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Level4 2015-07-04
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/07/04/good-thai-food-good-value-nakhon-amk-on-3jul2015/a friend arranged lunch at nakhon @ AMK on 3.7.2015.^^ it’s nice & airy at corner of blk 529 AMK ave 10. there were tables orderly set at a cover extended area w/o encroaching on the walkway. my friend was there 10mins early to get a table. i was there at 11.55am. nakhon starts lunch at 12pm. a queue started to build up almost immediately. by the time we finished lunch, queue was 10+ long. my friend ordered 4 dishes. we ordered a red ruby to share afterwards. the pandan chicken was not bad for S$6. lots of sauces, i only used the sweet thai chilli for the pandan chicken. my friend love the clear tom yam talay (seafood). his whole family like this dish. for me, i prefer the red tom yam. the prawn was ok, so maybe next time i will order tom yam gung. cannot really compare this S$6 soup with patara’s which cost nearly 5x more. for S$6, more than ok i think.i just loved the green curry. beef was fine, not tough, not the tenderised artificial texture, quite ok. i drank most of the curry.^^ red ruby was S$3. ordinary, which is good i guess. i think this is really good authentic thai food. may not be the restaurant or fine thai kind of food, but it is s authentic as any thai street, comfort food or small restaurant/shop food. and the price is very reasonable, which accounts for the constant queue. well above average food at very good value prices. will be back soon! continue reading
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Level4 2015-06-29
I've driven by this place several times and seen the queues on the weekends. I tried to make a telephone reservation only to be told, "Just come and queue la, about 20 minutes can get table.." So on the day before Father's day I came down to queue, I reached about 7pm and true enough, I was told the waiting time was about 20 minutes. In line, you are handed a menu to pick the dishes you want after which a staff will come to pen down your order whilst you wait for your table.Looking through their menu, they have a wide range of Appetizers, Salad, Soup, Curry, Seafood, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Vegetables, Rice, Noodles, Desserts and Drinks. All the prices are NETT which makes the food here so affordable.The dining area is non air conditioned, but it can be quite airy during the evenings. After we were ushered to our seat, within a few minutes, our dishes started arriving one by one. I guess that's the plus point of ordering, while you're waiting in line!1. Chicken in Pandan Leaf $6I had high hopes for this dish, as I had seen several tables order this and I miss eating this in Thailand.The sauce was sweet and not spicy, the chicken smelt so good, I couldn't wait to tuck in!After I had unwrapped the leaf, I realized that it wasn't one piece of chicken. It looked like chunks of chicken meat with some flour/doughy filler to "glue" the pieces of chicken together. Definitely not what I was expecting to eat, and probably a "cost-cutting" technique they use. The meat was well seasoned but the flour in between the meat threw me off!2. Beef Kway Teow Soup $4Having eaten at Jai Thai many times and loving their beef kway teow soup, I decided to try the same dish here. Another disappointment as the beef here are just tiny strings of minced beef, rather than actual beef cubes. For the same price, and air conditioning, I would rather eat at clover way. The soup was abit bland and needed some more seasoning as well.3. Pad Thai $4My personal favourite dish and this restaurant's saving grace. Cooked exactly the same way I had eaten at a wet market in Pattaya, the wok hei here was spot on! Yes it was drenched in oil, but the flavours of this dish is so good, I didn't mind the extra calories. This is a must order at Nakhon!4. Olive Fried Rice $6The portion here is too huge for any one man to finish. The rice was subtly flavoured with olive and it wasn't too oily. If you want a healthier choice instead of pineapple fried rice, this is it.5. Asparagus $6The asparagus was cooked well and it was soft. The sauce was salty and it went well with the bland vegetables. 6. Oatmeal Prawn $12You get 6 crunchy and big prawns cooked in oatmeal, it was okay. But for $12, I realized we should've spent it on something else.7. Green Curry with Beef $8Probably one of the worst green curry I have eaten, the colour looked off and it didn't have the distinctive green curry flavour. In the bowl, there were tiny strips of beef again, exactly the same as the beef kway teow soup. 8. Red Ruby $3Everyone at the table loved the red ruby, decorated with a slice of a jack fruit on top, there were tons of crunchy red ruby and the coconut milk was just right. It had a good level of "lemak" taste.A very cooling dessert to end off the day.Here is our family feast for 4 people. There were hits and misses, sadly mostly misses. Maybe we have to come back and try other dishes, because this coffee shop thai restaurant must be doing something right to have 7 outlets and non stop queues on weekends. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-26
Nakhon kitchen is famous for its Thai food and they have won the young adults, elderly hearts! Because whenever I go over, there will always be a long queue and it move at an average speed. However ordering of the food is at the queue as they will pass u the menu and take order from there..When we settled down, we just had to wait for our food to arrive.. We ordered tom yum clear soup, pad Thai noodles, chicken wing stuffed with meat,Thai iced tea and milk tea. I always like Tom Yum Clear Soup and this tasted like home-cooked style of tom yum soup with generous ingredients such as mushroom, prawn and the taste of the soup is a light but strong lemon grass smell. The Pad Thai Noodles was okay, normal average taste. I was excited about the chicken wings till i eat the first mouth and it kind of dissapoint me because i thought it will taste much nicer. It wasn't crispy as i thought it would be and is stuffed with some meat mixture which I dont really nice.  continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-18
Yesterday was raining and naturally i want something hot and soupy for lunch and i was starving! I am so glad there's a Nakhon Kitchen at Ang Mo Kio which is so convenient for me to walk over from work. I opt to have the Beef Kway Teow Soup which is $4! Broth is quite nice and flavorful but i do like to play around with the various chili they have and add it into my broth. Kway teow may be a lot for some ( based on feedback from friends ) but personally i am ok with it since i love all kind of noodles. Wished there can be a bit more beef though! Hehe.Overall it's decent for a one dish meal. I finished up everything, not wasting any soup! Slurp! continue reading
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