Novu, a 152-seater restaurant, Nuvo’s menu features a series of traditional Italian favourites combined with exceptional signature flavours of modern Asian cuisine. continue reading
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Level4 2015-03-15
For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2015/02/21/nuvo/Tucked in a corner of Marina Square Shopping Centre’s The Dining Edition, NUVO is a little difficult (but worth the effort) to find. Executive Chef Mark Richard (formerly from Keystone), helms the kitchen and marries Italian and Japanese cuisine to create unexpectedly exciting and creative hybrid fare.The restaurant itself is spacious, decorated in muted tones and furnished with warm woods. It also has a lounge with an extensive wine list, specially crafted cocktails, spirits, rums and liquors, plus bar snacks for those who like to graze.Our dinner started with warm herb bread basked with seaweed butter.Oh, the velvety Vanilla Mushroom Soup was so lovely! The first thing that hit us was the aroma of the White Truffle essence, drizzled onto a flowy Onsen Egg.The Salmon Crudo was dressed with Furikake Tobiko, Yuzu Pon and adorn with green apple. I was lukewarm towards this entree, but M enjoyed it.The classic North Italian Eggplant Parmigiana with mozzarella and tomato fondue is given a Japanese twist with the addition of sweet miso. Nothing too fancy, just simple and genuine.Made from roasted bone marrow, the Agnus Osso Buco Stew had an unusual partnership with Tsukii Oyster Fritter. The starter was spruced up with shimeiji mushrooms and pickled cucumber for bursts of acidity. I personally felt the combination too heavy, and would have preferred something lighter to highlight the rich flavors of the stew.One of NUVO’s signature dishes, each strand of the al dente Angel Hair Wakame is coated with Lobster essence and Rayu oil (chilli oil), providing just the right amount of mellow flavour and heat. The simple but delicious pasta was adorned with Tamago Furikake, which added another dimension to it.M’s Pepperoni and Ricotta Niku Dango was wholesome and gratifying. Tossed in spiced tomato sauce and sweet peas, each ribbon of pasta had a nice, firm bite and was not too thick, thus inheriting the flavors from the sauce beautifully. More Italian influence is observed in the tender Japanese meatballs, which had Ricotta Cheese embedded within.Sweets included in the set meal were really dainty, but the Fuji Apple and Parmigiano Reggiano Torta dessert was so captivating I wished it was full-sized. The elegant pastry had a mild savory flavour imparted from the cheese, harmoniously complemented with Fig and Honey Ice Cream.Less stellar was the Japanese Kinako Delight, with espresso and honeycomb giving the western touch. While the mochi’s texture was beautifully soft and chewy, the combination of flavors didn’t make quite make an impression.Thanks to Amex’s 30licious promotion, the bill came up to $35 per head,. Despite some misses, we felt NUVO offerings are appealing enough to warrant a repeat visit. On weekdays, the restaurant serves 3-course set lunches for $15++ and 4-course set dinners for $35++. On weekends, diners can look forward to Nuvo’s Bottomless Prosecco Brunch a la carte Buffet ($40++) continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-17
The restaurant is located in a out of the area in the shopping mall. It is known for its Japanese Italian food. The restaurant has an interesting dine in area. This month the restaurant is having a 30licious menu at S$30++ when one pay with American Express Card.We start the meal with a breadstick each and some butter. The breakstick is served hot and has tomato taste.SoupApplewood Smoked Tomatoes (usual $10)Momotaro . Italian Sausage . PecorinoThe soup is quite tangy and creamy, but lacking of the sour taste which is commonly found in tomato soup.Vanilla Mushrooms (usual $10)Onsen Egg . White True Essence . CroutonsWe could smell the truffle oil from far. It smells great and tastes quite rich. The only thing is that the serving looks quite small.EntréeSalmon crudo (usual $18)Furikake . Tobiko . Yuzu Pon . CorianderWe are surprised by the dish. Thin slices of raw salmon in sesame dressing, topped with crunchy green apple sticks. A great combination.Angus osso buco stew (usual $28)Shimeiji Mushrooms . Tsukiji Oyster Fritters . Pickled CrumbleServed with a basil tasting thick sauce, it helps to cover the strong taste from the deep fried oyster.Main Angel hair wakame (usual $18/ $24)Tamago Fukikake . Lobster Essence . Rayu OilIt served pipping and looks quite simple, but tastes quite yummy for such a plain looking pasta dish.Kurobuta pork belly (usual $32)Kakuni Style . Seaweed Fries . Karashi AioliIt is served on a wooden board. The