it was displayed, drew the 'wahhs' and 'woahs' from the table. That outer glazed was fantastically yummy. Aside, its interior was juicy and tender. Probably the highlight of the night and I would come back here just for this. However, you need a large group because 4kg worth of ham is indeed a sight to behold and finish. Morgan's Christmas Feast If you prefer a mix of items, this platter will spoil you. As many as 11 different food - grilled sausages, two different type of ribs, the glazed ham slices, smoked turkey and siders (potatoes, carrots, onions, green beans and corn bread). This platter is probably good for 4. The Corn bread was especially good, seldom can you find this american dish here in Singapore, and i loved every crumb of it. That incredible starter - beer candied baconThis glass of heaven - the beer candied bacon. Perhaps the dish better than the leg of ham. Accompanied with the X'mas beers, you can finish this sinful treat in seconds. Glazed in Morganfield's secret recipe, I doubt you can find a bacon as good as this elsewhere. Basketful of porkPork at their various ends. The beer candied bacon appears again! The pop corn pork was very floury. Sliced pork Bratwurst which was a real treat. Great for sharing and married with beer. The interior - stewed cranberries and cubed peaches form the base. A portion of crumble (which was not enough) above, finished by a scoop of vanilla. Comfort X'mas dessert. overall review: read my full review and the pricing of the dishes @ http://shauneeie.blogspot.sg/2014/11/morganfields-rib-tastic-xmas-special.htmla great place to spend x'mas this year continue reading
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