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超级無敵好吃的辣椒蟹特意坐計程車過去吃慕名已久的“超级無敵好吃的辣椒蟹”!好吃到惊艷,我不嗜辣都沒問題!麥皮蝦炸到脆卜卜,咬落去“嚓嚓”聲!好鬆脆,不油不膩,美味哦! continue reading
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Today is everybody birthday. Have a lunch treat food gathering. Went down this places heard that signature dish is crabs. So without delay, we ordered their signature dish white pepper crabs accompanied with our favourite fried frog legs , Claypot beancurd and sambal Kang Kong. After about 15mins wait time, fried frog legs was served first and follow by sambal Kang kong. Claypot tofu and prawns will fresh and spongy. The taste is quite normal buy ingredient is well balance and fresh. Finally arrival of lead, cRABs. It is nice and meaty with freshness with some pepper smell too. The crabs is about 1.2Kg. The skin doesn't stick to crabs shell totally and easy for eater like me. Environment was decorated with a lot of awards and Crabs symbol. Overall was a good experience and fullness inside out stomach ending with Thailand coconut 🌴 drink. 👍👍👍Prices slightly higher than normal restaurant and could have better option anywhere for this standard. But surely is a experience shouldn't miss in Singapore. continue reading
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More food reviews available at www.umakemehungry.comIt all started with a pal of mine who has super cravings for salted egg yolk crabs and we brainstormed about a number of seafood restaurants to go. I have always heard of "No Signboard" ringing around me and never had the chance there. Throuout the years, they are reputable for their chilli crab as well as seafood. We headed to the main branch of No Signboard at Geylang .As we were rather early, there were still ample of seats and no queues at all. We visited the place about 5 sharp on a weekend and that was before when buses of tourists came over.Sides (Azar) was served together with green & red chillis, wet tissues too.Young coconuts were available as an beverage too. Opted for the bigger coconut at $7 rather than the smaller one which is of $1 difference. These coconuts were served in small metal bowls and fleash was yummy.The star of the night was served and everyone was anticipating in joy. Based on the menu, per KG of crab cost $70 and 1 crab was like slightly more than 1 kg. There was also a disclaimer on their menu mentioning that there was no guarantee about the firmness of the crustacean meat.Salted Egg Yolk gravy was sparingly given. Light orange gravy which colors reminds me of pumpkin soup was lightly creamed. Salted Egg Yolk with Crab was my favourite among all the cooking styles, No Signboard's standard was not too bad just that the crab meat was not too firm in my opinion. Standard was average and definitely not the best we can find in the market.Black pepper deer meat was nothing extraordinary. Colors presentation was well enhanced with capsicums as well as shades of purple from the onions. Meat was kind of rubbery to me but one good point to note was that the peppery level was not too much for me to take.The healthy goers (my friends) just could not do without greens from our meal. Kai Lan was stirred fried with garlic, not too heady smell and with the greens rather crunchy.We had another plates of greens, Potato Leaves with Sambal. It was ordinary as compared to any other Cze Char Stall.Just like the Crustaceans, there were many cooking styles available for Prawns from Steaming in Wine to Cheese and yet we ended up with our all time favorite, cereal prawns. There were about 7 to 8 medium size prawns despite that we had ordered a smaller portion. Cereals were fragrant and crispily done up while the prawns were rather fresh to get its shells removed easily. Another crab came in as the last dish. While we expected it to be hot & spicy as seen from its color, the taste of it did not bring justice to the dish's name. There was an overpowering of tomato taste which I relate it to the Sardine Canned Food. However, a good point in this dish is that the flesh was firmer than what we had in the Salted Egg Yolk Dish and sauce/gravy over here was more generous.Worrying that the amount of gravy would go to waste, we order 8 golden Man Tou (aka buns) and soaked them into the pool of fiery red gravy. Surprisingly, these golden pillow soft buns were perfect for the sauce.It was cleverly made with consistent air pockets and every piece of the buns does not deviate much.Having such a reputable name, I was rather disappointed with the quality and standards of crabs. Throughout the observations, I felt that it was more of a tourist place and a Tourist must eat place. As such, I conclude that for the same price you could get better food at a lesser known place. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-22
Celebrating Grandmother's birthday so we went to No Signboard Seafood Restaurant for their specialty crabs and other dishes. There was a big crowd of people waiting to order and waiting for their foods to be serve we waited for 20min before we can order. We ordered black pepper crab, cereal prawns, shark fins, etc. I like the black pepper crab as it was well cooked with black pepper sauce , it was spicy and the meat was fresh and tender. The cereal prawn is very juicy and crunchy. continue reading
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It’s unfair to compare No Signboard Seafood to Jumbo. However, having moved from the East Coast, where Jumbo was frequently patronized (and loved), it’s hard not to make comparisons. I will start off, by telling you that the menu at No Signboard looks different. Well, as different as two seafood restaurants can get at least. There’s slight variations on the ubiquitous array of seafood, meats and dishes on offer; a page dedicated to the Bull Frog and deer dishes that looked irresistible (to me, not my date unfortunately). The table next to us had crayfish coated in a cheesy sauce. Interesting concept. We skipped the usual crab on account we’d been unpacking all day and didn’t have the energy to battle crab shells and secret compartments of meaty goodness. So we ordered a simple meal: crispy baby squid, chilli chicken, baby kai lan, pork ribs fried in batter and seafood fried rice. The food certainly had a distinct flavour; the sambal was more pungent and generously laid on. Perhaps not as appeasing to a foreigners’ taste buds as my own. I suppose a fair comparison to make between No Signboard and Jumbo is to say that No Signboard has remained true to the strong local flavours (with the exception of the crayfish swimming in cheese), while Jumbo caters for a larger audience and is careful not to offend delicate sensibilities. Especially when it comes to the strength of the sambal. The dining experience WAS completely different. Dining at No Signboard in Geylang posses a certain thrill. Signs hanging above the restaurant warn diners to beware of pickpockets, and white baskets are provided by the friendly staff to stow away bags and belongings out of sight of desperate eyes. It’s quite refreshing to feel the danger in Singapore – even though we know (let’s face it), nothing is really going to happen. The staff were really friendly. The beer ladies were clearly professionals; pouring your last 3 inches of beer into a fresh icy mug. Genius. The servers were fast on their feet; though some didn’t speak English. Another sign that No Signboard caters to a different clientele. The food came out in a flash, and the lady who started the restaurant with her husband meticulously runs the show from behind the counter. She doesn’t look a day older than her picture taken in the 60s. Maybe the powerful sambal is her secret elixir of youth. continue reading
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