Previously Le Comptoir, O Comptoir is a charming creperie and bar at Circular Road by the team behind French wine bar O Batignolles. This French creperie offers you the traditional French crepes like emmental cheese galettes and Nutella crepes, and also a range of special choices, such as Japanese-inspired crepes with tofu and wasabi. You can also take your pick from their extensive list of ciders and wine. continue reading
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For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2015/02/27/o-comptoir/There’s no lack of brunch venues in Singapore dishing out oh-so-typical breakfast fare. It kinda gets dull after a while, dont ya think? Fret not! Ô Comptoir (previously known as Le Comptoir) has recently unveiled their newly revamped brunch menu to excite your taste buds. Available on weekends and public holidays from 11am to 5pm, foodies can look forward to a taste of France at the charming creperie and bar.You can be assured authentic and quality crepes at Ô Comptoir. Not only were staff sent to train in France for 4 months, the ingredients and equipment used to make crepes are imported from France as well. Apart from crepes, Ô Comptoir also specialises in galettes, a savoury crepe made from buckwheat.We first sampled the Brunch Set ($32) which includes a glass of fresh orange juice, a hot beverage (coffee/ tea/ hot chocolate), a savoury crepe or galette, a dessert and another hot beverage to end. What fantastic value!Savoury crepes are freshly made, according to your desire. First choose the base (galette/crepe/eggs), then 2 fillings (ham/ bacon/ tomatoes/mushrooms/ marinated salmon/ sautéed vegetables). Additional toppings are available for an extra $2 each (comte cheese/ prawns/ scallops/ mango/ prosciutto/ goat cheese). If you’re unsure which ingredients go well together, the friendly staff are always ready to advice.So here’s my luxe crepe piled with prawns, scallops, mushroom and sautéed vegetables. The seafood was nicely grilled and juicy; paired with delicate crepe, its bliss with every mouthful.My dining companion had her crepes adorned with marinated salmon, prosciutto and mushroom. Not a salmon girl usually so I’ll quote my dining companion’s (@explodingbelly) verdict: “These marinated salmon are not like any I’ve tasted. It’s so fresh, thick and chunky, and tasted just like sashimi.”Those who like something gratifying can go for the English Breakfast Galette ($16), which consists of tomatoes, beans, egg, mushroom, pork sausage and bacon. This is my first time trying galette and I enjoyed it immensely. There’s a slight sour flavour that lingers on the palette, which is great as it lightens up the otherwise hearty dish.Not a fan of crepes? Ô Comptoir also serves classic brunch favourites such as Omelette Ham & Cheese ($12) and Eggs Benedict ($15). We also tried the Marinated Salmon Scrambled Eggs ($14) which was beautifully lush and satiny.Who can resist salted caramel and nutella crepes? I know for certain I can’t! Rolled and sliced into bite-sized portions, The Normady Landing ($8) had a generous spread of homemade salted butter caramel. The Chocolate Rendenz Vous ($7) nutella rendition was less outstanding but still lovely.At Ô Comptoir, its happy, easy food with gourmet ingredients at affordable prices, perfect for the lazy weekends. Do note that it can get a little warm as the creperie has an idyllic seaside theme which has open-air concept, so it’s best to dress light. continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-06
As i was googling around to see what nice or unique food is there around, then came across this place called Le Comptoir. Its a french restaurant/bar like place located around circular road. Its highlight is mainly the different sweet and savoury crepes and canapes. It’s a good place for some chill out with wine and drinks after a day of work.Besides all the crepes, they do have a few probably like around 5 mains to choose from. But if you do make a trip to Le Comptoir, please try their crepes! You cant miss those out definitely!We ordered 2 from the prelude section and 1 of the savoury crepe. Those food items you saw under the prelude section are like samplers version of the various kind of crepes. Each prelude item come with 4 different types and flavours, and for each type there’s 4 of it! So just nice for the 4 of us, each of us get to try one of each type.& this is #2 : Flambéd Pastis Shrimps, Salmon & Dill Chantilly, Tuna & Mayonnaise, Scallops ($22): The ingredients are really fresh and each taste is unique and refreshing. As you can see, some are rolled or wrapped around with super thin slices of pancake like crepe. While some are served like canape. Personally i like the Flambed Pastis Shrimps and Salmon & Dill Chantilly.#1 : Ham & Cheese, Proscuitto & Pears, Chicken & Lemon, Smoked Duck & Orange ($23): Another full of surprises sampler. The taste is really good. A very good combinations of ingredients used. The meat are firm but not tough, fruits are sweet and not sour. You dont really get sick of eating it. While i’m typing this, i’m missing all the canapes already.The savoury crepe that we ordered to try! Ménage à 5 : Emmental Cheese, Ham, Egg, Mushroom, Tomato ($16): This is one of their signature crepe too. The crepe is not those thick thick pancake kind which probably you’ll get sick of it not long after eating much. Thin layer of crepe enclosed with ham, tomatoes, mushrooms and eggs. Yums! 很有口感! Savoury with tinge of sweetness from the tomatoes. Awesome feeling.I’ll definitely will want to go back to try the other crepes! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)