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NamNam Noodle Bar features iconic Vietnamese street favourites along with other snacks and desserts. All dishes at NamNam are prepared without the use of MSG. continue reading
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Banh Mi Hanoi Pho Vietnamese Spring Roll
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Level4 2014-11-26
I met my friend for dinner after work at suntec city. We haven’t been there since the renovation so we walked around for dining places that catches our fancy. In the end, we settled for the economic and healthy choice – Nam Nam Noodle Bar. It is a Vietnamese casual restaurant with no ++ on their prices. I ordered the chicken pho which costs $7.90 if I am not wrong. There are also beef pho and mixed beef pho for those who love red meat. The service is very fast too, we got our order within 5minutes of ordering.The noodles come in one big bowl and with lime slice which you can choose to squeeze the juice into the soup for added flavour . The chicken meat is tender and soft even though it is the chicken breast. Moreover, the meat comes in a reasonable portion. The pho is in strands of smaller width but it is firm to the hold. Some rice noodles disintegrate easily when you hold it with chopsticks, but not the rice noodles here which is a plus point. I will definitely recommend this place for healthy and affordable eating. continue reading
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Level2 2014-08-22
I was brought to try this Vietnamese restaurant by my cousin. It was the first time I stepped into Vietnamese restaurant after the closure of the Vietnamese restaurant in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur few years back.I ordered the basic dish to try, Pho with Chicken. Wow, the broth was so aromatic, strong with spices and it wasn’t oily. It tasted good but I don’t know how authentic it is. Satisfied for my first time experience. Worthy to give a try.You can eat with sauces available on the table which I do not know if it is suitable to put into Pho. I tried with its original taste. The Hoisin sauce is the most commonly I saw but have not given a try at all.This is a set meal comes with a drink of your choice (either Vietnam Black Coffee, Vietnam Coffee with Condensed Milk or Lotus Tea). The Lotus tea was aromatic and nice to drink when it was hot. I did a quick research on lotus tea and it said that lotus tea can help people to feel calm and de-stress. continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-19
If you like Vietnamese food like me, do make sure to visit Nam Nam! Authentic Vietnamese cuisine in an air-conditioned dining environment, what's not to like?First, we were served the Salad of crunchy pickled vegetables, fish cake, pork belly and peanuts. Enjoyed this a lot! This was very appetite-whetting, and I like the combination of the ingredients in this salad. I like coffee, but I didn't take more than 6 sips of this. Kind of diluted.Beef Steak Pho! Beef Steak was served medium rare, it will cook by itself because of the heat from the soup. Portion was huge, ingredients used were fresh. The broth was done pretty well too. Liked this a lot!Don't bother getting this. The sauce tastes exactly like the KFC Korean Craze chicken sauce, which isn't a good thing. Besides, they took a long time to serve us this. We had to remind the wait staff 2 times about our order. Overpriced too. continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-28
There was a long line of people queuing up and my friends and I joined the queue. Got a table quite fast.Quite a number of condiments on the table- Some chilli sauce for pho and hoisen sauce.I got the lunch set($9.90)- salad+chicken pho+ iced lotus tea. The salad came quite fast after we ordered our food. Really love the salad. Quite similar to achar. Sour and sweet and a hint of spiciness. It was also crunchy. Shortly after the drinks came. This is the worst tea I have EVER tasted. Words can't describe it. Even with sugar, I still couldn't drink it. Better to get the coffee. Well this is only my opinion. Next came the pho. Could taste mainly cinnamon. The broth was okay. The beef pho broth had slightly more flavor then the chicken pho broth. Broth was neither too sour nor spicy. Noodles were cooked nicely. The chicken might be the nicest thing in it since I didn't really like the dish. Lastly came the chicken wings. We had to ask the service staff about our chicken since we waited quite long. For the price of $4.90(3 pieces) I don't really think it's worth it. I felt that the added to much sauce to the chicken. The sauce was a little too salty and weird. The nice thing about this dish was the pickled carrot. Crunchy and sweet.The tables are a little small. We sat at a table for 3 people and when all the food arrived there was hardly any space left. Doubt I'll visit here anytime soon. continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-02
Vietnamese food has never been appealing to me. But considering the increasing number of new NamNam outlets kicking into business lately as well as the snaky long queue during peak hours, I decided to give it a try.The place mainly offers Vietnamese Beef Noodles and sandwiches. As it was during the weekdays lunch hours, I opted to order the value set lunch of $9.90 for a bowl of noodles, a drink and a small side salad.Had the Beef Pho and Lotus tea for my drink. The clear soup tasted slightly bland with a note of sweetness though. It was claimed to be free of MSG. But there was a range of condiments one can choose to add into the soup. I didn't as I don't really like the idea of taking artificial seasoning. The portion of Beef slices was more than I have expected and I really like that the meat was tender and served medium rare!! I enjoyed my bowl of piping hot noodles and the side salad. But hmm the Lotus Tea tasted pretty weird, a taste that I could not really locate >< Tried the Viet Black Coffee and it was quite strong and good!Overall, decent Vietnamese food at reasonable price. I would prefer this outlet as it is big with plenty of seats available. There is even a big projector on the wall playing a short clip about the history of Vietnamese food. A pleasant atmosphere and you wouldn't feel crampy and stuck like the small NamNam at RafflesCity basement haha continue reading
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