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MUNCH was founded on an ethos of using only the freshest ingredients, without preservatives or additives -- the slogan is "Eat No Evil" -- and naturally, their main forte lies in making wholesome, yet awesome, salads. MUNCH does not just stop at salads. On the menu, they also serve all day breakfast, lunch and dinner that includes roasted chickens, fishes, German bratwursts, sandwiches, wraps and rosti etc! continue reading
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Level4 2015-12-11
Munch SaladSmith was first established in 2005 to promote healthy and fresh food that with tantalizing tastes to tickle your palate. They have 10 outlets all across Singapore, mostly near MRT stations. The interesting thing I noted about MUNCH is that in 2014, they recently opened up a lot of shops in the CBD area! Unlike other shops that promote "healthy eating" at a either a very costly price or actually don't sell healthy food. Munch is true to their word with their slogan "EAT NO EVIL". They do provide legit healthy options at reasonable prices. But ultimately, it is up to your own will power to decide what sides to eat. Pretty sure if they just sold pure salads, with no unhealthy options, all Munch outlets would close!How Munch works is, you pick a protein, Chicken thigh or breast, sausage, salmon or if you're feeling like cheating, rosti! After which you pick your side salads. A chicken with a salad is $9.90 and two salads is $11.90. You can almost top up $1.30 for premium sides, such as salmon caesar salad. But I realized that each outlet has different salads and even their meat can look different. It must be due to the fact that this is franchise chain.There was smaller variety of side salads at this Star Vista I visited, compared to other outlets. This outlet is also situated in a kiosk, along a walkway, that is not air-conditioned.Check out their premium sides that they have for christmas!After we had picked out protein and sides, there was a bottle neck queue to pay up as there was only two staff, one picking the food and one handling the cash register.The chicken meat here was strangely drier than what I remembered from the robinson road and paya lebar square outlets. The chicken tasted different, even though it looked the same. The chicken breast was also juicier than the thigh. But as the chicken is cooked very well through the rotisserie, all the fats have melted off, leaving behind just a crispy and thin skin.1. Chicken with Tuna Pasta and Green SaladThe tuna pasta was quite filling, and the staff are quite generous with the portions. There was alot of tuna and alot of pasta. Help yourself to the salad dressings in the corner, right after the cash register for your salad, but of course go easy on the dressing. Otherwise, you defeat the purpose of eating a salad altogether right? 2. Petit Threes $11.50Carbs galore! Potato salad was very nicely done. I loved the potatoes with the skin on them, along with the tuna pasta salad and greens. This was pretty high in calories and high in satisfaction value as well!3. Chicken Thigh with Marinara Pasta $9.90 The pasta was good and tasted the same as I had tried at other outlets. Together with mushrooms, this is one of my favourite pastas at MUNCH! If I could go crazy carbs, this would be my choice side!4. Chicken Breast with Brocolli $9.90No carbs! Just protein!! Eat no evil is their slogan! And with a juicy roasted chicken with a thin and crispy skin! This is hard to resist! I even choose to get broccoli with almond flakes and wild mushroom rather than a pasta or potato salad *pat on the back for me* eating HEALTHY isn't always boring!OVERALL : 1) Reasonable prices 2) A real shop that sells healthy food and really tries to promote healthy eating 3) Very Accessible 4) They do make rotisserie chicken!!! 5) Munch is a great place to grab a quick salad meal continue reading
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