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Level4 2016-06-20
The outlet takes over the space of the well known Ritz Apple Strudel store. The branch is the 3rd outlet after Burghley Drive and Tanjong Katong. The outlet has 3 floors of dine in area, as well as, alfresco dine area. The washroom is at the second level. Those with kids would prefer the second level which has finely shaved ice to play with. The outlet is open 24 hours and there is free wifi available.After placing order at the first floor counter, one would be given a pagar, which will light up when the food is ready for collection at the first floor.Pat Bingsu ($12.90)The shaved ice had a very finely texture which simply melt in the mouth. It did not taste too sweet. I like the crunchy fragrant toasted almond slices. If you prefer a sweeter taste, there is syrup at the counter to help yourself to. I like that there was a layer of soya bean powder in the shaved ice. continue reading
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Nunsongyee (snowflake) is a relatively new Korean dessert cafe that is situated in the busy streets of Bugis, right across from Toast Box at Bugis Junction. You will find this 24 hours 7 days a week bingsu shop!They specialise in authentic Korean dessert, mainly Bingsu, and things like toast and even spicy rice cake. You can pick from a variety of Bingsu like Pat Bingsu, Oreo Bingsu, Cheesecake Bingsu, or go for premium bingsu like sesame bingsu, coffee bingsu and strawberry bingsu! The snowflakes bingsus are priced at $14.90 and below, whereas the premium bingsu are priced at $18.90. Though there is no GST or service charge, I still feel that these are premium prices, despite the humble beginings of Nunsongyee at Burghley Drive The queue for the payment wasn't too long but the queue for the tables were crazier. The korean lady at the cashier would ask everyone in line if they had a table. If you didn't have a table, she wouldn't take your order. There are lots of steps to climb, take note! There's two floors of dining area, all of which is air conditioned. Nunsongyee doesn't waste any space on the ground floor, on the ground floor you have a tiny cashier with a menu board and that's it! So figure out what you want and make payment. You will be handed a buzzer that is rung when your order is ready.Only on the ground floor, you have an al fresco dining setup. On a non-hazy friday cool night, it was perfect. It took us 30 minutes to find a table for 6! Despite them being open for over a month now, the bingsu craze is still on-going!1. Cheesecake Bingsu $14.90Their versions of bingsu are made of milk, thus they do not use the term "shaved ice". You can immediately taste the milky goodness in your first mouthful. The cheesecake bingsu came in a reasonable portion size. The bingsu was completely covered by the toppings of digestive biscuit crumbs, cheesecake and vanilla ice cream. A small cup of condensed milk came with the bingsu.The ccup of condensed milk made the bingsu have an even stronger milky after-taste. This was something that I could appreciate in comparison to the coffee bingsu which had a bitter after-taste. The ice cream was very smooth and creamy. The cheesecake bits were slightly soury and they were quite dense despite their small cube sizes.2. Coffee Bingsu $18.90The coffee bingsu came dressed in almond flakes and a small serving of legit coffee to be poured over the bingsu. The coffee itself wasn't warm, so it didn't melt the ice cream or the shaved ice. I liked that we had ordered both a sweet bingsu aka the cheesecake bingsu as well as a bitter bingsu aka the coffee bingsu. Both had contrasting tastes and everyone enjoyed them both!I love the texture of the shaved ice, it's as smooth as snow!! The portion here is actually the same as the non-premium bingsus. Either ways, each bingsu is meant to be shared with at least 2-3pax.Almost all of of the bingsus here at Nunsongyee come topped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Interestingly despite dining outdoors on the ground floor, the ice cream didn't melt immediately as you would've expected. The ice cream lasted quite a while, before getting annihilated  by our spoons.This is like a dream come true for those who have sweet cravings at any hour of the day, or need an alternate late-night hangout place to drinking joints.The prices at Nunsongyee are a bit high especially if you opt for the premium bingsu and add toppings.Besides bingsu, Nunsongyee also offers a menu of Signature Toast ($8.90 to $12.90) and Korean Rice Cake ($6.90 to $8.90), as well as beverages of Coffee, Tea and Smoothies ($3.70 to $6.90). continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)