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Nando's is a casual dining place that originated from the Mozambiquan-Portuguese community and the interior reflects the theme. Nando's is famous for their flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken, an Afro-Portuguese chicken. It is available in 4 levels of spiciness, from lemon & herb to extra hot. continue reading
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Peri-Peri Chicken
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Level4 2017-01-27
Located on the 4th floor of Plaza Singapura with 11 stores islandwide, Nando’s is here, serving up Halal Grilled chicken choices along with a variety of sauces, like the 100 over year old Peri Peri sauce.The dining area is pretty huge and great for large groups. Nando’s also serves up a variety of family friendly food and desserts, so there’s something for everyone.I’m invited to Nando’s today to try out their new Mango & Lime flavour. In the history of Nando’s, this is the first time a new flavour has been introduced. So let’s see what makes it so special!There’s a platter for 4, which you can share the Mango & Lime chicken goodness with your friends and family.There’s also a burger or even a Espetada, dangling for all to see and devour!Mango & Lime Full Platter $44.90++Straight to business, we started off with the Mango & Lime Grilled Chicken Platter. Mango & Lime sauce is touted to be between the lemon & herb and mild flavoured sauces, so it’s the last stage of sauce before you get to the spicier Peri Peri! I was expecting some spiciness here but there was none. If anything, I felt that the lemon & herb had a stronger kick of spiciness! This Mango & Lime flavour is definitely child-friendly!The flavour of the mango & lime had a more distinctive mango than lime taste. There was a lingering mango aroma from each bite. The chicken as always at Nandos, was tender fresh and overflowing with juicy goodness but without the oil!Served with a choice of sides, we picked garlic bread and wedges. The garlic was so good! Evenly buttered and grilled to perfection! The wedges were crisp and well-seasoned.2. Tropical Fruitea $4.90++A tropical medley of mango and lime, infused with orange juice and iced lemon tea. This was a very refreshing drink though it got a bit concentrated at the bottom of the glass.3. Grilled Chicken Cataplana $18.90++Served in an authentic cooper dish with Peri-Peri chicken thighs, grilled seasonal vegetables, spicey rice and cataplana sauce. This is pretty much a portuguese chicken rice that is very colourful and flavourful. The chicken thigh pieces tasted slightly dry but the rice was very tasty and moist. The rice texture was almost towards the mushy side, but still palatable for me. The charred vegetables were the highlight of this dish!Mushrooms, carrots, capsicum and more! I pierced each slice of vegetable with my fork and I thoroughly enjoyed them. This dish was served with the Mild sauce and this is the spiciest level that I can tahan. Any higher, and it would be a torture for me.4. Mango & Lime Espetada $19.90++ (1 side) / $21.90++ (2 sides)Skewered tender marinated chicken thighs and fresh peppers with a Mango & Lime twist. Beautifully presented. The chicken was flavourful with a tinge of spiciness. If you are having difficulty picking a side, choose the Corn-on-the-Cob! It is buttered so generously, it is overflowing with juices as you nibble onto the corn! It’s so good! I would actually come back to Nando’s for this. 5. Peri-Peri Soup $5.90++ add $2 for chickenVery authentic and legit mushroom soup with visible mushroom pieces and they are extremely generous with the chicken. You definitely get your $2 worth! The bread here is the same garlic bread you get as a side and it goes excellently with the soup!6. Chicken Livers & Portuguese Roll $5.90++The menu description writes“You haven’t lived until you’ve tried these. On your own or for 2 people to share.”Eh, I’m not a fan of pork liver and I probably am also not a fan of chicken liver. I’ll just leave it as that, however my dining partners did enjoy this quite a bit.7. Tangy Lemon Tart $5.90++On top of just really awesome Chicken, Nando’s also serves desserts such as Tangy Lemon Tart, bottomless froyo and even rainbow cakes! This tangy lemon tart is quite a pretty one, and decent sized enough to be shared. There’s a subtle and pleasant sweetness naturally sweetened with honey and lemon that will guarantee satisfaction to the sweet tooth!8. Pear-fect Tart $5.90++My favourite dessert of the night, this pear-fect tart is served with sliced of pear between a caramelized layer. The tart layer has a nice level of sweetness and doesn’t get too overpowering. The flavour of the pear could be tasted in every mouthful.9. Natas $1.90++ (Portuguese custard tart)The danish-like pie crust was slightly flaky and crisp, a great texture with a distinct buttery fragrance. The custard was good, but not fantastic. A good choice of a sweet ending to a heavy meal at Nando’s.Overall : Nando’s is one of those restaurants I’ve seen over the years that doesn’t change it’s menu too often, but when they do, it’s a subtle and yet impactful improvement. This mango & lime flavour gives us non-spicy eaters another flavour to choose from, other than just plain and lemon & herb. The chicken will never fail to meet your expectation of juicy and succulent meats. continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-29
Needed to buy something from Daiso and dunno where to go for food... We happened to park at Nando's level so in we went.Kid's Set Meal - I must commend their efforts to have a engaging children's menu where the little ones can exercise some choice over their set meal. So my girls got busy trying to make up their own meal.Mushroom Chicken Soup - the soup is very flavourful as it not only has the essence of mushrooms but also the extra boost of chicken soup. My girls were fighting to drink it!Naan with Hummus - hubby likes this. I'm not a fan.Grilled Quarter Chicken - with was well-marinated and good to be eaten without extra sauce. I had mine with Merttertainern Rice and Coleslaw. Both sides were pretty good.We will definitely return again. continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-14
While we went shopping at plaza singapura, got a chance to drop by Nando's to claim half chicken voucher (worth $18). I got it from http://www.justsaylah.com.sg/ , it's valid for dine in only.We added chips, orange juice ($3.90) and apple sparkling juice ($4.90) with half chicken. Actually, it's our first time we try Nando's chicken. But it's surprisingly delicious. Chicken is tender & juicy. Well mixed with peri (something they said as their special ingredients). And also like to recommend the apple sparkling juice. continue reading
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Level1 2013-10-28
Ordered pita chicken both times I went. The filling is quite generous and the sauce is good. However. The meat is a little dry for me. ( don't really like chicken breast ). I ordered mine with the combo which means it came with 2 sides. The potato wedges is a must try! So does the spinach and garden veggies. But they change the menu recently I think. Used to be able to mix the sides with the fino sides. But now you can only choose either 2 reg or 1 fino. The price is affordable. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-20
Casual dining chain, Nando’s was serving unique cuisine. Environment was clean and neat, it was a comfortable place to have our food. Staffs promptly sat us and gave us Menu. Not that extensive, it was mainly Chicken, Burger and some Appetizer or Side dishes. Good in another way, at least we no need too headache about what to eat by given limited choices. Juicy chicken breast was served, flesh was moist and tender. Well-marinated, Peri Sauce highlighted the taste of chicken. I was not too fancy about the rice, it was not really commendable. Peri Potato Salad was okay, utilized baby potatoes and lifted along with creamy gravy. Peri Chips were thick and crunchy which coated with Peri-spiced powder, it was a wonderful tangy kick. The thing I like the most was Potato Lime Leaves Skewers. The potato cubes was infused with the fragrance of lime leaves, it was yummy. It looked average but the seasoning was a good mixture of salty and spicy. $43.00 for the platter, the price was all right for me. continue reading
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