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Started in 1995, Mr Bean is the leading chain soya bean food & beverage retailer in Singapore today. With more than 50 outlets located islandwide, Mr Bean offers a variety of soya bean drinks and snacks. Young and old can enjoy refreshing ice blended flavoured soya drinks, ice-creams, pastries and more. continue reading
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Grass Jelly Soya Milk Pearly Bandung Soya Milk
Review (3)
Level3 2014-03-19
Quite some time ago I managed to try the highly raved Signature Savoury bean curd from Mr. Bean! So basically, what's inside this dish is their soya bean curd (which actually just reminds me of normal tofu, not the sweet kind of soya bean curd), minced chicken, mushrooms, fried shallot, spring onions, coriander leaves and chilli sauce (or some kind of spicy sauce... Not those Maggi kind). The ingredients were fresh and quite tasty, but it lacks depth to complement the bean curd well. Something was just missing from this whole dish but I couldn't pinpoint it out. Novelty wise, it's definitely very unique (my first time seeing a supposedly sweet bean curd incorporating with some savoury ingredients). Overall, it's worth the first try but I won't order this the second time. Instead, order this (see below)Tang yuan with bean curd and soya bean milk!!! Why get it? Because it's one of the best things on Earth :-P continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-09
Recently Mr Bean has introduced new desserts into its menu which is currently only available in its Bedok Mall's outlet. The outlet is quite hidden by the rather dark walkway. I first notice it by its attractive display of desserts.Currently Mr Bean is having a promotion of $15 for 9 pieces of $2 voucher. A free cushion is given if one buy 2 packets of the vouchers. And another promotion in this outlet until end of this month is that for every order of dessert at this outlet one will be given a chop. With 7 chops, one will receive a free dessert. So I decide to buy 8 desserts at one go. However the staff at the counter is unable to handle the order with another shouting the order to her. I think she also starts to panic when queue forms behind me. Please note that there is no one behind me when I am placing my order. Due to the queue, I am asked to wait at the table while they prepare my order. As I feel that I have charged incorrectly for the food, I ask for the receipt which I am told that I will receive with the rest of the order.Tango Twist ($3.30)I have this at the outlet as it is recommended that it will not last if I have it takeaway. Tastes quite cold and refreshing with the mango cubes, but feel that the pomelo is a bit bitter and would be better with more shaved ice.Signature Savoury Beancurd ($3.50)Hot & Spicy minced meat with mushroom & garnishes. Smooth, silky Mr Bean beancurd with a savoury twist.Tang Yuan ($3.30)Available in black sesame or peanut filling and with 3 different coating such as peanut, black sesame and soya powder. Like the way the tang yuan and the coating powder is packed separating for takeaway. Sweet & Roasted Peanut Beancurd ($3.30)I have ordered Sweet & Roasted Peanut Soup ($2.80), but is given Sweet & Roasted Peanut Beancurd ($3.30). The peanut is quite soft.8 Treasures Beancurd ($3.30)Consists of red beans, green beans, lotus seeds, yellow peas, great lima beans, red kidney beans, barley and peanuts. I actually order 8 Treasure Soup ($2.80), but is given 8 Treasures Beancurd.Almond Paste Beancurd ($3.50)I have ordered Almond Paste ($3.30) for Mom which she likes, but is given Almond Paste Beancurd which she does not want. Could not taste of the almond in this dessert. The flavour is quite light.Black Sesame Paste Beancurd ($3.50)I have ordered Black Sesame Paste ($3.30), but is given Black Sesame Paste Beancurd ($3.50). This is even more worse than the almond paste version. Too watery and no flavour.Red Bean Beancurd ($3.20)I have ordered Red Bean Soup ($2.50), but is given Red Bean Beancurd ($3.20). Not much different from the 8 Treasures Beancurd.I have checked the receipt and see that all the desserts have included beancurd in them and I have charged an average additional $0.50 each of these desserts. That means an additional of about $3 of what should have been. As I am in rushing off, and I decide to let it go. Overall due to the bad experience I have at this outlet, I do not think I will visit this outlet in the near future. For all the trouble I have received when those have received is not what they have wanted. Do I want to go through that again? continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-13
It is easy to miss this tiny cafe as it is licated in an obscure, isolated corner of Bedok Mall. We thought a short narrow escalator would lead to the car park but it led us to a long makeshift wall which faces a row of several tiny F&B outlets, among them Mr Bean Cafe. Good to know that their original soya bean curd - smooth melt-in-the-mouth texture and freshly prepared from imported non-GMO soybeans, can still be had for only $1.30 a tub. Thumbs up. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)