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At Muthu's Curry, the Fish Head Curry that you savor is indigenous to South India, and infused with a taste that has matured through the years with Muthu's Curry's evolution. A wide variety of dishes are available to complete your gourmet experience. continue reading
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Fish Head Curry Tandoori Fish Head Mutton Chukka Varuval Paneer Pasindha Kebab Chicken Tikka Masala
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Started in 1969 as a small business selling home-cooked curry by Mr. Ayyakkannu, Muthu's Curry has since spanned Singapore with many outlets, and is one of the most well-known curry houses here. Culinary standards and quick service is ensured and maintainted throughout traditions as they continue to serve up contemporary and conventional Indian cuisine.Tandoori Turkey (SGD$98.80 for a whole stuffed turkey / SGD$90.80 for whole plain turkey); we ordered just a portion of it. The turkey was moistened and tender, unlike any other turkey we have tasted; and roasted delicious tandoori style - with yogurt and spices.We all liked the Lamb Rack Annas as well - the lamb chops version, served with grilled pineapple discs. The lamb chop was soft, tender and delicious with smokey hints; obliterating the very faint gamey taste of this dish. The sweet pineapple discs were a lovely touch to this heavier meat dish.Then we had the signature Fish Head Curry (SGD$22.00 for small / SGD$27.00 for medium / SGD$32.00 for large), a South Indian dish proclaimed to be pioneered by Muthu's Curry. The curry was thick, spicy and tantalising - perfect to be eaten as a soup or doused over naan or rice. The fish head was huge; its flesh was utterly tender and smooth, bursting with freshness.The Bindi Fry aka Crispy Lady's Fingers (SGD$9.00) - stir-fried with onion rings and dried chilli. It was delicious and addictive, crackling in texture and unstoppable to munch on. Eat it while hot though, for it would turn soggy towards the end.For full review and more detailed inforamtion, please feel free to visit:http://www.thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/12/boxing-day-dinner-at-muthus-curry.html continue reading
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The signature South Indian style Curry Fish head ($22/$27/$32) that has secured numerous accolades differed from the Chinese fish head curry in many ways. The colour was intense red instead of yellowish. There were no sight of brinjals, cabbage or tomatoes but ladyfingers and the piquant pineapple slices. Those who are adverse to spicy food will be able to handle this pot easily as the curry is NOT spicy at all. No sweat.We all love the gravy and could ladle it non-stop onto the fragrant Dum Bryani ($4/head) or white rice ($3/head), though the fish was not too fresh that day.As a big fan of Indian Vegetarian food, I love all sorts of creamy paneers and Daals. But I decided to ditch the gravy laden veggies and try something new. The Vegetable Sheesh Kebab $9 was a mistake because it turned out to be dry rolls of mixed vegetable potato pattie, though the accompanying green sauce was zingy enough to perk the tastebuds.But the Gobi Manchurian ($9) turned out to be one of my favourite dish that night. Didn't know that it was actually an Indian Chinese fusion dish. Perhaps the Chinese aspect comes from the cooking method--coating the cauliflowers in batter and deep fry just like Sweet and Sour Fish. They are later sauteed in soy and chilli sauce. Not spicy but super sour.Another first try is the Peshwari Naan ($5), a sweet naan in coated with almonds. The Folks commented it was strange to have sweet naan with savoury curry but I thought it was a nice balance to offset all the savoury food. As usual, free flow pappadum, free flow of side vegetables (yellow cabbage was ok but the sautéed long beans were too salty). Together with the fragrant non-greasy Bryani rice, it was a great satisfying dinner.Full review and pics on : http://dairycream.blogspot.jp/2014/08/muthus-curry-curry-fish-head.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-10
It was quite a long time since I had eaten Indian style curry fish head. This Muthu's Curry was quite popular among other Indian restaurants on the same street.I had bought takeaway for the curry fish head to share with my family.The gravy of curry fish head was very fragrant. It smelled of spices and assam. The gravy tasted very spicy and with many spices. The fish head was not as fresh as I would be expected. It had some fishy smell. The fish head was very meaty and moist. There were also some vegetables such as egg plant and long bean in the gravy. Though i would prefer they put more vegetables in the gravy. continue reading
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Level2 2013-05-15
Restuarant Have a nice setting and quite comfortable. Staff are average except for the cashier. Thats where they collect the cash. Papadam is nice and crispy. Taste great and goes well with rice. Ice lemon tea comes with a nice lemon juice and tea ratio. Taste great after well stir. Able to taste some fiber in the drink as well. The masala chicken taste wonderful. Sauce is great and spicy enough. Have the feeling of wanting to get more of it. The mutton taste alright. Well seasoned. But just abit dry. Those that doesn't like to eat something that is dry, avoid this. Curry Fish Head is the best of all these. Spicy, abit of sour and taste great. Fish is real fresh and tasty. Like to have more of that. Well, this is the final billed paid for a dinner for 2. Of cause it includes 2 set of briyani rice with 2 side vege (cabbage and long beans) and papadam. Well they served us white rice and after further insist, then they gave us briyani rice. Well, I paid for briyani rice. According to what I have seen, they seems to be running out of white rice for that day, as other customers are getting white rice. Well, they should have inform us if they ran out of briyani rice. Bad on this. And it took a whole 10 mins before they change the rice. Slow in floor service. For the price paid for a restaurant, I guess it's still consider alright. Slightly expensive that is. Or maybe I and my friend eat more than usual. continue reading
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Level1 2012-10-09
Delicious curry fish head. Not so spicy and the fish head is fresh and come with other vegetable. When you smell the curry only will make you hungry.Location is good just difficult to find a car park. The restaurant is clean and got air-con, the price is not so expensive and the service is not bad. They have many kind of food just all is curry.My best recommend is curry fish head or assam fish head. continue reading
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