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The Meatball That Ate Manhattan The Prawn Who Got Creamed
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Level2 2015-02-08
We were here during tea time on a weekend. There was no queue and we were promptly seated. As we hadn't had lunch, we ordered two mains and a cake to share. I'd been wanting to try their burgers because it looked amazing when I saw it on someone's table the previous time I was here. So I finally came again and tried the pulled pork burger!It was served with salad greens on the side. The dressing was simply oil and vinegar which I think was fine. The serving of coleslaw and pulled pork on the burger was generous. I found it pretty good.We also ordered 3 Amigos, pasta served with meatballs, pastrami and ham and baked together with stringy mozzarella cheese.It was passable. Pretty plain and fail-proof item in the menu actually.We shared a cake called Elmer Fudge a.k.a Ugly Cake. Actually I ordered just to see how ugly it was. I was surprised by the size when we were served. I was expecting something like two third of the size. According to the description, it's a dense mocha cake. However, it was actually quite light and fluffy. It's served warm. You can also order the one that comes with ice cream which I believe would be nice. The cake was not too sweet, but perhaps too large a piece if you're not sharing.It's a pretty nice place with typical restaurant pricing, having mains costing around $16 on average. Cakes are around $6 to $7 while mudpies are more expensive, priced at around $10. However, water is not served, so if you ordered beverages, you can easily spend $30 per person. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-17
NYDC at Wheelock Place was located at level 2. The queue over at NYDC was still fine (Maybe still early) so we do not need to wait for long to be allocated a table for 4 pax. The staff were friendly even though they were quite busy during the evening dinner rush hours and the place are quite spacious with enough walking space for the staff to serve the dishes to customer.I loves the minty lime flavor as it was just nice in between of sour and sweetness. The blackcurrent Soda was ok only for me. From the menu, you can opt for a scoop of ice-cream to boost up the drinks at an additional of $3.50.The base of the pizza was crispy and highly recommended by my sister. I felt that the chef should add in more cheese (I loves cheese) to make it every nicer as just mushroom by itself will not taste great for a pizza standard.The chicken chop was served in a thick portion which was just nice for me to finish it and feeling very full. Meat itself was tender and I loves their Cajun cooking style which enhanced the overall taste of this dish. The dish was served together with boiled broccoli and herb butter rice.By default, this dish was being prepared using white cream but my sister opt for the choice of preparing it using tomato sauce version. I would say though the pasta was nicely prepared, I do not really like the taste of the sauce as it was being prepared with very little tomato sauce. Overall still a fine dish. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-26
I was catching up with a friend in town and we have decided to go NYDC at wheelock as the place is rather quiet during the afternoon. On top of that, food at this outlet is relatively alright.We ordered 2 tea set ($7.90 each) which consist of a choice of a cake and a hot coffee. Thus we had 1 boo boo cake , 1 pick me up and 2 cuppuccino. I would say that the set is really value for money. Personally I find that pick me up has too thick a layer of chocolate powder dusted on top thus making us "coughing" with the powder. However the boo boo cake was ok. Not too sweet and is very chocolatey.After that, we also ordered an aioli fries ($5.80) to munch while we continue for our little catch up. The fries was rather ordinary but no complain about it. =)Overall, it was a good tea session over at NYDC as the tea set is really value for money and the restaurant is relatively quiet and suitable for catching up session. However the service here can still be improved. =) continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-24
nydc's motto begins with "Celebrate Life". There are certainly many ways to celebrate life, but for someone with a sweet tooth like me, one way to celebrate it is with desserts. So I jumped at the chance to vote for nydc for lunch when we were in the area. Although it wasn't my first time eating at nydc, it was my first time dining at the Wheelock branch. The first thing that struck me was their distinctive New York style decor with funky pop arts and fixtures like bright red subway beams, giving the entire place an air of vibrancy. One surely can't miss nydc even from a distance away! There were not many people there on a weekday afternoon, which suited me just fine.They had also began to put up Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, despite the decorations, we did not see any Christmas menu nor did they made any mention of it. I was too engrossed obsessing over their desserts selection and promptly forgot to ask about it. The oversight