piece of pork belly looks real fatty with its layers of fat, but it has melt in the mouth texture. Sweets Japanese kinako delight (usual $12)Azuki Beans . Espresso . HoneycombThe Japanese style mochi is very smooth and light, while the red bean paste has salty taste, follows by a bitter aftertaste, unlike the usual sweet version. It is very unique.Fuji apple and parimigiano - reggiano torta (usual $14)Fig and Honey Ice Cream . Crumble . Flake AlmondsThe dessert is served hot and soft. It reminds one of bread pudding with its texture, but very cheese after taste. The ice cream is crunchy and not too sweet. The hot and cold combination is a great one.Although the servings look small for most of the dishes, we are both quite full after the meal. The place is quite relaxing and unqiue in its own way. The food served is unique and light in taste. continue reading
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see my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2014/09/10/affordable-nouveau-lunch-sets-nuvo-on-8sep2014/a friend recommended nuvo. the ongoing S$15pax set lunches looked ok (even though it had a lot of supplements for dish selections) so 6 of us went for lunch on 8.9.2014. chef mark richards hailed from keystone (which i went several times when it was accepting palate privileges – 50% discount for 2pax ala carte. i viewed keystone as the standard of saint pierre & slightly less expensive), and excelled in sous vide techniques.the restaurant was located at the food edition at marina square at the corner facing citylink mall & suntec convention centre. it was nice, bright & airy & had a attached bar that was directly overlooking raffles link & raffles boulevard. we all commented this a place to be to watch the F1 (though i always prefer the couch at home..haha..not to mention it cost S$500 to come here & watched the cars turned round a corner!).we were debating the name. i googled afterwards but there was no special meaning associated with the word so likely nuvo was just short for nouveau. i was late, arriving at 12.15pm. the restaurant soon filled up & i would say perhaps >70% occupied during lunch hour on a monday.a practice that did not find favour with me was NOT serving tap water. we ordered 1 still & 1 sparkling for 6pax. they cost S$4.50each for a 500ml bottle. for me, i looked at the overall price vs the food & experience so paying S$9 for bottled water for 6pax (which also meant we have to drink less water) was not a big issue.the olive focaccia bread with herb butter was pretty good, ok. there were 3 choices of starters & main courses & 2 choices of dessert.i thought my spiced carrot soup (top photo) with mascarpone, croutons & honey was really good & of fine dining standard. it was creamy, smooth in texture & flavourful, looked wonderful as well!the smoked salmon with wasabi cream, furikake & baby spinach came with S$3 supplement. it looked great & appetising. the thick square cuts looked like more like ceviche, cured or sashimi. my friends all liked the dish. i asked 1 friend afterwards. he said the combination of flavours with the baby spinach was great. the tempura soft shell crab had S$4 supplement. soft shell crab not my favourite dish but this looked fine & no complaints on the taste. 3 of us took the grilled pork collar on our friend’s recommendations. 2 took the risotto & 1 took the pesto cold soba.the pork collar had good consistent texture of sous vide. the chef is famous for his sous vide cuisine. the friend who took cold soba & i both commented that the pork collar was kind of lean. i personally would prefer it the usual fatty collar. the 2 other friends prefer it lean. fries were good. mash/cold slaw? were good too. i didn’t take much of either.the squid risotto looked a bit skimpy to me. 5 or 6 pieces of squid on risotto. maybe it was the minimalist philosophy (just kidding…lol). i asked 1 friend afterwards. he agreed it was kind of plain.the friend who took soba said it was too salty & maybe the set lunch was not that great for the price. i said a zaru soba could cost S$12 to S$15 so everything depended on how good the taste.i hardly ever ordered panna cotta in singapore. so i started with the green tea mochi. when the dessert were served, i thought the panna cotta with honeycomb looked quite good so i asked to change the dessert (S$4 supplement). i had excellent panna cotta at pizzeria balognett at tremezzo, i thought i would give the singapore version a try since it looked quite good. it was pretty good – light, smooth texture – but nothing amazing. the green tea kochi also looked competent.overall including S$1.50pax for the mineral water, my share came to S$25++ (S$30nett). to me it was pretty ok & something i would not mind doing again. continue reading
