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Level4 2015-11-17
For more yummy reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comNg Soon Kee Fish & Duck Porridge has been my childhood favourite and many times when I tried to visit them during my spare times these few years, I was always out of luck. Even though many years had passed since my last visit, I could still see that the stall is still run by the elders.Over the years, one thing that has never change was the waiting time. They are still so popular and always with hidden queues. I waited about 20 minutes before getting my food but I remember I could wait up to 45 minutes during the peak hours. Having the bowl of soup while reminiscing my younger days was priceless. Fish broth was clear filled with fresh slices of fish with tomato wedges, Sze Chuan Vegetables and lettuce topped with fried shallots oil as well as coriander. Delighting flavours!Not only that, it was nutritiously good in a healthier option.Every time without fail, I will order their braised duck. Came in a plate of dark sauce, the gravy is especially good to pair with the bowl of white rice. The braised duck was still as good, keeping its traditional taste as it used to be. Duck meat was cut into bite size and meat was kind of tough over here. Usually, I would just opt for duck wings for tender bites. For those who prefer other parts of the duck, they have braised duck gizzard too.Rice was abit overcooked I felt. Water content was more than the usual servings. Nevertheless, the braised gravy gave a good wrap up to the fragrant white rice.I'm not sure, when will I ever have a chance to visit Ng Soon Kee Fish & Duck Porridge again but they were always one of my best choices among the traditional tastes. continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-27
I was with a friend and we were looking for a place for lunch. I suggested this Fish Soup stall which my friend has not tried before, and so we went. I often come here for their sliced fish soup with a bowl of plain rice. To complete the meal, I will often order the Stewed Duck to go with my meal. If you come during peak lunch time (12 – 3pm), be prepared for a 45 minutes wait. I came at 12.50pm and waited 40 minutes for the food to come. There are several tables with people waiting for their food to come. The key reason for the long wait is that there are lots of customers and there’s only 1 person cooking. But its worth the wait. Here are the highlights of the meal: - Fish Soup: Sliced fish cooked in a clear broth with a slice of Szechuan vegetable and several sliced tomato. It is topped with stall-fried shallots with oil, which adds fragrance to the soup. Must-order! - Stewed Duck: This is duck chopped up into bite sized pieces and stewed in a soya sauce. The soya sauce is flavourful and goes well with the white rice. In fact the white rice you order will have some of this gravy ladled over it. Nice! At other tables, I realised that they do have duck gizzard and duck legs! I will order them the next time when I am there. If you are planning to go, do go before 12pm or after 3pm, for a shorter waiting time. Try it! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)