The menu at Naughty Pigs features everyone's favourite hog in a variety of quality fresh cuts prepared daily, and grilled with their own homemade Naughty sauce. continue reading
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Naughty Mate Naughty Ribs
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Level4 2014-08-10
It's always nice to try new places to see what types of cuisines are available in Singapore. My brother raved about this restaurant recently and we decided to go there together with a group of friends to try this restaurant out. Though it is a little inconvenient to get there by public transportation, I'd encourage you to give this restaurant a try. As we were there in a big group and my brother had called ahead of time, they had accomodated us by pulling tables together and reserving it for us. When I first arrived at the restaurant destination, I really liked the atmosphere of the place. It was warmly lit in the way that it was welcoming- not too bright and not too dark. I wished that I had remembered to take more pictures of the interior. They had different sorts of seatings: benches, chairs, and they also had a few high chairs to accomodate those in our group who had decided to bring their little ones. As they also serve alcohol and have quite a range of drink selections in their coolers, it is also a place you can consider to chill with your friends.Before I get started, this is the collage of pictures that I had taken from last night. (Please secuse the light glares)The restaurant itself is self-service so you do need to go up to the counter and take your order. They will then give you an electronic device that will light up and vibrate when your order is done. Because they do your order on the spot, you have to be patient to wait for your food. It is well worth the wait because the food is grilled on the spot and served hot! You can also take your time in line and waiting to observe the chefs hard at work in the kichen behind. There are sauces available to the side of where you would place your order. For those that like chili, they have a decent homemade chili that puts a nice kick for you.Pictured here is the Naughty Ribs in the foreground ($18) and Naughty Mate - soft bone ribs ($17) in the background. THe ribs come up with salad and you can choose Rice or Mashed Potato for your carbohydrates. I like how the carbs are not huge as you are already sinfully sinking your mouth into the Spare Ribs already. I know the prices may seem a litte steep for some but the Ribs and the soft-bone ribs are actually their signature dishes. The other meat options are priced at an average $11 or so dollars and it could includes the above-mentioned side dishes. Take note that there is no additional Service or GST charge as I believe it has already been included in I had the Naughty Mate as I wanted to try the ribs for what it's worth. I was pleasantly surprised at the presentation when the food arrived. The soft bone ribs arrived hot and marinated well- not too salty or sweet, but just right. I feel that there was no short cuts used in the preparation and cooking process because it really felt like they were fresh off the grill! (unlike some mainstream rib restaurants nowadays where reheat it for a bit before serving). I felt that the soft bone, however, could have been a little bit softer and it would have been even better I had requested for the mashed potato and was delighted to find out that it was made from scratch as there are tiny potato pieces and skin inside which helped with it's authentic texture. Though small, it's packed with a punch. I also liked how the salad dressing was not thousand island dressing but more similar to balsalmic dressing, hence it didn't feel very heavy.Naughty Wings (above) and Naughty Fries (below) are served with 'naughty spices' which is a nice blend of salt and pepper. They were both fried to a nice light golden brown color and I would say that they are my top 2 favorite side-dishes. For those who are more sensitive to pepper, I think it may be possible to request for them to not have it. But I have to say that it really goes nicely together. If I was there drinking with friends all night, these two dishes would have to be magically replenished all night. Seafood Platter had an assortment of seafood: squid (calamari rings), prawns, and fish. It did not come with the 'naughty spices' but a generous serving of tartar sauce.Naughty Soup $4 was recommended by my brother and I loved how long the soup was able the heat inside for quite a while. There was celery and carrots amongst the condiments inside. At first I thought it was beef inside but it was actually pork. It's quite savory and though the portion is not humongous, nice to share as well.Naughty Squid $12 would probably be my 3rd favorite of the side-dishes if I had to rank them. The seasoning is similar to Taiwan's fried salt and pepper chicken - yan shu jiCheck out how clean our plates were after the meal!There is the option of eggplant if you would want more vegetables in your meal.Overall, the side dishes portions are great to have on the table and to share with good company. It's a nice place to chill with friends and perhaps a nice family meal once in a while. continue reading
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