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Level4 2014-04-11
Nuvo provides a calming, simplistic-elegant atmosphere in a spacious setting, exuding rustic vibes of city enjoyment. The circular shape of the restaurant gives it a unique feel, and the wood furniture gives a touch of nature. We felt at ease here, completely relaxed even. There was music and subtley-lit lightings to complement.Breadsticks were served - crispy on the outside and fluffy soft on the inside, with prettily carved butter for accompaniment.Four of us decided to order some dishes to share so we could try more items. So we started with a large bowl of Vanilla Mushroom. It is basically cream of mushroom with a light flavor and an egg beaten into it. It was smooth instead of thick or gooey as some mushroom soups tend to be.Next, we had the Mains. The first was the Baked Olive Black Cod - a tender piece of sweet cod flesh with a seared exterior, bathed in a pool of sumptuous gravy, mushrooms and shelled prawns. The gravy was sapid and savoury with gently-sweet overtures.We also attacked the Korubuta Pork Belly - a very tender chunk of flesh with collagen-rich skin and served with good-sized crispy fries on the side. There was a coleslaw-like side as well, but we could not put our finger to its exact contents.For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/04/dinner-at-nuvo-restaurant-lounge-at.html continue reading
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Nuvo was offering an irresistible deal on their set lunch @ $13++ (apparently until end February 2014) so we dropped by for lunch one Saturday afternoon since we were in the vicinity. Helmed by Chef Mark Richards, former chef de cuisine of Keystone Restaurant, Nuvo falls under the same management (Caerus Holdings) as that of Lady M (which I personally like) in Singapore.Hidden from plain sight in a corner of the newly opened "The Dining Edition" in Marina Square, Nuvo's interior utilises quite a bit of wood, which gives it a more down to earth feel. The open concept kitchen offers diners an opportunity to watch their food being prepared if they so wish but honestly, it would be weird hanging around the serving counter. Complimentary Bread - The complimentary bread was warm and crusty with hints of Parmesan. Pretty decent especially with a thin spread of the accompanying Nori butter. A pity each person was only accorded one roll.Warm Japanese Mushroom Salad - This dish honestly didn't look like much but it sure was nice. Tossed up with pine nuts, asparagus, shallots and Japanese mushroom, the salad (baby spinach) had a pleasing, savoury sweet note to it. I have honestly never been so enamoured with a salad. And I say this from having the salad on 3 separate occasions @ Nuvo. Angel Hair Wakame pasta with Lobster Essence and Rayu Oil - One of the signature dishes at Nuvo, the angel hair pasta had a nice firm bite to it, soaking in the mild spiciness of the rayu oil (chilli oil) and the sweet saltiness of the wakame (seaweed). Overall a very flavourful pasta dish that had me reaching for my glass of water a little more frequently due to the higher than acceptable (apparently only to me) salt content. And strangely enough, it is marked as a vegetarian pasta dish (how about the lobster essence?).Lobster Risotto - Another signature dish and one that is close to my heart (and mouth). The lobster risotto is only available on the ala carte menu and a small serving (as per my picture) will set you back by $28++ while the larger one is about $36++ if my memory serves me right. It was a simple yet well executed dish. The risotto was nicely al dente, cooked in a rich lobster broth with small chunks of lobster and edamame - creamily good! Well worth the money in my humble opinion. Pocky Ricotta Cheese Cake - This dessert was rather interesting, with the top of the cheese cake adorned with chocolate swirls and the base made from crushed Pocky (yes, the $1 box of Pocky you can get from supermarkets). But all the bells and whistles aside, it just tasted like a light, decently made cheesecake that provided a nice, sweet ending to our meal. With a price tag of $13++ for an appetiser, main and dessert of above average quality, what's not to like? Service was good as well but intervals between the dishes could have been shorter. Also, the website states opening hours from 11am to 11pm but they didn't open until 12pm during this particular visit. And such things definitely don't leave good impressions. But having said that, I'll definitely return to indulge in the lobster risotto and to sample other offerings. See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2014/02/nuvo-restaurant.html continue reading
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