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Twenty-one years of history behind the art of brewing gourmet coffee has not dampened O’Coffee Club’s spirit of innovation. Every steaming cup of java, scrumptious morsel of food, and intricate twirl of dessert is a meal served as an orchestrated, holistic, experience of delight to satisfy each and every customer. Today, O’Coffee Club’s 21 outlets embody the ideal contemporary, pleasant all-day dining affair. More than a refreshing beverage and a warm meal, it offers heart warming reprieve for the thirsty and hungry. continue reading
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Hawaiian Focaccia House Luscious Club Shellfish Bisque
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Level4 2015-01-01
Spotted a coffee club in the old location of delifrance. Located on the ground floor next to the atrium is this large 30 plus seating cafe.Here is their sofa seating. They have a number of baby seats so it's great for our family with two kids.Dessert display! This view always brightens my day! I want everything! The dessert menu!  We got an earl grey tea for $7.90++. The tea is quite strong and so we split it into two cups and had the tea pot refilled with hot water twice. Not too bad for $7.90 I guess.The hazelnut caramel craving is sooo delicious! With full of hazelnuts in the center. It is not very sweet too but it was well paired with the earl grey tea! The insides of the hazelnut caramel cravings! The top ball is a white chocolate hollow sweet treat.The mushroom pasta was too bland and we had to ask for cheese and salt and pepper to give it flavour.The CHILLI crab pasta was too salty and we couldn't even finish it. All in all a great place for desserts with a large range of dessert offerings but so so pasta at best. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-11
I personally feel that food quality in Coffee Club has gone down drastically throughout the years. It is a sad thing as it used to be my favourite hangout during 1999 to the early 2000s before 2010. I still remembered fondly some of their classic favourites mains and sides in their old menu, and the defunct outlet at Ngee Ann City was my favourite outlet, where I used to dine there during the weekends with my buddy... the memories and yummy food stays.Have stopped going to Coffee Club in the past few years due to the declining standard of food, but recently gave it another chance as I missed their Muddy Mud Pie, which is the only item there still maintaining its standard. I had hoped the food will improve since I have not been there for some time. Sadly, it disappoints again! The mains like pasta and baked rice was bad during my last visit like two years back so I opted for the sandwiches as the sandwiches were good during my last visit. Surprisingly, the Ham and Cheese sandwich was awful, so it meant even the sandwiches lost its standard! The ham was super salty and we couldnt even bear to finish it. I think I can make better ham and cheese sandwich at home than this. Luckily, the Mudpie maintained its standard, I guess in future, if I go to the Coffee Club again, it will solely be for the Muddie Mudpie! continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-19
FoodIt was a lazy sunday afternoon, as usual we will gather at our favourite camera shop and have a chit chat after that.Since most of the places are packed and we have no choice but to come into coffee club.Order the avocado Honey at $7.00. Not too sweet and I completely love this blend! I will definitely go back again for more avocado!The Iced Rambutan at $7.00 doesn't taste as good as avocado honey. It tastes a bit artificial with its syrup. The country pie is quite interesting. Comes with some nachos chips by the side and the pie somehow comes in a small bowl, piping hot and some vegetables sprinkled with vinegar sauce. It costs me $11.90 for such dish.ServiceService is rather slow as I can see that its shorthanded. There is only 1 staff in preparing the food. We ordered a few dishes and it took about 25-30minutes before the drinks/food reaches us. AmbienceLocated at the open space area near the escalator of funan IT Mall. It's quite relaxing corner to check your IT products after buying or just simply sit down and read a book there.PriceThere is 10% service charge. Considering the speed and service, they should not charge us for this. Hehe.Price is quite competitive with TCC.Recommendations / TipsThe avocado honey is a must try! continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-25
Was extremely full, but friend was hungry so well... decided that I should just have a bowl of cheddar cheese salmon salad bowl. I certainly did not regret my choice! It was very very good! Healthy, full of omega oil, calcium and lots of fibre and vitamins! Tasty indeed!Some chocolate cake with a hazelnut crunch base. Pretty good too! I think coffee club cakes have improved tremendously over the years. Oreo cheesecake, ordinary but not too bad. continue reading
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See the photos at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.com/2010/12/coffee-club-funan-digitallife-mall.htmlCoffee Club used to be hidden within the Times Bookshop, but since the bookshop closed down, it has since moved to a more open spot right smack in the middle of the central concourse area on the first floor. Although I always have really good meals at Coffee Club, the dish today was a little off their usual standard.We had the Honey Glazed Chicken ($15.50) which turned out a little weird. The combination of lime, chili and honey marinade, together with the French onion crust somehow didn't quite harmonize. Otherwise, the chicken was fairly tender and juicy. I liked the baby carrots smothered in the brown gravy continue reading
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