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No Signboard Seafood has the most famous white pepper crab which every crab lover will love. continue reading
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Level3 2016-02-07
Plan a lunch at ESPLANADE No signboard for their signature disk. Place was nicely decorated and not much people at possibly all out for last minute shopping. We ordered their 2 signature disk white pepper crab and home made tofu with a veg. Serving was about 10mins. White pepper crab was first. Taste was fantastic and first try. This crab was Italy crab and meat was tender. The chilli level is average. Then tofu and vag finally arrive. Tofu was served with some minced meat and very fragrance smell and taste. So nice like melt in your mouth. Ha. Veg was normal but I found to be slightly expensive side overall. But a nice experience and will come again next time. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-20
My friend is back for USA for a few days and we decide to bring her out to her favourite seafood. After some considerations, we decide to go to No Signboard at Esplanade.A must and will order, Chili crab. The crabs are so fresh and huge and the sauce is so thick and it blend so well with the crab.Deep fried man tou, dip this in the chilli crab sauce, and it is so nice, you can easily eat at least 2-3 man tou.Deep fried fish, hong kong style, the meat of the fish is not over fried, still tender and yet it absorb the sauce making it tasty.Sambal kangkong, nothing much to rave, just a normal dish, but their sambal sauce is fragrant and nice.Herbal prawns, the prawns are crispy, huge and fresh. The soup is strong with herbs taste and is so sweet and nice. continue reading
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Level3 2012-03-26
I came here with friends for birthday celebrationsecond time trying out For their crab is go by weight,so such a few crab actually costed us about $60 ,But i was very nice,Inside very tender ,Chilli have mild lemon grass aromaThe mantou goes well with the spicy chilli dip ,Also tried their coconut drink,it was very sweet but very refreshing tooWaiting time was about 15minsOverall i rate 7/10 continue reading
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Level2 2011-10-26
We were quite a big group and were coming after work to celebrate a birthday. Although we had a reservation, we could at first not be seated as none of the waiters was aware of our booking. When the head waitress found our reservation we could finally sit down.As we were waiting for the rest of the group to join us we started with some drinks first. We should already have placed our order though as it took half an hour for the seafood dishes to be prepared after we had ordered them. But that was really our fault as it is expected that dishes that are freshly prepared require some waiting time.We had white pepper crab, chili crab, fruity lobster salad, stir fried vegetables, coffee ribs, fried dough filled with baby squid and some buns.I didn't try the fried dough but according to my dining companions it was nice. The buns were plain and thus nothing to write home about but came in handy when you wanted to relieve the spicy aftertaste of the crab.The stirfried vegetable was nice and crunchy but they used a little too much oil for my liking.The lobster salad tasted nice and fruity but they used too little lobster meat (supposedly in an attempt to make more money). The preparation was quite unappealing. The salad came on a big plate with the empty lobster shell at the side for decoration. Quite redundant, but what was unappealing was the salad itself. Orange fillets were place around the big something in the middle that was supposed to be the lobster salad. But no lovely white almost translucent meat was to be seen. Only thick heavy dressing with the texture of heavy whipped cream or mayonnaise...Although this looked quite off-putting, the taste was nice. Crunchy apples and other fruits (the varieties were hardly recognizable as their taste was covered by the orange taste of the dressing) built a nice contrast texture-wise to the bouncy lobster meat. Less dressing and more lobster would have made this a lovely dish, like this it was only ok.The crabs were prepared nicely. Of the two, the white pepper crab was the clear winner though. The gravy of the chili crab was a little too sweet for my liking. However it was positive that the spiciness was moderate and didn't overpower the crab taste. The brief verdict of my Singaporean dining companions: 'We have tasted better chili crab'... I could only agree although I am still quite new to my adopted country....The white pepper crab though was simply shiok!!!! White pepper in my opinion enhances the elegant and subtle taste of the seafood whereas black pepper tends to kill/mask it. When the crab was gone -which was very soon after the dish had arrived- we continued eating the garlic chives that were fried with the crabs in order to enjoy the nice flavour a bit longer.Finally and six bottles of wine into the meal one of us had the -brilliant- idea to order coffee ribs. Although we were all pretty full already, we still enjoyed them a lot. They were not starchy sweet but had a nice mildly smoky burnt coffee flavour and an appealing brownish colour. All in all a very satisfying dinner.A final note regarding the drinks selection: the wine list is very short, so you migt want to check with the restaurant if you can bring your own wine. They serve only two kinds of beer (well, I don't care because I hate beer anyway) but two of us were mentioning they would have preferred more choices.The service was mixed. It was not too well organised (remember they couldn't find our reservation) but generally friendly, polite and not intrusive. It felt a little awkward though when around 11pm the waiters started eyeing us which made it pretty clear that they wished us to leave so they can go home... I don't blame them for this but they shouldn't have shown their sentiments so obviously.On the whole: recommended to try! Good quality food; service and drinks selection can be improved but the yummy white pepper crabs clearly make more than up for it!!!! continue reading
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Level4 2011-04-26
As part of the birthday celebration for my father last year, we decided to go for a seafood feast, and what better place to go than No Signboard for its famous white pepper crab? I am actually not a fan of crabs, but my family loves it. We decided on the Esplanade branch since it is nearest branch from city hall. We ordered some other staples like the coffee pork ribs, homemade tofu and veggies(not pictured) besides the white pepper crab. The pork ribs is rather sweet with a hint of bitterness from the coffee taste. The sesame seeds add a nice touch to the overall flavour. Not bad, just that the pork ribs a a wee bit too fatty for me. Everyone had good comments on the homemade tofu - soft and silky with a crispy exterior. The minced pork goes very well with the tofu and of course with rice. I have no comments on the crab, but my family enjoyed it. The service was pretty alright - but then again, it is because there isn't much of a crowd, since we were there early. The prices are pretty resonable for the ambience and place. Depending on my family's cravings for white pepper crab, we will come back soon! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)