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Level4 2015-05-14
I've always been a fan of froyo (frozen yogurt) during my college days back in the states and it's nice to see more and more creative froyo shops like Nookie popping up. After the success of Montana brew bar, also located at POMO, famed for their chicken and waffles, red velvet waffles and matcha waffles. The owners decided to open a froyo shop just a few feet away from Montana Brew Bar.Is Nookie here to give Llao Llao a run for it's money? At $6.90 per Nookie Signature, you get about 2 types fruits per cup. You can also check out the pyrex of water on the left filled with mango, passionfruit spheres. Little jelly-like balls that squirt out mango, passionfruit juice. It was the highlight of the matcha waffles I had at Montana Brew Bar and I needed to try more of them!The Nookie signatures are truly interesting. I wanted to try the Mango sticky rice but was told that they had run out of cubed mangoes and were in the process of cutting them.Starring at the huge tube of Matcha sauce, I decided to go with my favourite matcha choice. I guess the queues at Llao Llao are always due to the fact that the staff has to construct your froyo, but at Nookie, It was pretty enjyoyable watching them meticulously design your Nookie Signature, so much so that tourist walking by, stopped to admire the "performance"One thing I dislike about froyos is that they melt so quickly in our hot and humid tropical climate. Unlike competitors which have indoor seating with air conditioning to help lessen the sufferings of daily Singaporeans, Nookie has no indoor dining area. It's just, pay, grab and go. Which is I feel that my LLao LLao doesn't melt as fast, because I'm eating it indoors in the comfort of air conditioning.And here we have it, Matcha Black Sesame. The black sesame were more of powered crumbs, I wouldn't say that they were an added crunch, but it was nice to taste the black sesame in the froyo. The froyo itself didn't taste too sour or icy, it was just right!The mango passionfruit spheres did not disappoint, I enjoyed each drop of juice in them! There were watermelon and honeydew cubes in my froyo but I as reached that point, all the froyo at the bottom of the cup had turned into yogurt juice.  continue reading
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