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It remains a firm favourite with both local and foreigners and this is one of many place diners would come to savour a truly original bowl of Bak Kut Teh. continue reading
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Bak Kut Teh Kung Fu Tea Spare Ribs Soup
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Level4 2016-03-15
Pictures are @ http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2015/06/ng-ah-sio-bak-kut-teh-chui-hui-lim-club.htmlUnlike many other bak kut teh eateries, this Ng Ah Sio stands out in that it offers a bunch of local classics like mee siam, chicken rice, laksa, and breakfast staples of kaya toasts and soft-boiled eggs amongst their repertoire.We love:1) Signature Spare Ribs Soup ($9.80): Fantastic - the broth was as peppery as it was rich in depth of flavour. The ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender and fresh - no "porky smell" here!2) Braised Duck ($14 for 1/4): sparkling fresh, tender and swimming in the most heavenly braising sauce.3) Blanched Lettuce ($5):simple but excellent, this was drenched in a sesame oil-soy emulsion, and brightened by copious lashings of fried garlic bits4) Mee Rebus ($7.80): must-try...the gravy was thick and robust, and the frills were done well too; the hard boiled egg wasn't overcooked like many other mee rebus renditions, the prawns succulent, and fried baby shrimp delightfully crunchy continue reading
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Level2 2014-10-25
With reports about how former Hong Kong leader Donald Tsang was deprived of a tasting of Ng Ah Sio's Randoon Rd Bak Kut Teh as it was closed, I thought the BKT is worth the try.As Rangoon Rd is alittle out of the way, we decided to go to the one at Chui Huay Lim Club, at Keng Lee Road, off Newton Road.These are what we ordered :Signature Spare Rib Soup ($9.80)This consisted of 2 long pieces of spare ribs in a broth. We all find the broth too peppery and salty. Signature Spare Rib Set ($11.80)Same as above, but included a bowl of rice and 2 sides - salted veg and yu-tiao. We don't enjoy the salted veg (has a weird smell), but the yu-tiao is nice, especially when dipped in the broth just before eating.Blanched Pig Liver ($5.50)Just done, with a little pink. There a just too few pieces.Blanched Pig Kidney ($6.00)Faintly urine smell, adults find it acceptable while the kids shun, because of the slight stenchBraised Duck (1/4 duck, $14)Unlike the BKT, which were served hot, this dish is a little cold (like it was just taken out from the chiller, gravy heated up & poured over). Meat is however soft & tasty. Gravy is quite robust.You Chai (Lettuce, $5)This is nothing extraordinary, ordered for fibre intake.Portion of rice is pretty small, so even for someone with average appetite, additional orders of rice may be required.Unlike other BKT stalls, where one would usually ask for a top up of the hot broth to savour (yam tong) after a meal, it is impossible to do so here, as it is peppery & too salty. Coupled with such prices for such small portiown, we will not come back again. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)