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Sweet Potato Porridge
Review (8)
Craving for porridge? Have you visited the Taiwan Porridge place that has been in business for more than 38 years? Oasis Taiwan Porridge is previoulsy located next to our Indoor Stadium in Kallang opposite the old National Stadium. They have relocated to Toa Payoh Town Park that is opposite the HDB hub and also next to Toa Payoh Swimming Complex.  A homely taste of velvety porridge with sweet potato included. Best that its free flow and a big warm pot of it was kept by the side table for you to refill. The Prawn Roll looks abit dry here rather than the glossy appearance but we were all glad that it was not greasy. The fillings were hot and we took caution when sinking our teeth down into it.  "Chye Poh" egg aka Preserved Raddish comes in a beautiful round shape and was yummy. It was not salty and even taste as good alone without the porridge. Texture was crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. Wow! This was one of the signature Teochew dishes that we had ordered. Braised duck with Tau Kwa was soaked in sweet savoury braised sauce. I will recommend the dish as the meat was not too "old", easily chew and succulent. Every piece was well immersed in the "Lor Chap" aka Braised Sauce and just goes very well on the plate. If you eat Pig's Intestine, you will definitely like this as these braised intestine was well handled and does not have any gamy taste. In fact the combination of salted vegetable and intestine had executed well. Forget about the calories, the stew pork is definitely awesome. With distinctive layers of the pork that melts in your mouth. Biting on them is effortless with such fork tender meat and the best thing was that it was not greasy at all.  If you are planning for a family meal, Oasis Taiwan Porridge will be a good choice. For its simple and no frills meal with nostalgic environment, moreover they have big round tables which is good for families with kids too. continue reading
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This was another family dinner, celebrating the Mom's birthday as well as Mother's Day, since both occasions coincide in the same month. Anyway, why Oasis Bay Restaurant? The Bro suggested here because the food was not bad. And this restaurant has replaced another Chinese seafood restaurant we used to visit as a family when younger - located at the same circular building, with no air-conditioning, but served very good seafood and zichar dishes.So, we decided to come back to new-yet-familiar grounds to reminisce, and check out the changes. Oasis Bay (Taiwanese Porridge) Restaurant is a good-looking restaurant with comfortable settings and very good service - I took a lot of recommendations from one of the male staff, and they were all very good recommendations.We started with the Herbal Kampong Chicken (SGD$16.00 for small) - tender, well-moisturized and tofu-smooth chicken pieces infused deeply with the aroma of Chinese herbs, every bite contained a "swish" that instantly filled the palate with the delicious herbal flavour.We also had a Giant Garoupa with Leeks in Claypot (SGD$45.00). Fresh fish is always distinctive in flavour and texture, from the luscious taste of the flesh to the tautness of the texture that gives way upon a gentle bite or cut. This giant garoupa has all the above properties, and tinges of the leek and gravy it has soaked up, making for a superb recommendation.Next, Crayfish with Spring Onions (SGD$24.00) and Deep-fried Buns (SGD$3.00) came to us for exaltation. Looking at this dish was appetite-whetting enough , the egg sauce, the tantalising looking crayfish, and the crispy buns. Fresh with bouncy texture and dose of seaworthy sweetness, the crayfish sealed the clatter of the teeth beautifully; paired with gravy-dipped buns, one could easily hope for more, even after the plates have been wiped clean.Finally, some Water Chestnut Cakes (SGD$5.00) which is basically diamond-shaped pieces of mochi-textured cakes filled with juicy, crunchy bits of water chestnut within. The sticky texture of the cake was delightful - I love sinking my teeth into these textures - while savouring the hints of nectarous water chestnut slowly.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://www.thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/07/dinner-at-oasis-bay-restaurant-toa.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-25
The most authentic Taiwanese Porridge that I have yet to have in Singapore. Will see how I feel after I try Hsin Yeh.What really impressed me was how quick the food was served and how pipping hot it all was! You could see the smoke and steam still coming off the food as it's served on your table.The dishes were rather salty but I suppose that's because you're supposed to have plenty of sweet potato congee with it. As a whole we may have over-ordered for 2 pax, but there was so many options to choose from. Total cost was about $50 for 4 dishes, but honestly, the dishes were enough to feed 4 people.The service could have been better and they felt rather short-staffed. One of the few times where I felt like I owed the waitress money when they asked you what you would like to drink (Similar to some hawker centre experiences). Don't expect your drinks to be refilled immediately.Deer Meat cooked with ginger and spring onionsNapkinsIntestines were very authentic with salted vegetablesOmelette with Cai PohAbalone mushroom with veggiesCutlery continue reading
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Level3 2013-01-16
I went there with my wife and son one and week ago after a midnight movie. Oasis has been around since 1980s when they were still in Kallang. We reached there at 3.30 pm. The restaurant was quite empty and the restaurant staff were really efficient and we were led to a table immediately.We ordered the following:Lu Rou (Braised Pork)Cai Poh OmmeletteTou Fu with pork flossMinced meat with salted eggThe food was excellent. Every dish was cooked well. I especially liked the braised pork and it is our favourite dish of the four. The cai poh ommelette was well cooked too.In terms of service, this restaurant was excellent. The food came within 5 minutes of ordering. They give a bucket of porridge which they then leave it next to your table on a trolley. There were big chunks of sweet potatoes in the porridge and it's really not advisable to gorge down on the sweet potatoes unless you don't want to finish the dishes you ordered.The cai poh ommelette was well cooked too. Although it was a little bit burnt, as well as just a wee bit too salty, I can't really complain as it is one of the best cai poh ommelettes that I have tasted.The waitresses were always really quick to refill our tea cups.Total bill came up to about $40 for 3 persons. It is quite expensive but the food and the hours they are opened for business kind of makes up for it.I especially liked the environment and feel that it is a really good place to unwind.I will definitely visit this restaurant again. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-10
I don't understand the name of the restaurant, 'oasis'; because it's very chinese-looking, that sort of traditional restaurant that you'll go to in a large family!So it's quite located deep within toa payoh... right beside the sports stadium! be sure to park your car near the oasis restaurant because there is free parking over there.. my family didn't know so we parked at the toa payoh stadium wilson parking so we were charged :'(one look and you can tell it's chinese with taiwanese origins!They served us my favourite braised steamed peanuts with veg.. it was delicious, quite warm when i arrived!Ordered a plate of eggs with onions, the eggs were squishy and the biscuit around it was very crispy.We also ordered braised pork... very delicious sauce!THe porridge they'd serve us in a huge pot, and it was quite filing for 3 people (we had 2 and a half bowl each). We spent about a total of $60, quite shocking for the bill. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)