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More pics and thoughts at http://lepakwithyaops.com/november-8-coffee-company-cafe-coffee-waffles-at-thomson-vFollow Lepak WIth Yaops on Instagram and FacebookIt's been almost a year and I'm back here at November 8 specially for their waffle which the owner highly boast about! With certain expectation, I was more or less looking forward to it. I could actually smell it before seeing it as there was a strong buttery fragrance lingering along the corridor.Without much hesitation, I ordered the Thai Milk Tea Waffle ($10.5) and their highly esteemed Latte ($4.5).First came the latte with a improved Rosetta latte art. Very nicely defined edges and frothed milk. However, it was lacking in body and didn't pack a punch like how it was in the past.Soon came the waffle. Not very photogenic, but thankfully there was nice brick counter which served as a nice backdrop.The waffle was disappointing (partly contributed by the expectation). Texture wasn't consistent as some parts were soft and other crispy. More importantly, the waffle didn't taste as good as its aroma.Ice cream was flat nor creamy.I don't know when will be my next visit, however, I hope I will regain my confidence in November 8 as how it was during my first few visit. continue reading
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Level4 2015-03-07
Woohoo, exam weeks have ended! To entertain myself after struggling with 4 business-related subjects (what a great excuse!), I went for a Wednesday brunch. Chose November 8 since it's located quite close to campus, within a short bus ride away.November 8 is hidden inside Thomson V Two building. There's no visible entrance from outside, the entrance can be located from L1 arcade. I noticed recently they has changed their off-day from Wednesdays to Tuesdays (lucky me, I've never browsed about their operation hours before). The atmosphere was laid-back, to my surprise the space was quite ample, compared to usual cafes that are crampy. I like the decor, it looks artsy with rattan rocking horse, colorful fixie bike, a guitar hanging on a shelf, and coffee bean sacks.Cranberry Juice - $4It's just Snapple poured in a glass, note it down! I guess you can't expect freshly squeezed juice for such price, is it? Bf ordered 2 glasses coz he had finished the first one even before the food came.Cappuccino - $4.50They use Dutch Colony coffee beans for their coffee. My cappuccino came with a decent latte art. A bit too acidic for me, it became more robust as it got colder.Waffle Breakfast - $15.50signature waffles with gourmet pork sausage, bacon and scrambled eggs, served with maple syrupA lot reviews say that waffle is November 8's strength, but somehow I couldn't prove it. The waffle was tough, hard to cut, served cold and lacked of fragrant scent. Nevertheless, I love their scrambled eggs, the texture was creamy and a bit runny, but it would be better if it's not that bland. The crispy bacon was another plus point. The pork sausage was big-sized and flavorful, except that it's a tad too dense for my liking.Potato Rosti - $16.50pan-seared freshly shredded potato, served with scrambled eggs, gourmet pork sausage and baconBf said the rosti tasted rather weird, but for me nothing wrong with it, Slightly oily but it had a nice texture and seasoning.Excuse that Nokia phone hahaOverall, our brunch was quite enjoyable, but unfortunately I had to left 2 pieces of my waffle unfinished, since I was too full and the waffle wasn't really toothsome. If it was, I probably would fight to finish it no matter how full I was! Another rant, we had to wait so long for our food! I reckon it's above 25 minutes. Even though breakfast menus usually have a lot of elements, I still don't think they will require that long to serve. Is this cafe worth another visit? Yea, probably.For more reviews, kindly visit http://ariellacahya.blogspot.com continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-24
November 8 is a hipster cafe hidden in Thomson V Two Condominium building.I'm not sure about weekdays but during the weekends & public holidays, this cafe is always crowded and noisy within 30mins after they opened at 12pm. Do quickly place your order once you're seated as the waiting time for the food is around 30mins time! Their food & waffle quality were indeed 1 of the BEST among the cafes! So we gotta be a little more patient to wait for the nice food...Big Breakfast - Bacon, Gourmet Pork Sausage, Gourmet York Ham, Honey Ham, Tomato, Sautéed Mushroom & Roasted Potato served on Focaccia Bread with Scrambled Eggs.I must say all the combination here were great! Scrambled eggs were cooked to almost perfection (melted in the mouth) except it tasted a tad bland. Pork sausage was very peppery - I like! Focaccia Bread was soft & the rest of the items were very nice too. Nothing much to complain. A very filling & delightful breakfast!Thai Iced Tea Waffle - Waffle with Thai Iced Tea Gelato ice cream & homemade Gula Meleka Sauce. I'm not really a waffle fan but I must say - Wow, i was really impressed with their waffle when i had my first bite on it! It was slightly crisp at the outside but fluffy inside with very aromatic gula melaka sauce and icing sugar on it! As for the Thai Iced Tea ice-cream, we were a tad disappointed as it did not have any robust taste, the taste of the iced tea was too mild...There is No GST and No Service Charge!For full review and photos, please visit:http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2014/11/november-8-coffee-company-11-sin-ming.html continue reading
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Level1 2014-06-30
1st visit with hubby, cozy place for brunch & the food was not bad despite having not too fantastic raves. We had Sweet Potato Fries, Potato Rosti & Waffle Ice-cream(Belgian Chocolate).The sweet potato fries were fine, would have tasted better if they were crisper, ours was a little on the softer side.Potato Rosti was great! Even the guy who's not a fan of such food likes it. Rosti was served at the side, with the scrambled egg, sausage, bacon & greens at the side. No soggy rosti at all. All well cooked Waffle Ice-cream was ok too. I liked it a little crisp & sweetness own its own within. Drizzled with chocolate sauce & a scoop of not too bad Belgian ice-cream.No service charge & gst but they do actually serve you. If the potato fries could have been served earlier than the rosti it would be great & if their female staffs with long hair could actually tie them up would be neater though.Worth a re-visit! continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-15
I have known and been to this area, Thomson, for years, but not even once I took notice of this building called Thomson V Two. It is kind of like a hidden gem where it houses several cafes in this humble site. Needless to say, with the numerous sprouting along the main road of Upper Thomson Road, Thomson V Two can easily be forgotten. Wooden furniture, and music and brewing coffee as companion, it is indeed a cosy cafe to dine at. This rugged feel tend to make me feel at home, always Oven-Baked Salmon ($20.00): Herbs-marinated Salmon with cauliflowers and baby carrots. This main is not well-received by us because the salmon fillets, the highlight, are over-cooked. The meat does not fall off nicely upon slicing, and is a tad tough.All Day Breakfast: Big Breakfast ($20.00): consisting of scrambled eggs with bacon, gourmet pork sausage, gourmet york ham, premium smoked ham, tomato and mushroom. In contrast to the Salmon, we have little complaints.Thin Crust Pizza: Japanese Pizza ($15.00): Crust is indeed thin and dough is believed to be handmade. We love the contents, and have managed to taste out the inclusion of wasabi, mayo, sotong.For more details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.com/2014/06/november-8-coffee-company.html continue reading
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