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NamNam Noodle Bar features iconic Vietnamese street favourites along with other snacks and desserts. All dishes at NamNam are prepared without the use of MSG. continue reading
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Banh Mi Hanoi Pho Vietnamese Spring Roll
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Level1 2015-07-26
I ordered the Fresh Southern Rolls with Prawns and the Pho Beef Steak Slices accompanied by Tamarind Soda.The Fresh Southern Rolls with Prawns that was served have been exposed to air a bit long in that the popiah skin is stretchable and chewy. The taste is bland despite having a slice of prawns as part of the ingredients. Totally blah.The Pho Beef Steak Slices are mediocre. The soup was luke warm. I would much prefer if it is being served slightly hotter. Nothing fantastic.The Tamarind Soda is a surprised in that they have added in grounded peanuts and sesame seeds inside the concoction. I find the drink surprisingly good. Very unique compared to the other Tamarind Soda I tasted from other places.The decor of the place at Plaza Singapura is nice and welcoming. Foodwise mediocre, does not warrant for a repeat visit. continue reading
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Hmmm...though Vietnamese food has never really been my cup of tea, however there are no compelling reasons for me to avoid it. So...here I am, under the urge of my friend, checking this place out for the first time. Maybe a little late but better than never.As many of you would have already know, you have to join the queue, place & make payment for your order before proceeding to take a seat and wait to be served.Upon entry, I noticed on each and every table, various sauces are placed for convenient usage for those who prefer stronger flavour of their food.If you are a fan of Pho and would like to have it at the comfort of your home, you can purchase their instant Pho at S$2.50 each. The non instant version are also available for sale.Breakfast sets are available on weekdays (excluding public holidays) from 8am to 10am (except Suntec City & Owen Link outlets), with choice of any banh mi or any pho (excluding pho wagyu beef steak slices) at S$6.50 & S$8.50 respectively. They also serve value lunch set (for a limited time only) which includes duo of steamed tapioca cake & Hue shrimp rice cake + choice of your favourite pho at S$9.90. All their breakfast & lunch sets comes with a beverage, choose between Viet black coffee (hot or iced) / Viet coffee with condensed milk (hot or iced) / Lotus tea (hot or iced) / Bottled water.We went for ala carte orders instead as their sides and desserts are also part of our cravings.Pho Beef Combination (S$10)Pho with medium rare beef steak slices, beef balls, beef shank, tendon and honeycomb tripe. All the beef are tender but the broth is a little bland in taste. Add in various sauces to make this tastier.Greens and chilli peppers are not our favourite so our banh mi have both of these omitted.Grilled Chicken, Egg Omelette, Chicken Floss (S$6.90)Chicken floss and egg omelette are ingredients that goes well with bread. The grilled chicken is tasty and tender with the toasted baguette a little crispy and soft.S-Spice Pulled Beef, Chicken Floss (S$6.90)Have tasted quite a few pulled pork sandwiches but its the first for pulled beef. Though it states spice pulled beef but its not really spicy. In fact its delicious and taste a little like rendang.Now its time for us to attack the sides,or what they call small plates, and dessert.Crispy Fried Chicken Wings, Caramelised Roasted Onion-Flavoured Fish Sauce, Sesame Seeds, Pickles (S$5.50)Covered with a layer of flour and fried till crispy, the wings are indeed finger licking good. Coated with caramelised roasted onion-flavoured fish sauce, this is definitely the highlight of this dish.Crispy Fried Prawn & Pork Rolls (S$5.50)Taste a little like ngor hiang just that this is wrapped with vietnamese rice paper. Fried till crispy, dipped into the sauce to enhance its flavour.Crispy Fried Sweet Potato Rolls (S$5)Sweet potato is one of my favourite. Though the taste is not too bad, somehow feels that the rice paper doesn't matches so well with the sweet potato.Thirst quenching time!Viet Coffee with Condensed Milk - Iced (S$3.50)Not very satisfying for my dining partner who is a coffee lover.Sugarcane (S$3)Refreshing! Taste very different from our local sugarcane juice. This has a tinge of peppermint yet not too overpowering.It states *NO MSG* for the food they served. continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-02
Simple menu, consisting of baguettes, noodles, side dishes, desserts and drinks of course. They also have breakfast and lunch value set, which is a super great deal when their ala-cartes are already priced so reasonably, targeting the general audience.Vietnam Coffee with condensed milk ($2.60), and Lotus Tea ($2.60). I had the Vietnam coffee and loved it, as it tasted like drip coffee.Pho Chicken ($7.90), with choice of either rice flour noodles or instant noodles. Strongly recommended to select the rice flour noodle, which looks like our "kway teow", but in white. After tasting both the rice flour and instant noodles, I believe you will begin to nod your head in approval.Quang Style Egg Noodle ($10.90), which already uses egg noodles with pork rib, prawn, squid ball, fish ball, rice cracker and chopped herbs. Very much like this dry noodle. I interestingly shaked several drops of the Maggi seasoning on my noodles, and realized it added a sweeter twist to it.Crispy Fried Banana, Sesame Seeds and Smoked Coconut Sauce ($3.90). Exactly like our traditional Malay snack, Pisang Goreng, but Nam Nam Noodle Bar also has warm coconut sauce to go with the banana, which I think is pretty unique and gives a different taste to the usual ones we had.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2014/09/namnam-noodle-bar.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-17
I am shopping in the mall and decide to drop in for a bite. The restaurant is quite open and big. But dine in area is not big, due to a large part in the center is see through glass to downstairs. As it is still before 3pm, I decide on the value lunch set which costs $9.90 and is available from 10am to 3pm. The lunch set consist of Salad of crunchy pickled vegetables, fish cake, pork belly, and peanuts, a choice of pho ( beef or chicken ), and a choice of drink ( viet black coffee, viet coffee with condensed milk, lotus tea or bottled water ). Salad of crunchy pickled vegetables, fish cake, pork belly, and peanuts ($5.90)The Salad of crunchy pickled vegetables, fish cake, pork belly, and peanuts tastes quite crunchy and tangy, but feel that the cuts are a bit too big in pieces.Chicken Pho ($7.90)The chicken pho looks like kuey teow soup, topped with greens. The greens looks rather yellow and dried up to me (More like something for the dustbin). The soup is quite peppery in taste. The noodle is quite smooth and the chicken slices are quite tender.There is also various condiments available on the table to add flavours to the soup.Lotus Tea ($2.60/ Iced)The Lotus Tea which is comes with the set is quite plain, but grows bitter in taste as the more I drink.Fruit cocktail, pineapple, jackfruit, lychee, crushed ice ($4.90)The Fruit cocktail, pineapple, jackfruit, lychee, crushed ice looks like ice fruit cocktail served in a glass. The fruit cocktail has a rather yellow colour with brownish spots on. Looks old to me. Tastes too sweet to me, even after all the ice has melted.Overall the food is average. Filling but not that tasty. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)