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The greatest luxury of all is simplicity: honest flavours, authentic techniques and ingredients, traditional craftsmanship, and the complete absence of gimmickry. Note di Sicilia uses only the purest and most authentic ingredients in their quest to share their tradition with others. continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-12
Note Di Silicia caught my eyes as I was walking along Quayside Isle after dinner, with its bold monochrome tiles and its attractive teacup-prints counter. I walked in and discovered that it was a gelato specialty shop. Instead of the usual inviting fridge displays for gelato, the ones here were well-hidden in metal tubs, buried into the counter table. The only clue as to what flavours are offered are the rather clumsy, DIY signs.I was told that the gelato flavours change on a daily basis as new batches are freshly-made every day. Traditional techniques are employed to create gelato that does not contain any colouring, preservatives and artificial flavouring. All water, milk and ingredients have been carefully sourced.Each waffle cone starts from $8, while cup starts from $10. I ordered a $12 cone, which entitled me to 2 flavours. Dark Chocolate and Chestnut were my pick! The former was pure indulgence – it was almost like eating frozen dark chocolate, melted, while the latter was their signature flavour. Indeed, the chestnut flavour was very subtle, yet sufficient to taste, hence perfectly complementing my Dark Chocolate gelato. I like how the gelati are not too sweet, maintaining the taste of the main ingredients in its purest forms. The waffle cone had a unique milk taste; definitely one of the better ones around. Despite the premium price, no doubt the best and freshest ingredients are used in the making of the gelato. My only gripe is that the gelati melted very quickly, though not a problem if you aren’t taking any photos.Note Di Silicia treats their gelato with high dignity. I have also recently discovered that Capella Hotel is serving their gelato. So if you ask me, yes, it’s definitely worth a try!For full review and more photos, please visit www.foodiepink.wordpress.com continue reading
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Level3 2013-07-26
This review is so titled because Note di Sicilia really wows in more ways than one. Nestled in the cluster of restaurants and bars/pubs at Quayside Isle, the cafe first caught my eye with a chic array of neon-colored, lighted pedestal seats outside the cafe.It was a total juxtaposition for the cafe interior - one can definitely feel the efforts made to recreate the ambience of an authentic Italian gelateria. Classy murals adorn the walls along the sitting area, and there's even a very traditional pushcart by the side to complete the feel.Gelato wise, Note di Sicilia brings a lot more to the table as well. There's 3 broad categories available: 1. Granita - fruit flavored ices with a slight granulated texture2. Gelati - creamy flavoured ice creams made from fresh milk3. Sorbetti - desserts made only from fruits and spring waterAll 3 categories tasted very much different, I had the Pistachio from the Gelati range - the ice cream was silky smooth and the fragrance of the pistachio nut can literally be savoured with every mouthful. The other flavour I tried was the Coffee from the Granita family. Intense and slightly more on the bitter side, the coffee granita came across as a coffee slurpee with a very generous, concentrated dose(s) of espresso. Maybe because of the ice content, it melted way faster, but it was still some pretty passable iced coffee.The Italian dessert experience would not have been complete without trying the Cannolo, a traditional Sicilian sweet treat of creamy ricotta stuffed in a crispy biscuit pipe and a healthy sprinkle of chocolate chips on both ends. It was definitely something new, the creamy ricotta tasted quite nice with the crunch of the biscuit, and the chocolate chips just added a touch of diversity to the overall flavour profile. The ricotta did get a tad cloying to the end as I hit the centre of the Cannolo without the chocolate chips.The last surprise Note di Sicilia sprang on me came with the bill. There weren't any price tags displayed prominently, so I went into the cafe assuming the general price point of $6-7 a cup for gelato. The total bill I was presented with was $31.35; $8.50 for the Cannolo and $10 a cup for the gelato. Ouch.It was indeed a nice place to hang out, the perfect ambience by the quay. But the price just stings for te unprepared. For chocolate lovers like me, I'd advise visiting the cafe earlier as the more popular flavours are usually sold out by 5-6pm. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)