Nando's is a casual dining place that originated from the Mozambiquan-Portuguese community and the interior reflects the theme. Nando's is famous for their flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken, an Afro-Portuguese chicken. It is available in 4 levels of spiciness, from lemon & herb to extra hot. continue reading
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Peri-Peri Chicken
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Level4 2016-03-07
Nando's is a chain of fast-food chicken restaurants that has been growing steadily over the last 10 years in Singapore. Did you know that Nando's is African? Nando's was founder in 1987 and originated from South Africa. Nando's prides itself over their peri peri sauces which comes in garlic, mild and spicy! To me, as a non-spicy food eater, all were spicy! As such, I went with herb and lemon and got a little toothpick flag that said "Not so brave" on my chicken! I guess it's meant to jokingly make fun of me for choosing a non-spicy option.As I was browsing the menu, the friendly manager walked by to introduce their latest items to me, including the pita which I ended up having. He also spent time to introduce their latest Nando's Periviledge loyalty program which was a mobile app. Spend $20 to get 1 chilli and collect chillis to redeem food! Having tried Nando's in Australia and New Zealand, their membership system there was addictive and it really got me to keep going back to Nando's and I'm glad that Singapore's Nando's is trying to implement a similar loyalty program. That could the explanation for the 30 minute queue I had to patiently wait through on a sunday night!1. Chicken Pita $11.90++Served in a lightly toasted pita, stuffed with chicken tenders, crisp veggie salad and creamy whip. This chicken pita is part of a revamp of the Nando's menu which just happened at the end of 2015. The revamp provides a wider option of their chicken items, rather than just having chicken with sides, you can choose to have chicken in burgers, wraps or pita.I love the combination ingredients especially the chicken tenders. You could still taste the slightly charred chicken tender which was so juicy despite having a glaze of creamy whip all around. The vegetables were mixed in well and you got a bit of all the ingredients in every bite. It was kind of a mess trying to eat this with a fork and knife, so just go all out and use your hands!2. 1/4 Chicken Herb and Lemon with Wedges and Mediterranean rice $14.90++Once you have chosen the size of your chicken*Price with no sides (on it's own)-  1/4 $10.90-  1/2 $18.90-  Whole $36.90and you have picked your sides (either on it's own, 1 side or 2 sides) *Each side is priced at $2.90 on it's own- Spicy Rice- Mediterranean Rice- Coleslaw- PERi chips- PERi wedges- Grilled Veggie- Garlic Bread- Three Bean Salad- Corn-on-the-conthen you choose you level of spiciness for your chicken1. Lemon and Herb – Not so Brave!2. Mild – Tickle your taste buds3. Hot – Gets you in the mood4. Extra hot – Sure to raffle your feathersI went with Lemon and Herb and found the chicken to be extremely juicy and succulent with a zesty lemony taste. As each order is flamed grilled to order, you may experience a longer waiting time as compared to other restaurants. But be patient, it's all worth the wait!~ The chicken skin was extremely crispy, underneath the skin you will not be able to find any fats as the chicken had been grilled to perfection such that all the fat had melted away! You can catch the flame grilling action right behind the cashier!The wedges were crispy on the edges and soft and mushy in the center. The Mediterranean rice, despite it's look like it's a simple small plate of white rice was actually very tasty. The rice grains are a lot longer than your typical asian rice grains. They were also slightly harder with some oil mixed into it.3. 1/4 Chicken Herb and Lemon with fries and grilled vegetables $14.90++The PERi fries are addictive and I'm glad that they were generous with it. Not a single french fry was soggy! Woohoo! The grilled vegetables was a real treat and next round, I'm getting 2 sides of grilled vegetables. There's onions, capsicum as well as juicy mushrooms in the mixture. All of which had a nice char grill aroma.I highly recommend getting the 1/4 chicken with the grilled vegetables and PERi fries!4. Rainbow Cake $5.90++I decided to try something not so African and go with a rainbow cake for dessert. It was slightly dry and came on a freezing cold plate. I'm assuming that they had pre cut the cake and left this cake sitting on this plate in the fridge. The cake tasted okay and the butter cream was super creamy, very sinful. Not a bad way to end a grilled dinner. Just wished the cake could've been a little bit more moist.I must say that the ambiance is amazing! Very nice to chill, with the relaxing african cultural music that provides a modern tribal feel. The walls are well illustrated with pop culture. The service is efficient as well! We didn't have to wait for so long for our food to arrive. As I had ordered a coke that was refillable, the wait staff were always attentive to us and was polite everytime they asked if they could help us refill the drinks. continue reading
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