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NeNe Chicken offers a range of crispy fried chicken coated with a delectable selection of secret recipe sauces, each with its own distinct character. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-23
On a random visit to The Star Vista, my sister insisted that we try out the food at this Korean Fast Food restaurant named Nene Chicken. But when we reached, the place was packed. So we just decided to get the Nene Pop for a taste test and look for another place for dinner.In my opinion, I find that the Nene Pop ($5+), which comes with a drink of your choice, and a small platter of popcorn chicken and potato puffs, was expensive. It comes in a drinks cup and then 1/4 from the top, there is another layer to fill the finger foods. The popcorn chicken and potato puffs is nicely fried, crispy and all but i was a little miffed by the portion. It comes with sweet and spicy sauce and so the chicken and potato is not that dry. Even so there is the drink if one gets thirsty from eating all that fried stuffs. So although the portion is small, it is quite an innovative idea to put the drink and food in one container that is easy to eat on the go. continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-15
Once in a while, we all have that "fried chicken" craving. We are a bit tired of the run-of-the-mill fried chicken and looking to try something different. Nene Chicken to the rescue!We got the Black sesame and Green onion tender flavours for our set meals. The way they make fried chicken at Nene Chicken is more like a cross between street food stalls and fast food. The sauces are savoury and the presentation delightful. We like how they dribble the sauce over the chicken instead of letting us do the dipping ourselves. It gives the impression that it is a dish by itself. The outlet is quite a small one, it has a cosy feel and vibrant atmosphere -- almost like eating it in the heart of Seoul. It can be a bit pricey.. Would definitely come back to try the other flavours, but because of its steep price compared to the other fried chicken brands, I doubt I will make it a regular habit. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-08
This fast food restaurant is my first time trying it. Irregardless of its taste and appearance, both impressed me. The restaurant was quite comfortable which was cooling and quite spacious. Have bought their Freaking hot super deal meal during the lunch time. The chicken meats were really tender and juicy. The spicyness in it really can burnt your lip but was really appetizing and flavourful. French fries are very crispy and not too oily as well. Coke was gassy enough and goes really well with the food items. At $7.90 per set, quite a good buy and definitely will be back again to check out other food items. continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-19
While I was still reeling from the 4-fingered hurrah from 4 Fingers and their signature soy-garlic flavoured Korean-style fried chicken (KFC), there was a serious contender for the throne of best KFC in Singapore. Given how taken I was with the delectable flavours from 4 Fingers, I was both sceptical and excited at the same time. It was a #makanhunt to be made in any case.NeNe Chicken at Star Vista isn't all that easy to find. A small shop housing around 20 seats at best is located along one of the smaller side alleys and indeed very easy to miss. The interior was simple, minimalistic - wooden table tops and flat bench chairs - spruced up by a cartoonish wall mural of light pastel colours that brought that touch of levity. Food wise, $9.90 gets you a set meal at NeNe Chicken. A meal would include your choice of flavoured fried chicken, a packet of fries, a small drink and side of radish.Swicy Chicken Set As recommended, I picked the Swicy - sweet and spicy - Chicken. Bummer. Despite how the chicken looked, it was by no means crunchy, the sweet and spicy glaze was more cloying than flavourful and did more to reduce the appeal of the chicken by making it mushy, rather than helping it along. The fries were better, skinny fries that were reminiscent of the A&W curly fries in the past.My Verdict: Showdown of the Korean Fried Chicken was won hands down by 4 Fingers. Unless you like your fried chicken more glazed, then consider trying NeNe Chicken. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-15
I was intrigued by the reviews, be it good or bad ones but it never stops me to go and taste it personally at Nene Chicken since is 2 stops away from my workplace. As I'm not in the mood for spicy stuff, I ordered a Snowing Cheese Meal that comes with fries, a drink, radish and of course the chicken. At the price of $9.90, I find it a little way too expensive than fastfood restaurant like KFC.As the seating capacity is limited, I asked for a takeaway initially but as I waited for my order, there are seats available as customers went off after finishing. So I decided to dine in. They use the paging device for orders which is good as you don't have to crowd around at their counter when the place is already so small. Got my food and settled down to tuck in. The fries is simply the curly fries that we used to have at A&W. Exactly the taste. The looks of it tell the whole story but just that it is not in the ring curly form but look just like any other fries in strip form. I like it very much.And as for the chicken, even before having it, the smell to me is a little nauseous. I mean I have this love-hate affair with cheese. But after eating it, you would smell it. The meat is tender, chewy plus way bits of juicy. Not very dry. The outside is crispy, minus the coated cheese stuff on it. I can't be that judgmental so I shall give it another try for their spicy choice the next round, having to see that it is kind of 'dirty' job as you have to wear the gloves provided. Quite interesting to me. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
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