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Nogawa Japanese Restaurant is Singapore's first sushi restaurant since 1978. Nogawa offers the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine that exceeds the standards of even those with the most refined tastes. Discerning individuals who value exclusivity and extravagant gastronomic indulgence will discover an incredible dining experience behind each serving of handcrafted perfection. The restaurant is also adorned with sushi counter seats, a main dining area and an additional private room. An authentic ambience and divine cuisine all come together to create the unforgettable Nogawa experience. continue reading
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Review (2)
Level4 2010-10-28
My first visit to Nogawa a year ago didn't leave me with a good impression. I found the food to be average and service was rather poor. A year later, I went back again and was still not impressed.I won't elaborate on the "normal" dishes.. Here are some of the food which I like well enough but can also be found elsewhere:1. Anago: Love this! I just love eel, no matter how it's prepared so I'm pretty biased haha. This was so soft, yum.2. Uni sushi: The whole combination of well-seasoned rice and buttery melt-in-the-mouth sea urchin is excellent.3. Choya jelly: Very strong choya fragrance and the jelly was firm to the bite. continue reading
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Level2 2010-07-06
Sitting at the counter is not a likely option for me whenever I go to Japanese restaurants because I prefer to look my dining companion in the eye when conversing. This time round, I’m here at Nogawa Restaurant.......The Special Sushi Set ($30) is only available during lunch and it comes with chawanmushi, miso soup and cut fruits.It was my first time coming across Akagai Sushi (Ark-Shell) and bravely, I tackled it first. It was surprisingly chewy and rubbery but I found it difficult to chew to the point whereby I could swallow it properly. There was a tug-of-war going on between my teeth, telling me to continuing chewing, and the back my tongue which was calling out to me to give up the fight and just swallow it all. Don’t ask me who won The Tako Otsumami Sushi (Boiled Octopus) was tender and slightly sweet. It was definitely easier to chew.I was totally invigorated after eating the Salmon Sushi and Maguro Sushi (Tuna). The raw fish were thickly sliced and very fresh, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since all fish (except Salmon) are imported from Japan on a daily basis.Be warned! The Kohada Sushi (Shad) is definitely not for the faint-hearted! It has an extremely strong fishy taste and smell. If you are having any of the sushi sets, you may wanna inform the chef to spare you from it and I’m sure he will be glad to prepare something else for you.I was really glad that I left the Futomaki and Negitoro (Minced Fatty Tuna) to serve as my own palate cleanser for getting rid of the lingering fishy taste.The Chawanmushi was not particularly rich but I closed an eye upon finding a fairly generous piece of prawn. Yes, I’m superficial.The service here is impeccable and at closing time, we witnessed the chefs and kimono-clad waitresses ushering out the customers as they stood to leave.I will return, I’m sure.Special Sushi Set cost me $35 after GST. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)