was regrettable, but never mind, we were fortunate enough to be on time for their value-for-money Lunch Special instead.The Lunch Special set consisted of a main dish, which was Ham & M'S when we went, and came with soup and a drink. For $9.80, it was really a steal for money especially since the Ham & M'S dish alone costs $12.80! Lunch Special: Ham & M'S + Soup + Spite ($9.80)We opted to have this with rice, so it was basically ham and mushroom baked rice. The portion was bigger than expected and there was a generous amount of mushroom and ham inside. It was topped with an equally generous amount of cheese on top! I love this dish especially the melted cheese topping which was cheesy and chewy. The dish had a slight hint of garlic and the smoked ham wasn't too salty for me; however, I found a few mushrooms slightly dry and overcooked. Nevertheless, this was a pretty decent dish in my book. The soup was quite decent too. It was rich and creamy although we agreed that the portion was a tad meager. Cajun Chirpy Chips ($5.80)We also got a side of the Cajun Chirpy Chips which came with Aioli dip. The fries were thick and I love that many were still quite soft and "fluffy" on the inside. Contrary to expectations, this wasn't spicy at all although the seasoning added a dash of extra flavour to the fries. The dip though, tasted more like mayonnaise; I didn't really detect garlic in it, or maybe it was just overshadowed by the spices on the fries. Of course, one doesn't simply go to NYDC and not order dessert! Like its name suggests, the main highlights of nydc are their desserts: chocolate cakes, mudpies, cheesecakes... Just the wide array alone is enough to make them one of my favorite restaurants around. Even their desserts are listed first before the sides and mains in their menu! For myself, it was a fierce competition between the New York Cheesecake ($6.80), Jedi Mudster ($11.80) and Bring Me To The Dark Side ($11.80). It took me a lot of hemming and hawing, but since I have tried Bring Me To The Dark Side in another branch before and had also ate a Cheesecake elsewhere not too long ago, I eventually decided to go with the Mudpie Extravaganza ($11.80). Afterall, it's a combination of three other mudpies on their menu: Jedi Mudster ($11.80), Cookie Monster ($11.80) and Grandma Goes Nuts, Seriously! ($11.80) and I didn't think I'd go wrong with it! Mudpie Extravaganza ($11.80)To be honest, I don't even know how to begin describing this! It's both chocolatey and nutty and the nougat/marshmallows in the middle was quite chewy. The crust at the base was made of whole cookie chunks which was a tad hard to break apart with a fork (ended up eating the cookies whole), so I'd have preferred it to be made of cookie crumbs instead. The size of the mudpie was bigger than a standard cake and it took me quite a while to lick the entire plate clean. I was super bloated by the end of it, but hey, there's always space for dessert. Personally though, I prefer Bring Me To The Dark Side just for the less complicated, but richer chocolate taste. It's probably better to opt for either one of the mudpies to fully enjoy each taste, but if you can't make up your mind and don't mind a taste bud overload, then go for the Mudpie Extravaganza!Overall, service was quite decent and the food were served decently fast enough and still piping hot. The waiter was also patient with me when I took my time deliberating over my dessert choice. Their lunch special was definitely value for money, although I thought that the prices for a few items, like the mudpies, was a little on the high side. However, the upbeat ambience and the big portion of the food took away the sting a little. Even so, having a decadent dessert is already sinful enough but having it in a bigger than usual portion is going to be very bad news for those on diets. But it's okay. Once in a while, it's fine to appreciate and celebrate the sweeter side of life. continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-31
We were shopping at Wheelock place and decided to have our dinner at NYDC as they are having a one for one promotion for OCBC credit cards.I do like the interior of the restaurant is designed, looking like a New York subway station with graphic art paintings on the wall. The place is not very crowded even though it was a friday evening. A great place to chill and hang out with your friends as you dont have to worry about people waiting for your seat.For our mains, we ordered a Double Beef Booster ($14.80) and a pizza to share.The Double Beef Booster is a sandwich of corned beef and pastrami, sauerkraut and melted cheese. I enjoyed the corned beef very much but the sandwich was toasted to way too hard that it actually scratched the top of my mouth and left a wound that pained for 3 days. It would had been better if the bread was softer.I cant remember which pizza we order, but it was definitely one of the beef meaty ones. I enjoyed the pizza a lot more than the Double Beef Booster.The pizza was thin crust with lots of ingredients and cheese that made up a salty meaty flavour that I enjoyed. Definitely recommended. continue reading
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